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Ignite Your Creativity
Ignite Your Creativity
Baton Rouge Public Library, Main Library, 7711 Goodwood Boulevard, Baton Rouge, LA 70806
05 Apr, 2022
High Key Photography
High Key Photography
Baton Rouge Public Library, Main Library, 7711 Goodwood Boulevard, Baton Rouge, LA 70806
06 Apr, 2022


An incredible experience. I had a wonderful time. Prior to booking I attended a zoom meeting to learn more about the trip. Nature and the leaders did not disappoint. We encountered many of the birds and wildlife discussed (not promised), in the meeting. I saw and photographed bears, moose, otters, sea lions, eagles and many other birds. I have at least 5K images to review and process. Food was provided at our lodge, and it was always delicious. The cabins were nice and had everything I needed. I recommend this trip to any photographer regardless of your photo experience. Thank you, Lisa, Mason and Barb, for an experience of a lifetime.
By Susan D for Magic of Alaska: June 9 - 14. 2024 on Jun 18, 2024
I think that Lisa’s Magic of Alaska hit it out of the park! Well organized and planned. Thank you to Lisa and Mason for a job well done!
By Lee L for Magic of Alaska: June 2-7, 2024 on Jun 18, 2024
Thank you so much! We enjoyed having you and sharing the Magic of Alaska with you!!!
By Langell Photography, LLC on Jun 18, 2024
The trip was very good, constantly seeing different wildlife and multiple landscape locations. Lisa and Mason are both excellent at their job and are constantly trying to satisfy their customers. They are always there to offer advise or to assist you with the proper camera settings or various ways to shoot the scene. They had all the transportation arranged such as flights. or boat adventures. I want to also point out that all of the multiple vendors that they do business with are great people, such as the dog sled teams, boat operators, pilots, bear guide etc. I would also like to commend the chef Barbara who did a great job keeping everyone well fed. In closing I would definitely recommend traveling with Magic of Alaska. The accommodations were nice as well, and the location is very picturesque.
By Michael R for Magic of Alaska: June 9 - 14. 2024 on Jun 17, 2024