Magic of Hummingbirds & Bats - Sept 8-11, 2024

      Madera Canyon, AZ 85614, USA

      Langell Photography, LLC
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      71 reviews
      Sep 8 - 11, 2024
      Group size: 7 - 8
      Magic of Hummingbirds & Bats - Sept 8-11, 2024
      Madera Canyon, AZ 85614, USA

      Langell Photography, LLC
      • Email address verified
      71 reviews

      Sep 8 - 11, 2024
      Group size: 7 - 8

      About this trip

       Why is this photography experience so Magical?  

      The joy and vivid imagery participants are able to capture brings an instantaneous "ah-ha!" moment and delight when it all comes together in-camera! It truly is like magic! All while sitting, relaxed in your chair at 5000' altitude (cooler than the valley), taking in the amazing nature of Madera Canyon in southern Arizona.

      Join instructors Lisa Langell and Kim Gray on this magical and very memorable experience. You will be amidst myriad hummingbirds that are concentrated in this renown area as they travel northward through Madera Canyon, Arizona-- an internationally known flyway for migrating hummingbirds. You will also be able to photograph bats at the lodge in the evening!

      What's truly unique about this event?

      • No need to share a station!  You get your own fully dedicated flash setup station!  This is rare among hummingbird photo workshops as nearly all of them require you to share stations with another participant and thus dramatically limit your photography time. 

      •  No long drives or hikes--- step out your front door and start photographing birds!


      Hummingbird & bat species most often photographed:

      • Broad-billed hummingbird

      • Ravoli's (Magnificent) hummingbird (North America's largest hummingbird)

      • Broad-billed hummingbird

      • Black-chinned hummingbird

      • Rufous (during migration)

      • Mexican long-tongued bat

      • Lesser long-nosed bat

      We offer what others do not!  

      •  You will learn traditional flash-based hummingbird photography which reigns supreme as the current best method for freezing the wings in action in any position and properly illuminating the bird while reducing noise and capturing beautiful backgrounds.

      •  Learn Low-Key style (the dark, moody, strikingly lit images with gorgeous tones black backgrounds that people love)!

      •  Learn High-Key (light style, white background) photography of hummingbirds for that amazing, illustrative style

      •  A suite of on-demand video tutorials for post processing support

      •  In-person post processing demonstrations and instruction

      •  We thoroughly teach you how to use flash setups so that you can do this from anywhere 

      •  Bat photography also offered at the lodge in the evening!  (September workshops only)

      What else can you expect?

       • Instructors: 2
      • Participants: 8

      • We provide all specialty gear & flowers - simply bring your camera, lenses, a trigger and tripod!
      • Access to post-processing tutorials
      • Photograph just steps from your room --no hiking required
      • Lots of laughter, smiles and joy included in every event!

      What you will learn:


      •  Learn how to set the proper exposure settings for all styles of hummingbird photography listed above using off-camera flash
      •  Properly use multiple off-camera flashes to illuminate and freeze the birds' wings
      •  Position flowers, backdrops, lights, and feeders to get excellent images
      •  Post-process images captured in-camera as well as optional compositing
      •  Basic troubleshooting so that if something is amiss, you'll know how to fix it
      •  Understand the ethics and research of using low-powered flash photography with the birds

      •  Learn how to capture beautiful images of nectar bats at night using our specialized lighting and lidar gear

      Permits:  Langell Photography, LLC ensures all National Forest permits and local permissions have been obtained and paid for in order to to legally run this event.  This helps ensure your workshop will not be disbanded by the National Forest or local land owners. 

      Physical Fitness Level:

      Level 2:  Easy to moderate

      Appropriate for those who are in good health and can participate in half or full day events.  They generally involve walking at a light to moderate intensity at a light to moderate pace.  Involves standing for longer periods of time, walking on flat or very gentle incline/declines on paved or unpaved surfaces for short periods (5-15 mins) with standing for periods of up to one hour.  Frequent stops made as needed for rest, but seating may/may not be available at all times.

      Prerequisite photography skills & gear:

      Skills required:  It is fine if you do not yet understand how to use aperture, shutter speed or ISO.  We are going to help you! Any photographer is welcome.

      Minimum gear required:  

      • A DSLR or Mirrorless camera, memory cards & batteries
      Note:  "Bridge" or "point-and-shoot" cameras typically do not work as well for this workshop as they often lack the technology needed to function effectively with the flashes and settings we require)

      • 100-400mm lens (or similar)

      • Remote shutter release (the inexpensive, wired models work really well)

      • Tripod

      • No flashes required.  We provide them for you to use!

      Additional details provided in your information packet upon registration


      Madera Canyon, Arizona, USA

      Santa Rita Lodge

      Additional Highlights


      Wildlife abounds in Madera Canyon!  The following birds and animals are often spotted in the spring at the lodge or on nearby trails.  This offers additional opportunities for you to photograph wildlife.

      Birds often sighted here:

      •Acorn Woodpecker
      • Mexican Jay
      • Gould's Turkey
      • Gambel's Quail
      • Bridled Titmouse
      • Arizona Woodpecker
      • Elf Owl (Spring)
      • Elegant Trogon (spring/fall)
      • Black-headed grosbeak
      • Summer and hepatic tanager
      • Sulfur-bellied flycatchers
      • Painted redstart
      • Bell's vireo
      • Pygmy owl
      • Mexican whip-poor-will
      • Whiskered screech owl
      • Zone-tailed hawk

      Mammals sighted here:

      •  Coatimundi
      •  Arizona Gray squirrel
      •  Rock squirrel
      •  Coues whitetail deer
      •  Raccoon
      •  Black bear

      •  Lesser long-nosed bat (endangered):  Photographable during September workshops

      •  Mexican long-tongued bat:  Photographable during September workshops

      Lodging (Included)

      Comfortable, quality lodging is included in the price of the workshop. You will be staying and photographing hummingbirds right on the grounds of the charming and historic Santa Rita Lodge.  The lodge is nestled in Madera Canyon, which lies within the Santa Rita Mountains of the Coronado National Forest.  These mountains are considered a Sky Island and feature several unique habitats and species endemic to the area.

      • Single Supplement - Private Room option (US $2895.00): Your private room.  You may bring one additional, non-participating guest at no extra cost
      • Shared room option (US $2695.00): Share your room (two beds) with one other participant of the same gender. No extra guests.
      • Extending your stay?  Contact the lodge to make your additional reservation independently. 

      Cancellation, transfer and refund policy

      Cancellation Policy, Terms & Conditions and FAQs:  

      Please review ALL of our complete terms and conditions.  These will be provided to you again at the end of your completed registration to initial and sign.    

      What if I need to cancel?   You have several options: 

      Option 1:   You may submit your claim to travel insurance.

      Option 2:  You have self-insured your trip and will absorb any losses from cancellation.

      Option 3:  You may transfer your seat to a qualified* friend you nominate for an administration fee ($250).  The friend is responsible for any remaining balance. 

      Option 4:  You may request that we attempt to resell your seat for up to full price wherever possible.  To do so, there is an administration fee of $350.  We cannot guarantee it will be resold, but we will market it to our waitlist for this tour if there is reasonable time before the start date to do so.   

      *Qualified friend is someone you refer to us who meets the criteria for the tour, has agreed to all terms & conditions, and agrees to pay for any balance due and/or future costs that arise.       

      What’s included

      • Lodging
        Three night's lodging at the Santa Rita Lodge
      • Pre-workshop tutorials
        An on-demand course series offering editing suggestions for your images is provided.
      • Pre-workshop webinar
        Meet your fellow participants, ask questions, and get to know your instructors!
      • All instruction
        Two instructors dedicated to your learning needs
      • All specialty equipment
        Use of flashes and related specialty equipment required to create the hummingbird multi-flash setups.

      What’s not included

      • Transportation
        No ground or air transportation is provided. A rental car or personal transportation is necessary as there are no shuttles available.
      • Meals
        Due to AZ legal and local logistical challenges, we cannot provide your meals. Each room has a nicely equipped kitchenette, refrigerator, stove, microwave, toaster, coffee pot, etc. for your use.

      Available Packages

      Shared room (2 participants)
      Sold Out

      Two registrants will share the same room with two beds.  Registrants will be of the same gender.

      Deposit: $1,000
      Private room
      Sold Out

      Private room with a queen or king bed.  Registered participant is welcome to bring one non-photographing guest.  Guest is not allowed to use the equipment we provide nor photograph at the stations provided.  

      Deposit: $1,000


      Day 1: 3:00pm - Sunset
      Meet-and-Greet; First Lessons

      Get settled and grab your gear to begin our hummingbird photography meet-and-greet!  Here we will start with introductions followed by a group orientation and individualized lessons (one-on-one) to using photographing hummingbirds using a 5-flash setup at your dedicated stations. (Detailed info provided in your Welcome Email upon registration.)

      Your Organizer

      Langell Photography, LLC
      71 reviews
      A nature photographer and birder from the age of eight, Lisa is the founder of Langell Photography, LLC. She began her own business in 2010 after long vibrant careers as a floral designer, educational psychologist, consultant and in helping launch and manage two startups that grew into leading companies in the Ed-Tech space. Since then, she has earned numerous awards and has been published in Outdoor Photographer, Arizona Highways, Ranger Rick and more.


      Lisa put together an amazing trip. A great variety of the type of photo outings and she pays attention to even the smallest details to make the trip as near perfect as possible. Lodging and food was awesome.
      By Ken S for Magic of Alaska: June 16 - 21, 2024 on Jul 10, 2024
      Thank you SO very much, Ken, for sharing the Magic with us! I loved your enthusiasm and excitement throughout the week. We appreciated you being with us and also the kind words you wrote. You are welcome back anytime!!!
      By Langell Photography, LLC on Jul 10, 2024
      The memories in my mind and in photos will live forever. So many new experiences for me…Alaska, boat rides, helicopter rides, sled dog ride, snowmobile ride, bears, puffins, whales, terns, otters, eagles, and many more. Lisa Langell Photography's communication, organization, support people, instruction, choices of lodging and food etc. are all top notch. This was the trip of my lifetime. Nature, photography and outdoors experiences were all fulfilled. Highly recommended. At least a 12 on a 10 point scale!
      By Judith K for Magic of Alaska: June 23 - 28, 2024 on Jul 03, 2024
      What makes Lisa’s trip above others is that she not only provides great opportunities for fantastic images, but makes it fun and unusual while doing the photography. You bring back great images and great adventures too. A lot packed into one week!
      By Diane S for Magic of Alaska: June 23 - 28, 2024 on Jun 30, 2024
      Thank you so much, Diane! We truly enjoyed having you with us and you helped make it a magical week together!!
      By Langell Photography, LLC on Jul 02, 2024
      I am so glad to have been on this trip. The people in the group were wonderful, and we all supported each other. Lisa and Dan were worked so hard to make sure we had everything we needed for our wonderful excursions! Lisa makes sure we all got what we came for, and she exceeded all our hopes and expectations. The only reason I would not sign up again is to make sure someone who has not been on this trip experience gets that chance as I know they fill up soon with waiting lists. Other than that, I will sign up in a heartbeat. The accommodations and meals were exceptional, and we could feel the loving care extended to us. This trip is for any level of one's photography experience and expertise. Birds and bears, moose and gulls, signs of life all around. Even the weather was not at issue, as Lisa makes sure she has wonderful alternatives planned just in case. Lisa and Dan get my 5 stars and more.
      By RANDALL g for Magic of Alaska: June 23 - 28, 2024 on Jun 30, 2024
      Thank you so much, Randall! We had a fantastic week together and you helped make it memorable and fun! Thank you for being a part of the magic with us!
      By Langell Photography, LLC on Jul 02, 2024
      This was my third “Magic” experience with Lisa, and just like “Hummingbirds” and “Cowboys” it didn’t disappoint. Lisa is both very organized and a natural teacher. She doesn’t just take clients to photogenic sites: she clearly explains camera settings, composition, light, and is very open to clarifying questions at any time. In addition to getting a number of wall-hangers, I gained familiarity and confidence in using my new camera equipment. Lisa and Mason have been leading this tour for many years, and along the way have gained insider knowledge about the areas they visit: habitat, animals and transport providers. I’m fortunate to live in two places that are often destinations for photographers (western Washington and Costa Rica) and I know that just being in an area is not enough to guarantee good opportunities. Timing and location is everything, and changes with the season. The tour’s private cabins are a great way to recharge after a full day of shooting, and the decision to bring her own experienced cook is a great one - Barb prepared tasty food that we ate alone in the morning, as picnics on the road, and together family style for dinner. No time wasted waiting in restaurants. The pacing was perfect for me. And the video they prepared as a souvenir is a great way to share the experience with friends. In short - this “Magic of Alaska” tour was indeed magical. I highly recommend it. I’ll go anywhere with Lisa!
      By Nancy N for Magic of Alaska: June 9 - 14. 2024 on Jun 29, 2024
      Nancy, we adored having you along with us for more "Magic!" One of my favorite moments was when you spoke with the young workers at the fish hatchery and you got to tell them you were the first female fish biologist hired by fish and game! Super cool little moment!!! Thank you for being here and being a part of the Magic with us!
      By Langell Photography, LLC on Jul 02, 2024
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