Present Moment Yoga & Surf Retreat, Troncones, Mexico

      Troncones, Guerrero, Mexico

      Felicity Odell
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      6 reviews
      Apr 2 - 9, 2022
      Group size: 12 - 20
      Present Moment Yoga & Surf Retreat, Troncones, Mexico
      Troncones, Guerrero, Mexico

      Felicity Odell
      • Email address verified
      6 reviews

      Apr 2 - 9, 2022
      Group size: 12 - 20

      About this trip

      "Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until They arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born." ~Anais Nin


      Come on an adventure with Felicity Odell and Adriana Gonzalez at Present Moment in Troncones, Mexico. This dynamic duo are beautiful, passionate yoga teachers, each with different backgrounds, experiences and energy. They will take you on a yoga journey of spiritual connection, physical expression and body movement. Their collective energy is complementary but connected around a shared passion and gratitude for a practice that unites them all: yoga. 

      Recharge, reenergize and find joy on this 8-day journey. Take this time to reconnect with yourself and others in beautiful beachfront surroundings. Wake up and begin each day with meditation and yoga on a beautiful open air platform just steps away from the blue, warm waters on the Mexican Riviera. Hit the surf with us at Playa La Saladita. A perfect place for every skill level. Or, if surfing isn't your thing enjoy paddle boarding, boogie boarding or just hanging out on the beach in the warm sunshine or by the pool at Present Moment. 

      Nourish your body with amazing locally sourced meals suited to your individual nutritional needs, play and move freely and soak up the magic of this little surf community and its surroundings. Troncones is a hidden gem that inspires and brings together people from all over the world and all walks of life. It’s a place to tap into your inner joy and magic while sharing the experience with others and having fun the entire time. This experience is for everyone no matter where you are on your yoga journey, even if it’s just beginning. Let’s go!

      About Felicity Odell & Adriana Gonzalez

      Felicity Odell

      I’m just a woman on a life-long journey to find purpose & joy. I’ve lived a life. I’m a wife, mother of three and consummate seeker. I’m drawn to new experiences, places and people. My life is filled with friends I’ve known for 40 years and 4 days. I’m driven by curiosity: What makes a person tick? Why does Troncones feel like home to me? Why can’t I find the energy to get out of bed on some days?

      My journey with Yoga began in my twenties but was activated deeply in my 40s. I was called to teach and, in my exploration, found an endless pool of discovery bound by a practice called yoga. I’m naturally a physical person. From my childhood as a swimmer and ice skater to later in life as a marathon runner and yoga nut. Physical activity isn’t a choice for me. It’s a must.

      I began my yoga teaching journey with a 200-hour training through Corepower yoga which focuses on Baron Baptiste’s method. I love to teach. In addition to my regular teaching, I’ve taken yoga sculpt training, an assist workshop and Prison Yoga Project training, which focuses on trauma-informed, mindfulness based yoga and brings yoga to incarcerated people around the world. Currently, I am working towards my 500-hour yoga teacher training through the Kula Collective. I am a yoga teacher from the San Francisco Bay Area and teach Vinyasa, Yin and meditation. 

      I've been told by people that I look familiar and that they are drawn to my energy. I don't consciously think about myself this way but I am grateful for it. My teaching style is grounded in service. I serve through action and engagement in every sequence of my classes. I serve through humor, vulnerability, accessibility and kindness. I don't take myself too seriously. I have fun. I want to create an experience for everyone in the class to feel welcomed, challenged and inspired to unfold the many physical, spiritual and emotional gifts this practice has to offer. I believe that everyone is singular and on a journey to find and shine their individual light. When I teach yoga I see a collection of individual shining lights, all seeking connection to themselves, to the world around them and to each other. My practice focuses on serving everyone to feel this connection and to walk away from my class feeling the power of connection. 

      In the past few years, I discovered Troncones and was blessed to become a yoga teacher at Present Moment & Radiant Heart.  I have also led small group retreats in the area. I'm very familiar with Troncones and the surrounding area and so excited to share my love for this magical place. 

      Adriana Gonzalez

      Adriana is an ordained Minister of Walking Prayer, Healer, Acupuncture Detox Specialist, and Yogini.  She facilitates medicine ceremonies, yoga, sound healing, and offers acupuncture and healing sessions.  Her ministry is inclusive, with a focus on indigenous wisdom traditions.

      Adriana birthed the concept of Radiant Heart Yoga & Ceremonial Arts in 2013, and began to work in private homes and healing/yoga centers.  In 2018 she was able to build a platform and open doors as a full service studio.

      Adriana is a dual citizen of Mexico and the USA. Her parents immigrated to the US and she grew up in a neighborhood of immigrants, refugees, and African American families in Houston, Texas.  As a child growing up in a community struggling to accept a new wave of migrants, Adriana experienced rampant personal and institutionalized racism. 

       At 18 she enrolled at The University of Texas at Austin, where she finally began to dissolve this false reality so prevalent in America and heal from years of internalized racism.  She received degrees in Cultural Anthropology and Ethnic Studies, and was politically conscious, working in the field of social justice. 

      Adriana worked with some of the most marginalized people in America~ undocumented citizens, the homeless, and incarcerated youth with disabilities.   A career in social justice law was redirected by an acute episode of spiritual awakening-  an initiation of Spirit.

      After leaving her career behind in Austin, Adriana began participating in sweat lodge and medicine ceremonies before going back to school to become a minister, yoga instructor, and healer.  Years of intensive practice and calling for a vision brought in Radiant Heart Yoga & Ceremonial Arts. 

      As a bi-cultural woman of color in America, Adriana decided that the best way to access and remember her lineage and traditions was to return to her ancestral homeland of Mexico.  There, she found a home for Radiant Heart Yoga, and developed it as a space for healing and transformative personal and collective work, set in a small and peaceful town on the southern Pacific coast of Mexico.  


      There are direct flights from San Francisco (SFO) to Ixtapa/Zihuatanejo (ZIH) on Saturday, April 2 on Alaska Airlines. There is a direct flight back to San Francisco on Saturday, April 9 on Alaska Airlines.  Feel free to find additional flights from other locations on Kayak, Orbitz, United and American Airlines too. We are happy to help you with any planning or flight questions.

      Covid Information

      Rest at ease knowing that we are putting your safety first by taking all appropriate safety measures, such as social distancing in our public yoga classes, daily deep cleaning of all shared spaces, and hand sanitizer available to all. All of the staff members wear masks.

      Present Moment Retreat is also a naturally safe space. Present Moment is a small boutique hotel & yoga retreat, and most of the shared spaces benefit from being open to the ocean breeze.

      Everything is being done to ensure your travel safety and provide maximum flexibility as the situation around novel coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to evolve. The Mexican Government put in place an aggressive vaccination program available to all of its citizens. In order to attend the retreat a copy of your vaccination card and a negative covid test will be required on day of arrival. 

      A negative covid test is also required within 24 hours of departure to the United States. We will set up convenient testing appointments for you at Present Moment with a local doctor. The charge is $100 USD. Credit card or cash is accepted.


      Tipping is at your discretion but greatly appreciated in Mexico. The usual tip is between 15-20 percent for all service providers.

      Contact Info;

      Feel free to reach out with any additional questions:


      Text: 415-845-7423

      Email: (Adriana)

      What's included

      Below is what's included in our retreat. Our retreat is accessible to everyone. Maybe you have tons of yoga experience and maybe you don't. It does not matter. Come for the experience and the joy that will fill you up in this magical place. The surfing component is a fun addition to our retreat. Again, maybe you have surfing experience, maybe you don't. It doesn't matter. Come have fun with us. Instructors will be on hand.

      We have only included one day of surfing. Feel free to add more days if you'd like. If one massage during the week is not enough we can arrange additional, as well as other types of spa treatments. There are plenty of other adventures to be had in Troncones and the surrounding area as well. We are here to accommodate the perfect week for all of our attendees.  Remember...your world will expand for every step you dare to take outside your comfort zone. Please reach out with any questions. 

      What’s included

      • 7 nights/8days
        At Present Moment
      • Daily Yoga & Meditation
        Offered by Felicity & Adriana
      • Breakfast, Coffee/Tea
        Locally sourced breakfasts (Does not include lattes or other specialty drinks, juices or smoothies).
      • Dinner at Present Moment
        5 nights of gourmet dinners (food allergy substitutes available).
      • 1 Group Surf Lesson
        Includes board rental, transportation and an instructor.
      • Turtle Release
        An unforgettable experience. Release baby turtles on the beach at sunset.
      • 1 massage
        Includes one body massage offered by a therapist from Present Moment.
      • Airport Transfer
        Airport transfer to and from the Zihuatanejo/Ixtapa (ZIH) airport are provided.
      • Additional yoga classes
        Included are additional yoga classes at Present Moment led by local instructors.
      • Cacao/SoundHealing
        A cacao and sound healing will be provided by Adriana. Cacao is a gentle heart healing plant medicine. The combination of cacao and sound is a relaxing and beautiful experience.
      • Art Workshop
        Unleash your creativity. Art therapy is a technique rooted in the idea that creative expression can foster healing and mental well being.

      What’s not included

      • Flights
        See above for more information on flights to Mexico.
      • Travel Insurance
        Recommend travel and pandemic insurance. Some options: HTH Worldwide, Tin Leg, AXA Assistance USA, John Hancock Insurance, Trawick International, April International, Cat 70-Travel Plan.
      • Extra surf days
        The option to surf is available over the course of five days. The first day is included in your package. After that, you are responsible for the cost but we will arrange the trip for $75.
      • Covid tests
        Covid tests are required to return back to the United States. They will be available and offered by a doctor for $100 usd. Pay the doctor directly in cash or with a credit card.
      • Optional Excursions
        There are many optional excursions available for an additional cost including kayaking, cave hike, additional surf lessons & transportation, Temazcal sweat lodge, shopping in Zihuatanejo.
      • Lunch
        Each individual is responsible for their own lunch. Enjoy a local lunch at the many restaurants in town or at Present Moment.
      • Two local dinner outings
        We will be going out to dinner at two local restaurants in Troncones. Each individual is responsible for their own bill.
      • Alcohol
        There are no alcohol restrictions. We recommend little to none during the retreat in order to get the most out of your time. If you plan to drink enjoy and do so responsibly.
      • Plant medicine ceremony
        Healing psilocybin and sound ceremony with Adriana will be held on a private platform in Troncones. Totally optional. More details to come if interested.
      • Troncones Cooking School
        Spend time learning to cook some of the local cuisine. This is an optional activity.

      Available Packages

      Deluxe Single Bungalow

      The deluxe bungalows are Present Moment's signature room. All have an indigenous palapa thatched roof, hand-crafted in the Mexican tradition and furnished with a pillow top queen-sized bed with luxurious  400-count cotton bedding. All include private bathrooms, a great view, and a large deck right next to the pool. Sleeps 1. This bungalow can also be changed into a shared casita for two.

      To lock in at this rate a $500 non-refundable deposit is required.

      PayPal (@felicityodell), Venmo (@Felicity-Odell), Zelle (, Cash or Check is accepted. If paying by PayPal  be sure to note "Friends & Family."

      Deposit: $500
      Deluxe Double Bungalow

      The deluxe bungalows are Present Moment's signature room. All have an indigenous palapa thatched roof, hand-crafted in the Mexican tradition and furnished with a pillow top queen-sized bed with luxurious  400-count cotton bedding. All include private bathrooms, a great view, and a large deck right next to the pool. They sleep up to two people. Option for a queen bed if attending the retreat with a spouse or partner or two twin beds. Sleeps 2. There are 6 spots available.

      To lock in at this rate a $500 per person non-refundable deposit is required.

      PayPal (@felicityodell), Venmo (@Felicity-Odell), Zelle (, Cash or Check is accepted. If paying by PayPal  be sure to note "Friends & Family."

      Deposit: $500
      Family Bungalow

      Present Moment's group bungalows are perfect for a group of friends.They have three beds, extra space, a private bathroom and a large deck with beautiful views. Authentic construction and hand-crafted in the Mexican tradition. One queen and two singles will be set up or three singles. Sleeps up to 3. There are 6 spots available. This rooms can also be changed into a deluxe to accommodate two (pricing will adjust $2500 per person)

      To lock in at this rate a $500 non-refundable per person deposit is required.

      PayPal (@felicityodell), Venmo (@Felicity-Odell), Zelle (, Cash or Check is accepted. If paying by PayPal  be sure to note "Friends & Family."

      Deposit: $500
      One Air Conditioned Suites-Early bird

      Our air-conditioned suites have beautiful rooms and AC units to keep you nice and cool. Authenticity was imperative during the construction of Present Moment. All have an indigenous palapa thatched roof, hand-crafted in the Mexican tradition and furnished with a pillow top queen-sized bed with luxurious  400-count cotton bedding. All include private bathrooms, a great view, and a a nice deck.  $2800 per person sleeps up to two, for 7 nights. An additional third person is $1700 in this room.

      To lock in at this rate a $500 non-refundable per person deposit is required.

      PayPal (@felicityodell), Venmo (@Felicity-Odell), Zelle (, Cash or Check are accepted. If paying by PayPal  be sure to note "Friends & Family."

      Deposit: $500


      Present Moment Retreat
      Sample Itinerary

      Saturday April 2: Check-in, welcome dinner, evening meditation.


      Meditation, Vinyasa & Yin



      Free time off



      Group activity

      Your Organizer

      Felicity Odell
      6 reviews
      Joined in November 2021
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      Second year in a row for me and there will be more. Well-planned, excellent leaders, idyllic location, beautiful accommodations, fabulous food and service. A temescal ceremony was added this year, which was a great addition. Felicity is a fantastic, charismatic, calm and positive trip leader and yoga instructor. She knows the area and community well, is calm under pressure, and well-respected in town. Aside from providing inspiring themes each day, journal prompts, and great yoga, Felicity is also able to set up just about anything you want to do or need to get. Adrianna is a true shaman in spirit, heart and knowledge and brings her gifts in the forms of restorative yoga, homemade cacao, and various traditional teachings and ceremonies. The surfing is great due to the location near a perfect longboarding break. The surf instructors make it easy to get out to the break, stand up and catch good waves. I've surfed a bit before, but definitely take advantage of the letting the instructors read the breaks and give my board a little extra push to ensure I catch the waves. The surf location also has fantastic open air restaurants along the beach for a post-beach lunch and beer (or tequila...). Finally, the resort has very talented and trained masseuses who offer varying types of treatments and massages. There are also other very good spa service providers nearby to round out a fabulous week of self care and bliss.
      By Denise W for Escape to Yourself Yoga & Surf Retreat on Apr 14, 2023
      Super fantastic! Felicity is an awesome yoga teacher! Tons of activities like surfing, swimming, massage, meditation, and ceremonies like cacao and temazcal. I highly recommend this amazing experience!
      By Cy M for Escape to Yourself Yoga & Surf Retreat on Apr 03, 2023
      This retreat was a fantastic combination of fun activities (e.g. surfing, sweat lodge visit, cacao ceremony), paired with contemplative time (yoga, meditation) in a spectacular location on the ocean in Troncones. Felicity did an amazing job providing diverse experiences with a flexible, supportive attitude; she's also a wonderful yoga teacher. Adriana added a lovely spiritual influence with her expertise in yoga and indigenous ceremonies. Such a delicious time!! Highly recommend.
      By Emily T for Escape to Yourself Yoga & Surf Retreat on Apr 02, 2023
      Thank you so much! I loved having you and Cy. It was so nice getting to know you. ❤️
      By Felicity Odell on Apr 02, 2023
      This was my first trip to Mexico and my first international travel since 2019 and I feel really lucky to have experienced this part of the country thru the weeklong retreat hosted by Felicity and Adriana at Present Moment. Felicity invited a balance of activities and open time for participants, and her knowledge of the area made me feel really comfortable. It also helped people fill our open time with different kinds of activities available in the area - from getting nails done to connecting with local animal welfare volunteers, to surfing, biking, and other adventures. Adriana has a warm energy and her sessions were very restorative. The location and accommodations themselves are beautiful. The staff at the retreat were kind and the kitchen staff at the restaurant were very talented, creating delicious food and drinks every day.
      By Candice A for Present Moment Yoga & Surf Retreat, Troncones, Mexico on Sep 26, 2022
      Fantastic trip of a lifetime - except that I'll be going again, so more accurately this was just one of many future trips. Felicity and Adriana are fantastic yoga, meditation and spiritual leaders. Both provided the expertise and talent to help each of us focus on what we personally wanted to get out of the retreat. They provided the perfect amount of guidance to help lead our individual (and group) journeys, dialing it up or down depending on each person's preference. I liked that Felicity focused on a different chakra each day and gave us tools to help us explore them further. (I knew nothing about chakras before the retreat; I barely knew anything about yoga). Adriana shared her expertise in so many areas - I'm not really sure how to describe it properly. She is a sound bath specialist, talented meditation/spiritual guide, and an expert in various traditional healing rituals. Really amazing, which is saying something coming from me, as I'm a bit of a doubter and pragmatist. I'm thankful to Felicity and Adriana for sharing their talents with us. The retreat included other activities such as surfing, kayaking, paddle boarding, arts & crafts, cacao ceremony, and sound baths. There are a ton of other optional activities, all of which are led by excellent local guides (cave hikes, boating/fishing, ATV riding, etc). The resort and beach were perfect for quietude, reflection and relaxation, but also just as perfect for swimming, socializing, and sunbathing. The food was excellent - I can't stress this enough. Really amazing food at both at the resort and local restaurants. The trip logistics were set up perfectly and were easily changed when flexibility was needed. Felicity and the resort (Present Moment) staff were amazingly helpful, responsive and flexible. The resort stay includes additional meditation and yoga classes by some very talented teachers. Many of the yoga and meditation teachers also had specialties in various massage treatments (e.g., structural massage, reiki, deep tissue). I had the structural massage and am a convert now. The resort owner (Tom) and all the staff were the icing on top. All went out of their way to ensure we had the best possible time and engaged with us as more than just staff and clients. I almost hate to let others in on the secret, but Tom and team deserve the acknowledgement. I may have to make a trip there before next year's retreat...
      By Denise W for Present Moment Yoga & Surf Retreat, Troncones, Mexico on Apr 27, 2022
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      In the spring of 2022, I attended Felicity's yoga retreat at Present Moment in Troncones, Mexico. It was a life changing experience! Felicity is an incredible yoga teacher and I attended her class every morning at daybreak. She organized other activities for our group including surfing lessons, beach horseback riding, massage, and a baby turtle release. The vibe of the hotel was relaxing, the food and drinks were outstanding, the rooms charming, and the friendly staff catered to the guests' every whim. Felicity was always available for questions as well as feedback as to what could make the retreat better, and she made our whole group so comfortable. I have vacationed all over the world, and this wellness retreat is a must do; I cannot recommend it highly enough. Can't wait to go back! Thank you, Felicity!
      By Teresa W on 22 Sep, 2022