Lake Titicaca Meditation, Yoga, Healing & InitiationJourney

      Lake Titicaca

      Angel Amita Healing & Retreats
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      4 reviews
      Duration: 5 days
      Group size: 4 - 14
      Lake Titicaca Meditation, Yoga, Healing & InitiationJourney
      Lake Titicaca

      Angel Amita Healing & Retreats
      • Email address verified
      4 reviews

      Duration: 5 days
      Group size: 4 - 14

      About this trip


       A journey for those on a spiritual path!

       Visit Earth's Second chakra!

      ✨ Guided meditations

      ✨ Classical Yoga 

      ✨ Facilitation of healing in group- karma clearing, energy healing, grounding, belifef patterns healing, forgiveness & more!

      ✨Visit ancient temples & energy vortexes - under experienced guidance and with sufficient time to conconnectect deeper and meditate.

      ✨ Experienced Spiritual Guide & Teacher


      ✨ Connection to your soul

      ✨ Recharge and feel inspired

      Healthy, Yogic, Fresh Plant Based food.

      ✨ All arranged & inclusive- it is time for you to nurture your soul. 

      Share the journey with like-minded old souls like yourself! 

      ........much more! 

      Follow your soul's guidance!

      Take a leap of faith and join today!

      We are looking forward to receiving you!

      Earth's Second Chakra

      Lake Titicaca area is a special place considered the Earth's Second Chakra. 

      It is the biggest and highest lake in South America, located about 4000 m/ 13000 feet above sea level. It is located in the altiplanos (highlands) in Peru and Bolivia is considered the earth's second chakra. It is the highest navigable lake.  

      This area has a special nature,  sacred temples,  has a long and old history of powerful sacred sites long time before Inka. The ancient culture of this area belongs to the Aymara.

      Terms & Conditions

      Daily Classical Yoga Sessions

      Every morning, Amita guides meditation and recharging yoga poses from the 8-limbed path. It is a relaxing and energizing form of yoga.

      A holistic yoga path where diet, meditation, and fasting, as well as following principles of yoga is important. 

      Meditation is guided by mantras, visualizations, and silence. This is generally not a  type of yoga that will make you sweat. As India's oldest yogi says:  "Yoga is about peace and relaxation and you are doing yoga wrong if you are working up a sweat. Yoga is about the union with all of life. " 

      Important Information

      We stay in 4 star hotel accomodation so you can be comfortable. 

      The pricing is accordingly.

      Two nights we stay in Amantani with an indigenous family, however, this accommodation is more rustic and still comfortable and a good experience of how people live and to detox from the screen and busy life. A true experience for the soul in the middle for the second earth chakra with ancient cultures, temples of light and high energy. You will grow from the experiences. 

      We may offer cheap trip options, in a 3-star hotel for those on a tight budget, n this case, email us to request. As this really depends on the number of participants as it requires extra arrangements. 

      Hiking in Mother Nature & Temples

      Breathe in the beauty of Mother Nature and exercise. Feel peace of mind and hear!

      Guided Meditations

      Start every day with relaxing and deep guided meditations. You will be offered guided meditations held by Angel Amita, where you learn how to ground and meditate with a powerful universal mantra,  in silence and with guidance. We also teach you grounding. 

      Group Healing Work

      During the retreat, the facilitator offers guided inner healing journeys and meditations as well as exercises and ceremonies in Sacred Sites.

      International Friendships

      Meet likeminded people from around the world sharing these deep journeys together. 

      Nice Hotel with Gardens

      Stay comfortably in private room with private bathroom and lovely hotel gardens. With views over the Lake. 

      Private group transport

      The group will travel safely in private transport.

      Learn How To Ground Yourself

      Every day we will do a powerful grounding exercise. 

      Ancient Temples and Powerplaces

      Delicious plant based, Peruvian foods

      Homemade with love from local ingredients.  Also includes several juices, fruits and superfoods.

      Arumu Muru Portal

      An ancient carving in a mountain wall near the border to Bolivia. It is much more than a carving, it is a multidimensional portal to other dimensions. 

      Meet the indigenous Aymara People

      The ancient tribes of the area stretching to the altiplano of  Bolivia.  They live with traditions and language from old days, simple and beautiful people, living close to nature.

      Relaxing , recharging Yoga

      For new and old yogis to help you relax, recharge, be aware of your breath, have more energy.

      Nurture your soul

      Just like the body needs exercise and nourishment so does the soul. Sometimes we forget our soul's callings and it is crucial to listen to the soul and also allow the soul to be nourished.

      What’s included

      • Yoga class each morning
        Classical yoga, yogic massage and deep guided relaxation.
      • Meditation classes
        Every morning prior to meditation and every evening. Meditations to connect with the energies of sacred sites
      • EFT-
        Emotional Freedom Technique Intro
      • Despacho Ceremony
        According to availability of Faciliator
      • Vegan, delicious foods
        All meals are made with natural, local ingredients. A lot is organic. Very tasty and healthy food.
      • Accomodation
        3 nights in 4 star hotel, 2 nights with indigenous, 1 night in a clean 1 star hotel family
      • Local Transport
        Safe, private tourist transportation, including private boat
      • Indigenous family stay
        2 nights with our lovely and warm hearted host family in Amantani Island
      • Hike Pacha Mama Temple
        Hike to this ancient temple on the top of the island Amantani and see amazing views, and feel the special energies
      • Temple Excursions
        So Sillustani, Fertilility Temple- Inca Oyu, Uros Straw Islands, Pacha Mama Temple, Arumu Muru Portal to Other dimensions
      • Yoga dance
        Learn the Kaoshikii Yoga Dance, introduced by Indian Master Ananda Murtii. It has 22 health benefits.
      • Bhajans & sacred songs
        CHant with us the sacred, universal mantra Baba Nam Kevelam during meditations. Learn beautiful chants, open your heart and have fun!
      • Landhealing ceremony
        Optional special ceremony to balance the energies in the place we stay, clearing away old stagnant energies, using ancient techniques and co- operating with the 4 elements
      • All breakfasts
        Nice breakfasts with fruits, juices, bread, guacamole, granola, potatoes, soups and more
      • All lunches
        Rich vegan lunches with the little extra
      • Dinners
        Nice soups and other dishes
      • 2 nights in Amantani
        Stay with indgenous family and have a real experience
      • Guided tours
        With experienced, English Speaking Guides
      • All meals
        High Quality, Plant based
      • Video call ahead
        Together with group
      • Group healing work
        Forgiveness, intentions, soul connecion
      • All arranged for you
        We arrange it so you can relax
      • Spiritual guidance
        During retreat during tours and meditations
      • 3 nights in Puno
        3 star in a 5 star Resort
      • Self- Healing workshop
        Learn empowering tools for self- healing
      • One individual call
        Ahead of retreat to support planning
      • 1 Group call
        Ahead to plan and inform
      • PDF
        Q&A and Info docss

      What’s not included

      • Flights
        You cover this
      • Travel Insurance
        Highly Recommended
      • Airport Pick up
        Available for a fee
      • Two dinners
        When we are outside of the hotel
      • Healing sessions
        Retreat Special with Angel. One hour Thetahealing or Spiritual Healing for only 60 usd.

      Available Packages

      Single Room with en-suite bathroom

      Spacious room with ensuite bathroom.  Of course, a nice hot shower

      5 STAR BEAUTIFUL HOTEL, 3 nights

       COMFORTABLE BEDS, HOT SHOWER AND OR BATH TUB.  Views over the Lake. Quiet. 

      2 nights in Amantani Island with an indigenous family 

      Deposit: $777
      Twin Room

      4-star hotel with ensuite bathroom



      Spacious room with ensuite bathroom.
      Comfortable huge bed.

      COMFORTABLE BEDS, HOT SHOWER AND OR BATH TUB.  Views over the Lake. Quiet. 

      2 nights in Amantani Island with an indigenous family 

      Deposit: $555
      Double Room
      Deposit: $555

      Available options


      Opening day in Puno
      DAY 1- Arrival Day

      We all meet at the hotel in Puno to start our trip. Puno is the capital of the state of Puno, located by Lake Titicaca, on the Peruvian side.

      We can pick you up from the airport in Juliaca, or you can travel with us via bus or taxi from Cusco to Puno. 

      We get accommodated in the hotel, meet everyone, and meet for orientation and opening circle. 

      In the afternoon we will visit sacred  ancient temples.

       And after we return we meet for meditation, sharing circle and dinner. 

      Your Organizer

      Angel Amita Healing & Retreats
      4 reviews
      My name is Angel Amita Leuna. I have hosted retreats since 2014, and I love it! I have practised classical yoga & meditation for 26 years. I am a light warrior, yoga & meditation teacher, spiritual guide & teacher, healer, healer and Homeopathic Dr. Excited to offer sacred journeys to some of the world's most powerful vortexes! I wish to create the most magical experiences for you all, creating a conscious community with respect for all of life and teaching you self-empowering tools for healing & betterment of All Life.


      This retreat and Peru gave me a beautiful life experience I will never forget. Amita is a sweet, gentle soul, as well as her entire staff. Everyone was super friendly and accommodating. The stay was excellent and comfortable. The food prepared was vegan; it was my first time eating vegan, and I was not disappointed. It was so tasty; I have been thinking about the beet-carrot salad since I left. It was so yummy and my favorite. The tours were well organized. The Machu Picchu hike was excellent, and Amita goes at your pace, which is so encouraging. Aside from meditation and yoga, Amita has much more to offer spiritually if you are open to it. This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience and a great gift of love to yourself.
      By Janalys C for 4 Days Machu Picchu Healing, Meditation, Yoga & Hiking Retreat on Jan 09, 2024
      A once-in-a-lifetime gift to oneself. The most magical experience I’ve had in my life. Angel was a wonderful host who is in-tune with what a soul retreat is all about. I would highly recommend this retreat .
      By Nalinee S for 4 Days Machu Picchu Healing, Meditation, Yoga & Hiking Retreat on Oct 03, 2022
      Thank you Amita for this fantastic experience 🙌🏻
      By Olga G for 7 days Meditation Yoga & Hiking The Sacred Valley & Machu Picchu on Mar 04, 2022
      Dear Olga, It was a blessing to have you here. I am grateful for what we shared at this special time. It will stay with us all! Wishing you all the best. Thanks for coming :)
      We had an amazing trip! Thank you Amita to organize this trip. I'd just like to pass on my thanks to you for managing our recent trip in Peru. In particular to the staff involved who ensured we were always on time, well fed and safe. We found all of them to be very helpful and our trip was most enjoyable largely to their efforts. Stay safe&happy!
      By Natalia V for 7 days Meditation Yoga & Hiking The Sacred Valley & Machu Picchu on Feb 25, 2022
      Dear Natalia, thank you so much for finding me, and asking me to organize your special journey. It was an honour. Amazing to meet you all and share these fantastic experiences together. I am also grateful for the beautiful souls who work with/ for me to make it all happen. Wishing you the best and hope to see you again!