MINDFUL STRENGTH Weekend Immersion with Kathryn Bruni-Young

Quarry Arts Building, 715 Hill Street, suite 150, Madison, Wisconsin

37 reviews
Nov 11 - 12, 2017
Group size: 1 - 35
MINDFUL STRENGTH Weekend Immersion with Kathryn Bruni-Young
Quarry Arts Building, 715 Hill Street, suite 150, Madison, Wisconsin

37 reviews

Nov 11 - 12, 2017
Group size: 1 - 35

About this trip

Join Kathryn Bruni-Young for an insightful weekend workshop. You will learn how to use different methods of practice to enhance strength and mobility. Workshops will include an innovative approach to yoga and mindful strength, breathing and rest.  Kathryn makes sense of the science of getting strong. You will learn how different types of movement achieve varying results. Come prepared to take notes and move around.

The Science of Strength, Practice and Theory : Saturday, 10 am-noon

In this introduction workshop, Kathryn explains how to use different methods of practice to

enhance strength and mobility. Outlining information on different types of muscle contractions,

warm-up, mindful attention, breathing and rest, Kathryn makes sense of the science of getting

strong. During this class students will experience a few examples of how different types of

movement achieve varying results. 

Upper Body Preparation, Strength and Mobility : Saturday, 1:30-4:30 pm

This workshop is all about the upper body, starting with the wrists and ending with the upper

back and core. Kathryn teaches powerful exercises and movements which enhance strength

and mobility for any upper body poses, sports or activities. In this class students will learn the

ins-and-outs of poses like plank, push-up, downward dog and handstand. Kathryn will outline in detail how to develop body awareness and control with an emphasis on biomechanics and injury prevention.

Mastering the Hips and Hamstrings, Lower Body Strength and Mobility : Sunday 9 am-noon

In this workshop Kathryn describes the difference between active and passive stretching, and

how we can create better mobility and control through the lower body. Working through

different posterior chain exercises, students will address ankle, quad and hip mobility. This

workshop will also reconstruct squatting, crawling and other functional movements.

Mindful Strength Master Class : 1:30-4:30 pm

Kathryn will conclude the weekend with a flowing mix of yoga postures, pilates exercises, strengthening movements and dynamic mobility.  There will be an opportunity for Q&A and she will share tips on sequencing and class development.  You will experience how to create a hybrid style practice, lifting the boundaries of yoga practice.  

About Kathryn Bruni-Young

Kathryn has been teaching yoga and movement for ten years. She teaches and practices her

own style of movement called Mindful Strength. Her method is a mixture of yoga, corrective exercise, fascial manipulation, strength training and mindfulness. She teaches workshops all over the country and has a small studio in Cornwall Ontario.  To learn more about Kathryn, check out www.kathrynbruniyoung.com

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Andrea Russell
37 reviews
I’m an Ayurvedic health counselor, yoga and meditation teacher, and neurovascular therapist living in Madison, Wisconsin. I have been in private practice and teaching since 2000. My classes and retreats integrate Ayurvedic wisdom, meditation and a mindful approach to asana that brings attention to anatomy, optimal alignment, strength, breath, and inner awareness. This practice cultivates abounding health in body and mind while inspiring you to live a more grounded and compassionate life. I offer a variety of trainings, workshops, and retreats, both locally and abroad. I have a deep love for travel, local food, and spending time with my pitbull Lucy. I look forward to working together. Gratefully, Andrea P.S. Head over to http://andrearussell.com/about/ to get my full story!


Wonderful weekend. Amazing food and excellent instruction. Will be back!
A very meaningful experience. Andrea and Sheryl were a great combination. They really complimented each other. I especially liked and appreciated the Zen teachings and interpretation. Christine Center was also wonderful as usual. Great food!!! Thank you.
Andrea is a master teacher and a lovely human. My experience was nothing less than transformational. I look forward to the next time I can practice with her at another retreat.
The retreat was well-organized. The teachers for the retreat were knowledgable and able to convey their knowledge in an understandable, practice-based way. And, as always it was lovley being back at The Christine Center. The food was excellent. I would definitley sign up for another retreat with Andrea and Cheryl. Well done!
The resort was fabulous , the people wonderful and the area of Costa Rica beautiful . Andrea as our instructor was amazing and we learned and had new experiences every day . I would say the experience was something very special.
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