Mysteries of the Bayou: Louisiana Cajun Country

New Iberia, Louisiana

Mysterious Adventures Tours LLC
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29 reviews
Mar 21 - 25, 2024
Group size: 6 - 10
Mysteries of the Bayou: Louisiana Cajun Country
New Iberia, Louisiana

Mysterious Adventures Tours LLC
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29 reviews

Mar 21 - 25, 2024
Group size: 6 - 10

About this trip

Get ready for a wicked time in Cajun Country in Southern Louisiana

The Cajun Country in Louisiana is known to be very mysterious and haunted due to its fusion of rich, complex, and turbulent history, colorful culture, natural and untouched surroundings, and its unique folklore and legends. Witness, through our journey, the chapters of her swampy landscapes, historic antebellum architecture, traces of voodoo and mysticism, and haunted tales that have traveled through many generations. 

Experience this Cajun and Creole culture, that hold strong oral tradition of storytelling. Tales of ghosts, witches, and other supernatural beings have been passed down through generations, adding to the region's mystique. The swampy, marshy landscapes of Louisiana add an undeniable element of enigma to the region. Swamps with their eerie and unsettling landscape, providing a fitting backdrop for ghost stories and legends like the Rougarou. 

While some aspects of the Cajun Country's culture and environment might be seen as unsettling, they are also integral to the region's distinct and captivating character. With this tour, we hope to connect this supernatural sensation to its deep-rooted folklore, rich historical presence, and colorful cultural imprints. 

Not to be dismissed, tremendous credit and appreciation goes to Louisiana Spirits. With their deep connection to Creole culture and the local mysteries, legends, and folklore of the land, they were instrumental in helping us connect with the authentic people and treasures of Southern Louisiana. As seasoned paranormal authorities in this region, they proudly host the inaugural Cajun Country Para Con.

About Our Friends: Louisiana Spirits

Louisiana Spirits - Dedicated Paranormal Investigators in Louisiana

Louisiana Spirits is a expertly serious group composed of professional and analytical individuals, dedicated to the investigating and research of paranormal activity in the State of Louisiana.  Striving to be the premiere paranormal investigative group in Louisiana, they have created this group not only to seek answers for ourselves, but to educate and assist others in a field that is respected by few, yet intriguing to all. 

With 6 regional chapters they have an impressional coverage of the entire state. These include: The Norther Chapter (Covering Shreveport), The Central Chapter (Covering Alexandria), South Eastern Chapter (Covering Baton Rouge), Acadiana Chapter (Covering New Iberia and Lafayette), New Orleans Chapter,  and South Western Chapter (Coverig Lake Charles).

They also have a very active and engaging blog, The Haunted Nation, that provides good information for paranormal topics from the area. 

Our Accomodations

3 Nights - Fairfax House Inn (In Franklin Louisiana)

1 Night - New Orleans Airport selected accomodations 

Inclusions and Exclusions


- Airport Pickup from and to the New Orleans International Airport 

- 4 Nights of 3/4 Star Rated Hotel Accommodations:  3 in Franklin and 1 in NOLA

- VIP Admission to the first annual Cajun Country Para-Con  (See Itinerary for details.); Special Guests include: Dave Schrader, Shane Pittman, Sarah Lemos, Jereme Leonard, Joshua Purvis and many more! 

-  An old fashion Creole Crawfish Boil (A welcome gift from Louisiana Spirits) 

-  Two Investigations; Two Ghost Tours (with investigations)

- Service charges and taxes at your hotels. 

- Tour directors during the duration of the trip.

- Fees for all venues and activities listed on the final itinerary

- 6 meals as described in the itinerary. This includes: 

          ·  A Breakfast each Morning

          ·  A Celebratory farewell dinner in NOLA

- Full size van transportation to/from airport, and all the venue sites.

- Use of Paranormal Investigation tools as made available (You may bring your own gear and protection tools)

- Snacks and soft drinks on the bus for longer transport days. 

- Information of each location’s information, history, and tales of legends 

- Our signature “Secret” whimsical surprise

- 24-Hour Emergency Customer Service

- Souvenir eBook upon returning home

- A great group of fellow Mysterious Adventures Tours travelers, excited to explore all that Southern Louisiana has to offer!


- This is a Land Package only. Travel to/from Airfare, Bus, and rail Fare are not covered. (We will assist you in capturing the best route and rates.)

- Pre and Post Accommodations (may purchase separately; During tour, accommodation not listed in the final itinerary)

- Any other destinations/services not listed on the final itinerary

- Any personal expenses, such as laundry, room service, mini bar, telephone, etc. 

- Travel Insurance (recommended)

- Expenses incurred due to unforeseen travel disruptions such as catastrophic natural weather conditions/disasters, and local conditions (strikes, protests, political disturbances, etc.)

- Additional meals and drinks outside of the itinerary's offerings, including alcoholic beverages

- Passport Fees

- Excess baggage fees

- Required (or elective) COVID-19 Testing

- Tips for Tour Guide, Coach Driver, and hotel staff. 

Terms, Policies & Recommendations

Terms of Agreement, Policies, and Recommendations are offered for the purpose of assuring a safe, viable, and quality tour package. There are limitations, obligations, and responsibilities that we must make as Tour Operators to assure a most incredible experience at the most affordable package price. 

These terms and conditions
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Available Packages

Full Package Shared Occupancy per person

Includes the entire itinerary! (Subject to Change)  Please read all the inclusions/exclusions.  This is a shared room, so each travelers pays this full amount.  (The room is shared, but not the price, please.) Sharing a room provides you a better rate for travel buddies or significant others, with a full itinerary!  

If you do not have a second person sharing your space, you’ll be matched with another solo traveler of the same gender. Please note, twin beds are not always avaialble, especially in history properties. 

Deposit: $300
Full Package Single Occupancy per person

Includes all in the itinerary (subject to change). Please read all the inclusions/exclusions. This rate will provide you a private room with no roommates. 

Deposit: $300

Available options


DAY 1: March 21, 2024
Welome to the Cajun Mysteries of Southern Louisiana

Immerse yourself into the Cajun Sauce of the Supernatural

When you arrive at New Orleans International Airport, you will be transported to a world that rebels against the pulse of the big city. Here, in its authentic Cajun Country, the secrets that are muffled with NOLA’s intense tourism will be urging for your attention. Prepare to be taken to the REAL and unsettling mysteries of Louisiana’s deep south. 

Our first stop is drenched with history. The Destrehan Plantation is one of the oldest surviving antebellum plantations in the Lower Mississippi Valley. It was established in 1787 and played a prominent role in the history of the region, particularly during the era of slavery and the American Civil War. The plantation's historical significance and the events that transpired there contribute to its mystique. Here, we will hear the story of “The Little Angel”, a spirit of a young girl that is said to still roam its rooms. 

Shortly, after checking into our spectacular antebellum inn, The Fairfax House, we will relax and find comfort in its charming southern hospitality. 

We will take a stroll to a nearby historical icon in Franklin, and visit the Oaklawn Manor, where the phantom of Henry Clay (a dear friend to the original owner, Alexander Porter) is said to roam this beautiful plantation. 

Stroll around Franklin, and right after supper, we will join one of the most impressive tours in the Bayou, The Ghost Walk of Franklin as delivered by Tours by Steven. Be certain, this experience will contribute to your first day’s unforgettable evening, where the past and the afterlife converge in a captivating dance of history, mystery and the supernatural. One of the most famous of its hauntings in Franklin is that of Benjamin Franklin, its namesake. 

🍽️ : Breakfast
🛏️:  Fairfax House in Franklin, LA

 PLEASE NOTE: Itineraries are subject to slight change depending on availability or weather & travel conditions.  

Your Organizer

Mysterious Adventures Tours LLC
29 reviews
Divinely selected places have a mystery within them that cannot be explained. They are found around the world in the most obscure corners. We hope, with Mysterious Adventures, we can introduce them to you. Mysterious adventures Tours is a woman-owned tour company. Our mission is to give you the opportunity to experience the mysterious, sacred, spiritual, chilling, breath-taking, haunted, and stunning places around the world. Come with us and make memories of a lifetime!


Honestly, I don't think there are enough words to describe the joy I felt on this trip. This trip has set the standard high for the rest of the trips to come. I definitely would have wanted to spend more time in Transylvania, especially in Bran, and more than one night in the Hoia Baciu forest and Corvin castle. Maybe even spend the night in the forest. :) Seeing Nevermore was an awesome treat for our first time in the Carpathians. I am hoping that the next time this trip comes up that Vlad Tepes' castle is open for us to investigate. I would have loved to have gone higher and further into the Carpathian mountains - further near the summit. The bed and breakfast in Bran - Villa Siana - was the chef's kiss. I wish we could have spent more time there just to sit by the fireside and share more stories. What can I say about Katrina and Vlad? Again, I'm an articulate person, but I can't think of what to say that would encompass their passion and generosity they shared this entire trip. I REALLY WANT TO SEE KATRINA BE OUR TOUR GUIDE AGAIN IN IRELAND NEXT YEAR. (hint, hint, wink, wink) She was so sweet, and had to put up with those of us (namely, ME) who wanted to linger a little longer to soak in the experience. Vlad was phenomenal, intelligent, knowledgeable, fun, exciting, encouraging... I wish he could go to Ireland with us, too. I think the only disappointment I had was the experience at Bran castle. It felt too much like we were being shoved through an attraction at Disneyland. I know that it is a popular attraction around Halloween, especially with the party going on. I was under the impression that the dinner and party would be in the castle and not outside of it. At least that's the impression I got from the description. The food was phenomenal. I didn't bring back enough chocolate or palinka! Thank you all for this memorable trip and the new travel family I have. Heather PS. Our bus driver had some mad ninja driving skills for the places he took that bus and how he could turn it around. And I do miss having Alle in our faces with the his camera. IT felt like having a personal photographer around. It would be nice if he came to Ireland as well.
By Heather R for SOLD OUT! Spooktacular Halloween in Romania with Grant Wilson! on Nov 18, 2023
The trip to Romania was perfect!! It was everything that was expected and more. The entire trip went very smooth and easy.. There wasn't any problems even though we had such a large group of people. We all got along, all 38 of us. Kayla and Vlad made the trip and us very special. Both of them did an exceptional job, the entire trip. There were no fears when we were with them. Anywhere we went we knew Vlad and Kayla had our back.. Kayla ran the trip without any issues and problem free. She is such a sweet person and a great tour organizer. Vlad our guide knew his stuff. I would take any trip that either one of them offered, even if it wasn't something I was looking for. I'd take the trip, it's guaranteed fun and a wealth of knowledge. Grant and Reanna were very kind and normal. You had no issues to approach them, the were very willing to help anyone out, or answer any questions that you may have. You felt like they were your friend, not someone from a tv show. I felt that Grant poured his heart out to the entire group, it felt very authentic and special. The two of them, Grant and Reanna exposed me to things and thoughts that I've never would have anywhere else. I'd take their next trip if I could, but it's sold out!! Most of our tour group booked it once they were done with the Halloween experience in Romania.. Bottom line, I cannot say enough good things about my trip. I still think about it almost everyday, It's been a little over a week since we've been back home. I'm miss it often and cannot wait for our next adventure. Thank you Maria for putting together such a special trip for all of us.
By Diana B for SOLD OUT! Spooktacular Halloween in Romania with Grant Wilson! on Nov 15, 2023
First time with this company. The itinerary was fascinating, which is why we booked! Had a few hiccups along the way, but they were handled quickly and professionally! Our tour guide Vlad was incredible! Knowledgeable, funny, compassionate and just amazing! And the cherry on top was having Grant and Reanna Wilson along! They are truly wonderful people! Had the best time with them! Looking forward to booking another trip in the near future!
By Evelyn D for SOLD OUT! Spooktacular Halloween in Romania with Grant Wilson! on Nov 14, 2023
We are so grateful for your patricipation on our Halloween Adventure in beautiful Romania. You had a stellar group of travelers and support team (Fantastic Four)! Hiccups ALWAYS happen, for that is life. We are not in a prepared Disney landscape, so things always come in that we are not expecting. What thrills me is that is was handled well and with care. We do hope you will be able to join us on another adventure! Be well and happy!
Fantastic, my fellow travelers, Kayla, Vlad, Grant and Reanna, the Tours the accommodations and the food and drink. Everything was great. Would recommend to anyone.
By Mark L for SOLD OUT! Spooktacular Halloween in Romania with Grant Wilson! on Nov 13, 2023
Thank you so very much for your kind review, Realizing that we have made that incredible dream happen for the Halloween in Romania experience thrills us. You were a big part of this, Mark, and we appreciate all you did to become part of our roaming Romanian Family! Keep well and happy!
This was the best trip I have ever been on!! The guides were beyond amazing and the experiences truly were once in a lifetime. Kayla was an incredible trip organizer, Vlad was the best tour guide I have ever seen and together they made the trip unforgettable for everyone! I will absolutely be traveling with Mysterious Adventure Tours in the future and will be bringing many friends along.
By Russell C for SOLD OUT! Spooktacular Halloween in Romania with Grant Wilson! on Nov 06, 2023
Such a wonderful and beautiful review! It thrills us to know that we did not let you down! I know the Fantastic Four were amazing, but more so were all of our fellow travelers ... a new family, that you were a significant part of, Russell. Thank you so very much! We look forward in helping realize more mysterious explorations around the world, Russell. You're the best!
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