Morocco Mindful Travel + Art Retreat

Marrakesh, Morocco

Nicole Griffin Wellness
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10 reviews
Oct 30 - Nov 9, 2023
Group size: 5 - 7
Morocco Mindful Travel + Art Retreat
Marrakesh, Morocco

Nicole Griffin Wellness
  • Email address verified
10 reviews

Oct 30 - Nov 9, 2023
Group size: 5 - 7

About this trip

This retreat will be a special and intimate experience lead by Nicole Griffin and hosted by Maison28 Marrakech. Throughout our 11-days and 10-nights together, you will enjoy exclusive, off-the-beaten path tours to discover the creative heartbeat of Morocco.

This trip begins at Maison28, in the heart of the Marrakech medina, and then winds down south through ancient cultures and kasbahs, and culminates under the stars in the Sahara Desert.

During our trip, we will visit and learn from local artisans and stewards of Morocco's famous craft culture. You will enjoy private tours, opportunities to learn and deeply connect with Moroccan culture, and hands-on creative workshops.

If you are a creative, curious, and adventurous traveler looking for a special and highly-curated experience, you are in the right place.

There will be daily mindfulness elements infused to nourish our bodies and minds as we connect, discover, and expand (see more details below).

Please contact Nicole if you have any questions or would like to chat!

IG: @nicolegriffinwellness
Phone: 510-250-7242


  • A guided tour of historic sites in Marrakesh with a professional photographer and guide
  • Private visit with a women's weaving collective in the Atlas Mountains
  • A guided hike in the foothills of the Atlas Mountains and a home-cooked tagine lunch
  • Exclusive souq (market) tour that focuses on meeting Moroccan artisans and shopping
  • Visit with the founder of 1001 Artisans to learn about the work they do to support vulnerable craftspeople
  • Guided tour of Ait Ben Haddou, a UNESCO Heritage Site and traditional kasbah
  • Exclusive tour and lunch at the historic Kasbah des Caids
  • Private concert with Daraa Tribes, a fusion of ancestral tribal music and Saharan Blues at Kasbah Aitisfoul
  • Hands-on art workshop at Aitisfoul
  • One night spent in a luxury tent in a private camp in the Sahara Desert
  • Traditional Moroccan music around the campfire in the Sahara
  • Sunset camel ride in the Sahara Desert
  • Sunrise over the dunes in the Sahara
  • Yoga Nidra under the Sahara stars
  • Carpet shopping in the traditional weaving town of Tazenakht
  • Daily mindfulness and nervous system regulation practices

Cultural Immersion and Mindful Travel

In attending this retreat you will benefit the local economy of Morocco in many meaningful ways. We are intentionally including opportunities to support local communities and artisans.  A portion of the proceeds of this retreat will be donated to support vulnerable artisans.

Nicole has a BA in Art History with a concentration in Islamic Art History as well as an International MBA. She lived in Morocco during grad school while she was studying Arabic and fell in love with the country.  Nicole is passionate about creating opportunities for Americans to experience the beauty and wonder of the Islamic world while offering intentional support throughout the journey.

On her retreats, meaningful cultural immersion and mindful travel are emphasized. Nicole is also a board-certified health and wellness coach and a trauma-informed yoga and mindfulness instructor. 

Read more here: Why Mindful Travel Matters (by Nicole)

Travel is Wellness

Nicole’s retreats are designed to infuse a sense of purpose, intention, and community. They are based on the belief that travel expands our minds and hearts, sharpens our perspective, de-conditions our prejudices, and catalyzes our growth.

According to a poll done by, 79% of travelers reported that travel helps their mental and emotional wellbeing more than other types of self-care. The National Wellness Institute defines wellness as “an active process through which people become aware of, and make choices toward, a more successful existence.”

Nicole believes that wellness encompasses our sense of purpose and connection as well as our values and vision. It represents an integration of mind, body, spirit, and soul. As such, travel has the potential to contribute to our wellness in ways that few other things can.

Read more here: Re-thinking Wellness Travel (by Nicole)

Daily Mindfulness + Nervous System Care

Each morning in Marrakech, we will spend about 30-minutes together before heading out for our daily adventures. This time will consist of some gentle mindful movement (example here) as well as breathwork and mindfulness practices. No experience is required! This time is meant for us to come together intentionally as a group and to support our bodies, minds, and nervous systems as we travel.

As we travel down south, I will begin to offer restorative evening practices. These are meant to help us integrate our travel experiences and soothe our bodies and minds as the pace of our retreat becomes more spacious.

All daily practices are optional!

Social Impact

$200 per booking will go to support the following charities:

  • 1001 Artisans – a Moroccan NGO aiming to revive endangered traditional Moroccan crafts. 1001 Artisans puts craftsmen and craftswomen at the centre of its strategy to safeguard traditional know-how and pass on skills to the next generations.

Payments & Cancellation Policy

To secure your spot, place a $995 deposit; final payments will be due by August 30, 2023. 

Please only book double accommodations if you are booking with someone you know since we only have one double room available.

Trip insurance is required to protect against any unforeseen circumstances.  Plan to budget about $200-300 for insurance. Squaremouth is a great resource for comparing different plans.  I highly recommend selecting a plan that has a “cancel for any reason’ upgrade and purchasing travel insurance within 14 days of booking this trip to maximize your coverage options.

Cancellation Policy: Your deposit is non-refundable. The remaining fees are fully refundable (minus any unrecoverable transaction fees) 91 days in advance. Cancellations 61 to 90 days in advance are eligible for a 50% refund of fees above the deposit. Payments made in the 60 days prior to the retreat are non-refundable. If you are able to find a replacement, we will refund your payment less your deposit and any non-recoverable fees. 

This policy exists because we need to ensure that we can meet financial obligations to our venues and in-country partners. This is why trip insurance is so helpful (and required)!

If the trip is canceled due to COVID-19 or other unforeseen circumstances, all payments, minus the deposit will be fully refunded. Deposits are transferrable to a rescheduled trip. 

Please inquire about alternate payment plans as we are happy to make them available.   

*The itinerary and daily schedules may change slightly. 

What’s included

  • Deluxe Accommodations
  • Delicious Homemade Meals
  • All Activities
    Including cultural and historical tours and exclusive artisan visits
  • Daily Practices
    Mindfulness, restorative, and nervous system regulation practices
  • Airport Transfers
  • All Entrance Fees
  • Daily Transportation
  • Private Concert
    Saharan Blues in the Desert
  • Sunset Camel Ride
    In the Sahara
  • Professional Tour Guides
  • Professional Photographs
  • Tips
  • A Charitable Donation
    To support Moroccan artisans
  • Water and Snacks

What’s not included

  • Airfare
  • Travel Insurance
  • One Dinner in Marrakech

Available Packages

Double Booking

Please only select if you are booking with a friend

Single Booking


Day One
Arrivals + Welcome Dinner

Monday October 30

Arrivals and transfers to Maison28

Welcome Circle

Dinner at Maison28

Your Organizer

Nicole Griffin Wellness
10 reviews
Explore the world alongside Nicole Griffin, a masterful restorative yoga teacher and seasoned retreat leader. With a passion for mindful travel, she expertly fuses cultural immersion + restorative practices, crafting journeys that nourish body + soul. Let Nicole guide you through mindful retreats that transcend the ordinary, inviting you to connect, discover, and expand amidst breathtaking landscapes. With 15 years of experience, she brings mindfulness to every adventure, ensuring your travels are as transformative as they are inspiring


This retreat was beyond amazing. Nicole has curated a trip that lets people see the ins and outs of Morocco while teaching practice to regulate your nervous system! We met so many wonderful people with such inspiring stories (and delicious food)! Our group of travelers were hilarious, open minded, and kind hearted humans that I couldn’t be more grateful to have met! From Marrakech to the Sahara, sunrise to sunset, our drivers, hosts, tour guides, photographers etc. everything and everyone were perfect! Thank you so much Nicole! ♥️✌🏼
By Haley D for Morocco Mindful Travel + Art Retreat on Nov 18, 2023
Nicole hosted an amazing trip through Marrakesh and the Sahara desert. Everything was organized and planned out very thoughtfully. Taking this trip with someone who knows the area and the people of Morocco made for a unique experience and brought us to many hidden gems of Morocco. In addition, I always felt extremely safe and at ease amidst a language and culture I knew nothing about, thanks to Nicole and her network of people to guide us. I have already recommended that many of my friends book the same trip!
By Kristonn C for Morocco Art and Culture Retreat on Jun 04, 2023
Nicole has created a WONDERFUL retreat itinerary rich with attention to detail and an understanding of the broad sweep of a cohesive experience. She does all this in her soft spoken manner, never intrusive but steadfast in the understanding of what makes a great experience for travelers who are meeting for the first time embarking on a wild ride of smells, colors, tastes, sensations and moving experiences. Nicole's understanding of the nervous system and how this aspect of the body MUST be attended to, especially when out of a person's comfort zone, is what sets her apart as a retreat leader. Her directional flow of the retreat itinerary meets the amp-ed up energy of the body that comes with long travel days and the excitement of landing at the destination. Nicole expertly meets the traveler "where they are at" with rich professionally guided experiences through the ancient Marrakesh Medina to the calming long days of driving towards the desert with stops at various places of interest. She does this in a way that I never felt hurried or shuffled along, ticking off this and that. By the time we arrived at the desert, the collective group energy was relaxed, cohesive and ready for the expansion the Sahara desert offers. Bravo! Nicole anticipated needs from her travelling "go bag" with all manner of medicinal helps to having snacks always at hand, just in case, she had us covered with her sweet and generous smile. Nicole responded to almost every question with a variation of, "sure, let me see what I can do to help you with that." This infectious attitude made our particular group excited to rise to any and all occasions to support each other. Lover of all things beautiful, entranced by the magic of Moroccan arts and the skill of the artisans, Nicole's obvious love of this magnificent country will seep into the very marrow of your bones. Say Yes! to Morocco with Nicole. 
By Tina R for Morocco Art and Culture Retreat on May 09, 2023
I have been fortunate to enjoy some wonderful travels so far in my life. This time with Nicole in Morocco is now the shining star at the top of travel memories. I had been curious about Morocco for years, and now I know exactly why I was so drawn. I didn’t think I wanted to plan all the details or navigate my way independently. Finding this supported small group with Nicole was so meant to be! Nicole pulls together all the people, places, and authentic cultural experiences that will show you why she loves Morocco so much. This carefully curated journey really showcased the artisans and craftspeople who help make Morocco the beautiful magical place that it is. And meeting with local women who are creating their own unique paths in this country was especially inspiring. There may be some truth to stereotypes about challenges you encounter in Morocco, but I promise you that the beauty, and kindness, and hospitality you can find far outshines any of that. And with Nicole and her support team managing so many details you will feel so well taken care of. Nicole also weaved in her very kind, wise mindfulness and centering practices to help us hold the full days. All of your senses will be overflowing with the wonder of Morocco!
By Susan F for Morocco Art and Culture Retreat on Apr 15, 2023
I cannot recommend Nicole and this retreat enough. Morocco is an aesthetically beautiful place and the vibe is so different than where I am from in the United States (KCMO). This retreat was a reminder of the expansiveness of the world and that there are so many different ways to pace oneself. Nicole is a thoughtful group leader. There is not one detail that is left unconsidered. She knows the region, the language, and the cultural norms to help one feel at ease. There is enough activity to keep one engaged and enough down time to keep one rested. I will continue to recommend this retreat to everyone. It was an experience that I will hold dear for my entire life. Thank you Nicole!
By Sharese Y for Morocco Art and Culture Retreat on Apr 11, 2023
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Nicole hosted an amazing trip through Marrakesh and the Sahara desert. Everything was organized and planned out very thoughtfully. Taking this trip with someone who knows the area and the people of Morocco made for a unique experience and brought us to many hidden gems of Morocco. In addition, I always felt extremely safe and at ease amidst a language and culture I knew nothing about, thanks to Nicole and her network of people to guide us through the trip. I have already recommended that many of my friends book the same trip!
By Kristonn C on 04 Jun, 2023
I traveled with Nicole to Morocco for a Yoga and Culture Retreat. Words cannot do this experience justice! It was an incredible, exciting and varied trip, always returning to the peaceful oasis of Bab Zouina. Nicole planned a series of amazing visits and locations for us to enjoy. Her breadth of knowledge and love for the art, culture, enviroment, and the Moroccan people shined in the passion that she put into planning this retreat. Her love for Morocco is inspriring and it's contagious! That love spread to me after experiencing the country and all that it has to offer through this once-in-a-lifetime trip. I cannot wait to return to visit my new Moroccan family! I highly recommend Nicole and her retreats.
By Laurie P on 02 Dec, 2022
This retreat exceeded expectations for its combination of culture and yoga. Each day was constructed to accommodate a great deal of activity with yoga to complement. I hope to join Nicole someday again!
By Sondra A on 06 Jan, 2021
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