Magic of Alaska: June 16 - 21, 2024

      Kasilof, AK, USA

      Langell Photography, LLC
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      72 reviews
      Jun 16 - 21, 2024
      Group size: 5 - 6
      Magic of Alaska: June 16 - 21, 2024
      Kasilof, AK, USA

      Langell Photography, LLC
      • Email address verified
      72 reviews

      Jun 16 - 21, 2024
      Group size: 5 - 6

      About this trip

      Get ready to check Alaska off your Top 10 list!  This is the tour for you.

      Year after year, participants have said it themselves - "This is just SO magical!" and thus it inspired the name for this tour.  

      Prepare to have a truly magical, private, small-group experience!  You will explore the Kenai Peninsula of Alaska with us as we take you to spectacular locations each day.  This unique region is often called "Alaska in Miniature" because virtually every Alaskan wildlife habitat type except Arctic tundra is represented here.  This tour will provide any nature-loving individual with an experience of a lifetime!  

      The crowd-free atmosphere gives you the peace, flexibility, mental and physical space to  photograph Alaska from your own unique point of view. In addition, your caring leader(s) are also experienced and skilled photographers who can help provide advice, instruction and guidance that enables you to capture incredible images of Alaska through your lens.   This truly is a world-class experience.

      Prepare to be amazed by the breathtaking beauty of our new location!  Our new location is nestled on a bluff overlooking the Cook Inlet and the magnificent Alaska Mountain Range-- including the awe-inspiring Mt. Redoubt, a beautiful dormant volcano.  The cabins are even more inviting than the ones we have previously utilized. I am confident that this change will provide an enhanced experience for all workshop attendees. 

      • We typically see 50-70 species of birds and wildlife - including moose, bear, eagles, puffins, whales and more
      • Only 6 participants on each wonderfully private, one-of-a-kind, first class adventure 
      • You are never without support!  Lisa Langell will be there with one of her personally trained photography guides.  You will be joined by either leader (and often both) on each daily excursion and at the lodge throughout the tour.  This offers you a tailored photographic experience with plenty of guidance and support.  In addition, the boat captains, local wildlife guides and other experts that will further support your experience
      • This incredible experience is designed to be original and unlike any other photography tour offered in Alaska

      Physical Fitness & Photography Skill

      Suggested Physical Fitness level: Level 3 – Moderate 

      Elevation:  0 to 3000 feet, with most excursions below 500' elevation.

      Photography Skill Level:  All levels.  Hands-on instruction provided by your instructors.  Knowledge of manual settings and your camera body is strongly recommended.  A free on-demand tutorial created by Lisa Langell is provided with your registration on learning manual exposure settings.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Cancelation Policy:

       The following is an excerpt from the full terms and conditions provided at the time of registration.

      Langell Photography understands that unexpected situations arise that result in your inability to join us on this event.  We will definitely miss you and realize this is a difficult decision for you. 

      If you do not have travel insurance, which is very strongly recommended, here is what to expect:

      Your initial deposit is non-refundable.  No exceptions or credits provided. Payments due are scheduled approximately as follows, based on the start date of your event.  Once paid, they become non-refundable:

      Deposit:  Due at registration

      1st Installment: Sept 1, 2023

      2nd Installment: December 1, 2023

      3rd Installment: February 1, 2024

      Final installment: April 1, 2024

      Cancelation and non-payment: If you need to cancel your reservation, all payments you have made up until the date of cancelation are non-refundable. Payments not made on-time will have a 5-day grace period for you to complete payment so that your registration remains active.  If your payment is not completed by that time, your seat may be cancelled and no refund issued.  For your convenience, we offer auto-billing to your credit card so that you never miss a payment.

      If you choose to pay for the entire event up front in one lump sum, should you need to cancel, your refund will be pro-rated according to the due dates for each installment, compared to your cancelation date.    (For example, if you canceled after the 3rd installment was due—but prior to the final installment due date, the amount equal to the portion calculated for the final installment will be refunded to you.)

      No refunds, credit, certificates, etc. will be issued for cancelations as a large percentage of your payments are directed toward non-refundable fees we pay to secure your excursions, lodging, meals, transportation, staffing and more.

      Langell Photography, LLC reserves the right to resell, gift or otherwise utilize your canceled reservation for any purpose at the discretion of Langell Photography, LLC without further obligation or consideration to you.

      Substitutions/transfers:  If you wish to substitute another individual in your place, we will gladly transfer your reservation to another individual providing you notify us in writing via email and include their name, address, phone number and email address. Langell Photography, LLC. will credit the new buyer as follows:   

      The individual to be transferred/substituted in your seat must be approved by Langell Photography, must be over 18 years of age, confirm he/she is mentally and physically able to participate, agree to all terms, and pay Langell Photography in full for any amounts remaining by the due dates provided in your reservation.

      What’s included

      • Meals
        Upon arrival at the lodge, all meals are included for the duration of your tour.
      • Ground transportation
        All ground transportation to and from Kenai (ENA) airport and throughout the tour is provided.
      • Lodging
        Lodging (shared living area, private bedroom, shared bath)
      • Excursions
        All bush flights, boat tours and guided excursions listed in the tour
      • Gratuities
        All staff and guides are fairly compensated. Additional tips are always appreciated, but not required.

      What’s not included

      • Airfare
        Airfare or ground transportation to/from your city of origin to/from Kenai, AK
      • Alcohol

      Available Packages

      Trip Price
      Deposit: $2,500


      Day 1:
      Arrival | Eagle Beach

      Arrive at the lodge, settle in, capture images of wildlife along the Cook Inlet, and get acquainted with your fellow travelers. 

      We will also provide a "Camera Clinic" before we set out for our first excursion.  This event helps everyone get further acquainted, share photography tips, techniques, ask questions of the leader and fellow participants, learn more about settings and get in the right mindset for our first excursion.

      Find your Eagle paradise at Eagle Beach  

      Get up close and personal with eagles! We will visit Eagle beach --  a special spot near the lodge where we will find an abundance of bald eagles canvasing the coast for fish, sparring with one another, and courting behaviors in mind-air.   

      This beautiful, uncrowded beach is the ideal spot to capture images of Alaska's most iconic bird. It will not take long to have 1000s of images of these beloved birds as they do their acrobatics and feast on the fish from the waters nearby.  If you're lucky, you'll also stumble across "wishing rocks," fossils and large pieces of raw coal that floated in from the floor of the inlet. 

      Your Organizer

      Langell Photography, LLC
      72 reviews
      A nature photographer and birder from the age of eight, Lisa is the founder of Langell Photography, LLC. She began her own business in 2010 after long vibrant careers as a floral designer, educational psychologist, consultant and in helping launch and manage two startups that grew into leading companies in the Ed-Tech space. Since then, she has earned numerous awards and has been published in Outdoor Photographer, Arizona Highways, Ranger Rick and more.


      This was a fantastic trip, all your bucket list dreams full filled. The weather was perfect, the scenery was spectacular and the wildlife was abundant. Oh, did I mention the food - amazing. The accommodations were great and the distance to and from the various places we went was just right, nothing to crazy. Lisa and Dan were so helpful and always giving out suggestions and settings to use to get the right shot. If you are thinking about going to Alaska this is the trip you want to book.
      By Peggy W for Magic of Alaska: June 16 - 21, 2024 on Jul 18, 2024
      Thank you so much, Peggy! We are so thrilled you enjoyed your time with us!!! We loved having you and sharing the Magic with you daily!!!!
      By Langell Photography, LLC on Jul 18, 2024
      Lisa put together an amazing trip. A great variety of the type of photo outings and she pays attention to even the smallest details to make the trip as near perfect as possible. Lodging and food was awesome.
      By Ken S for Magic of Alaska: June 16 - 21, 2024 on Jul 10, 2024
      Thank you SO very much, Ken, for sharing the Magic with us! I loved your enthusiasm and excitement throughout the week. We appreciated you being with us and also the kind words you wrote. You are welcome back anytime!!!
      By Langell Photography, LLC on Jul 10, 2024
      The memories in my mind and in photos will live forever. So many new experiences for me…Alaska, boat rides, helicopter rides, sled dog ride, snowmobile ride, bears, puffins, whales, terns, otters, eagles, and many more. Lisa Langell Photography's communication, organization, support people, instruction, choices of lodging and food etc. are all top notch. This was the trip of my lifetime. Nature, photography and outdoors experiences were all fulfilled. Highly recommended. At least a 12 on a 10 point scale!
      By Judith K for Magic of Alaska: June 23 - 28, 2024 on Jul 03, 2024
      What makes Lisa’s trip above others is that she not only provides great opportunities for fantastic images, but makes it fun and unusual while doing the photography. You bring back great images and great adventures too. A lot packed into one week!
      By Diane S for Magic of Alaska: June 23 - 28, 2024 on Jun 30, 2024
      Thank you so much, Diane! We truly enjoyed having you with us and you helped make it a magical week together!!
      By Langell Photography, LLC on Jul 02, 2024
      I am so glad to have been on this trip. The people in the group were wonderful, and we all supported each other. Lisa and Dan were worked so hard to make sure we had everything we needed for our wonderful excursions! Lisa makes sure we all got what we came for, and she exceeded all our hopes and expectations. The only reason I would not sign up again is to make sure someone who has not been on this trip experience gets that chance as I know they fill up soon with waiting lists. Other than that, I will sign up in a heartbeat. The accommodations and meals were exceptional, and we could feel the loving care extended to us. This trip is for any level of one's photography experience and expertise. Birds and bears, moose and gulls, signs of life all around. Even the weather was not at issue, as Lisa makes sure she has wonderful alternatives planned just in case. Lisa and Dan get my 5 stars and more.
      By RANDALL g for Magic of Alaska: June 23 - 28, 2024 on Jun 30, 2024
      Thank you so much, Randall! We had a fantastic week together and you helped make it memorable and fun! Thank you for being a part of the magic with us!
      By Langell Photography, LLC on Jul 02, 2024
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