Peru: The Lost city of the Inca

      Lima, Peru

      Haitian Nomad
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      175 reviews
      Jul 12 - 19, 2022
      Group size: 1 - 16
      Peru: The Lost city of the Inca
      Lima, Peru

      Haitian Nomad
      • Facebook verified
      175 reviews

      Jul 12 - 19, 2022
      Group size: 1 - 16

      About this trip

      Join the Haitian Nomad on a journey to discover the lost city of Inca! On this epic journey, you’ll visit  the Sacred Valley, Lima , Cusco and more! Lima is a burgeoning culinary destination for serious foodies — and home to two of the top ten restaurants in the world, Central, by Virgilio Martinez, and Maido, where chef Mitsuharu Tsumura blends Peruvian and Japanese cuisine're really in for a treat !!

      (ITINERARY SUBJECT TO CHANGE -Payment processing fees are non-refundable)

      Machu Picchu Train : Baggage Allowance

      Each passenger may take :

      1 bag or backpack – 05 kg/11 lb – 62 inches/157 cm (length + height + width)

      * Baggage that exceed the measures will not be allowed.

      * Passengers doing the Inca Trail can apply to our Exceptional Flexibility Policy for Luggage on Board, when showing their UGM permission. 

      *  Pack an overnight bag for Sacred Valley or Aguas Calientes due to the limited space on the trains for big luggage.  The hotel will store your other luggage.

      What’s included

      • 4 Star hotels
        Carefully hand-picked hotels
      • Domestic airfare
        Roundtrip flights between Lima and Cusco
      • Airport Transfers
      • Train to Machu Pichu
        Train 360° Inca Rail to / from Machu Picchu
      • Meals
        daily Breakfast, some lunches & some dinners
      • Tours and Entrance fees
        for tours/visits included on itinerary
      • Knowledgeable guide
        Professional local English-speaking guide with 20+ years of experience
      • Transportation to tours
      • Whatsapp group
        Concierge-style group to answer all questions & provide important information
      • International airfare
        Flight to/from Lima from the US
      • Alcohol
        drink responsibly
      • Tips
        About $15/day collected on arrival for drivers, hotel and restaurant staff.
      • Extra meals & expenses
      • Installment payment fees
        Non-refundable Credit card and bank payment fees
      • Travel Insurance
        Required Travel Insurance

      Available Packages

      Double Occupancy Room
      Sold Out

      -Shared double rooms with ensuite bathroom.
      -Includes Round trip Domestic Flights within Peru between Lima & Cusco.

      *2 people sharing a room should also book this room (2 participants) 

      -If you‘re coming alone, we will pair you with a roommate.

      Deposit: $400
      Single Occupancy Room
      Sold Out

      Enjoy the comfort of having your own room with ensuite bathroom throughout the entire trip.
      -Includes Round trip Domestic Flights within Peru between Lima & Cusco.

      Deposit: $650

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      Welcome to Lima, Peru

      July 12th, 2022  Jorge Chavez International Airport 

      Lima, the capital of Peru, lies on the country's arid Pacific coast. Though its colonial center is preserved, it's a bustling metropolis and one of South America’s largest cities. It's home to the Museo Larco collection of pre-Columbian art and the Museo de la Nación, tracing the history of Peru’s ancient civilizations. The Plaza de Armas and the 16th-century cathedral are the heart of old Lima Centro.

      Lima, the City of Kings, has plenty on offer to satisfy the keen traveler’s appetite. Whether it’s the world-class food, nightlife, colonial-style architecture or surfing, this Peruvian gem really does provide something for everyone.

      Meals: None included

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      Haitian Nomad
      175 reviews
      We are a travel company specializing in curating authentic experiences around the world in beautiful exotics destinations through the lens of locals. We are experts on less travelled places --making sure you leave with an experience of a lifetime from our top-notch​ customer-service driven team.


      Honestly, I had no preconceived idea how I would enjoy this trip. First, I hate the cold, so why you ask that I paid an OBSCENE amount of money to go on a cold weather trip? Two reasons, 1...I'm going with Haitian Nomad! 2. What other opportunity I would have to hit all 7 continents! When I tell you, I trust Haitian Nomad Impeccably, if he tells me to do it.....I DO IT! We will figure out the rest later and usually there is nothing to figure out, because they have done it for you. When I tell you, I enjoyed myself!!! This is an understatement. The vibe of the 15 passengers traveling was AMAZING. Granted I knew a few of the people from previous trips, but when I tell you everyone was FAMILY by the time we left the ship! Even the passengers and the crew considered us FAMILY! This trip far exceeded my expectations, the ship was beautifully appointed, it was not a "working" expedition boat like some others. It was a small luxury ship! The cabins were huge in comparison to some of the ships I've sailed previously and very easy to navigate as it was a small vessel. My suite was on the forth floor, dining on the 5th or 7th and elevators worked great! YES, ELEVATORS!!! Now let's talk about the dining experience. Again, I was expecting to be fed, but was I expecting 5 star cuisine! The chefs were outstanding. Presentations were nicely plated, hell even the buffet bars were nicely done. That is saying a lot, since I don't particularly care for buffets. Thankfully that was not always the dining options. I mean, we even had lobster tails( 3)...Shhhh! Also, caviar on the seafood night!!! Like I said, Blown away by the meals, so much so, brought back a whole 12 pounds to show it! Now, let's talk about the Expeditions, now I'm not the fittest/fattest person in the world, but I felt safe and supported by the expedition team. They made sure I got in and out of the Zodiac safely every time. They literally walked me up the rocks to make sure I touched the Antarctica peninsula. Just in case I have a few purist friends that claim being in a zodiac all the time is not being in Antarctica! That's not all, I learned every day about different types of seals, whales, penguins, birds, glaciers and Icebergs, not to mention exciting history about expeditions years before us. Who knew that I was kin to the gentoo penguins! We saw wild life in their natural habitats, laying on icebergs in the middle of the waters or playing and laying eggs on land. I think we even saw couple of Orca whales trying to "play" with a Humpback whale! Took a helicopter ride over the peninsula and even willingly jumped into 2 degrees freezing waters, to take a polar plunge! Antarctica owes me ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!!! WAIT....I guess I should say something about the sailing through the drake passage....well, maybe I won't, I think of the 15, I may have been the only one that slept thru the entire ordeal and didn't get sick once. I told you, I'm a gentoo.....a "Little" rocking of the ship.....LOL If you ever have the opportunity to explore Antarctica with Haitian Nomad and Quark Expedition, JUST DO IT!!! One take away for anyone that is interested in going. You really only need one pair of waterproof pants and maybe 2 pairs of long johns. Honestly, I was so hot in that parka coat they give us, I was ready to strip naked and jump in the water every day! Well that's all.....JUST DO IT!!!
      By Beverly G for Antarctica 2023 on 02 Feb, 2023
      If I had to use one word, it would be, INCREDIBLE! While we only see and experience the end result, I know the countless hours and dedication that takes place behind the scenes to create the EPIC ADVENTURES that Haitian Nomad continues to deliver. People thought I was crazy to want to travel to Antarctica, but when my CVO, Richard Cantave, presented the opportunity, I knew it would be a dream turned into reality. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU for helping me cross the 7th continent off my list!
      By Kenya L for Antarctica 2023 on 02 Feb, 2023
      The trip to Antarctica on the Ultramarine with Quark was awesome. The staff, the safety, the accommodations, the food, the service- all FIVE STAR! But what really made this a trip to remember- EPIC, if you will- was the vibe and cohesiveness of the Haitian Nomads group. I am so happy that I booked through HN. My trip would not have been the same otherwise. I came as a stranger and left as part of a traveling family. This was my first HN trip but will definitely NOT be my last. From now on, when I look for a destination, I will begin with HN.
      By Radiah R for Antarctica 2023 on 01 Feb, 2023
      There are no words that come close to describing how amazing this trip was. Pictures don’t do it justice. You have to go to experience for yourself. What’s more is that you must go through Haitian Nomad which has clearly positioned themselves as top class provider for such a trip. Everything about Haitian Nomad is 5-Star and they have transformed from a travel service to a global movement. They have been and will continue to be our travel provider of choice for a well thought out, curated travel experience.
      By Vincent A for Antarctica 2023 on 31 Jan, 2023
      This trip to Rwanda and Uganda was another amazing Haitian Nomad trip!! Everything from the accommodations to the transportation was on point as always! Being able to see two African countries in one trip is always sweet! The people of Rwanda and Uganda were very welcoming and our guide was knowledgeable and personable. Checking off another bucket list activity of gorilla trekking was a once in a lifetime event and we will never forget how we felt as we were able to see the gorillas in their natural habitat and stand less than 5 feet away from them! The history of Rwanda is one that everyone should learn about as the people have shown a resiliency that I do not think exists anywhere else! Thank you for another amazing trip Richard! We cannot wait for our next trip with the Haitian Nomad!!
      By Patricia F for RWANDA & UGANDA: NYE African Luxury on 30 Jan, 2023
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      This was my first trip with Haitian Nomad and I must say " It was AMAZING!!!" I have enjoyed every excursions! My focus was the experiences. The History sites were impressive, the Temples, The surprised dinner, the hot air balloon, the Nubians village I can go on and on... Haitian Nomad team is very well organized, you can tell they did everything possible to make sure we had a wonderful time! ***Highly recommended!!! Richard, Toi, and Rames! Thank you! And Well done! 👏 💝🥰
      By Johanne M on 09 Dec, 2022
      I traveled to Egypt this month with Toi and Ramez. This trip was overwhelming it far exceeded my expectations. I want to travel with you all again. I felt safe I was comfortable, and they covered all bases. This trip was amazing. Thank you I can't wait to go on the next adventure.
      By Lalescia H on 30 Nov, 2022
      I have been traveling with Haitian Nomad since 2016. Within these 4 years they have built themselves a very solid reputation. I have recommended friends who came back with praising reviews. Originally centered on Haiti, they now have a global imprint with well-curated trips to discover the beauty and history of some dope locations. On Richard's trips, careful consideration is always taken for our security as well as our health. We see that illustrated even more in 2020 as we deal with the current pandemic. On our most recent trip, we made sure to be in complete compliance with both the US and Senegal by getting tested for COVID-19 before, during and after our trip. All of us left and came with back with negative results. As a healthcare provider, I felt in trusted hands the whole time and also did not feel that our group was compromising the health of the country we were visiting. The itineraries usually includes a mix of activity and relaxation (sometimes hardcore rejoicing at night lol). The best part is you always leave Richard's trips with unique travel experiences as well as lifelong friendships.
      By annie t on 16 Nov, 2020
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