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Back to Yourself Yoga & Surf Retreat
Back to Yourself Yoga & Surf Retreat
Troncones, Guerrero, Mexico
02 Mar, 2024

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Second year in a row for me and there will be more. Well-planned, excellent leaders, idyllic location, beautiful accommodations, fabulous food and service. A temescal ceremony was added this year, which was a great addition. Felicity is a fantastic, charismatic, calm and positive trip leader and yoga instructor. She knows the area and community well, is calm under pressure, and well-respected in town. Aside from providing inspiring themes each day, journal prompts, and great yoga, Felicity is also able to set up just about anything you want to do or need to get. Adrianna is a true shaman in spirit, heart and knowledge and brings her gifts in the forms of restorative yoga, homemade cacao, and various traditional teachings and ceremonies. The surfing is great due to the location near a perfect longboarding break. The surf instructors make it easy to get out to the break, stand up and catch good waves. I've surfed a bit before, but definitely take advantage of the letting the instructors read the breaks and give my board a little extra push to ensure I catch the waves. The surf location also has fantastic open air restaurants along the beach for a post-beach lunch and beer (or tequila...). Finally, the resort has very talented and trained masseuses who offer varying types of treatments and massages. There are also other very good spa service providers nearby to round out a fabulous week of self care and bliss.
By Denise W for Escape to Yourself Yoga & Surf Retreat on Apr 14, 2023
Super fantastic! Felicity is an awesome yoga teacher! Tons of activities like surfing, swimming, massage, meditation, and ceremonies like cacao and temazcal. I highly recommend this amazing experience!
By Cy M for Escape to Yourself Yoga & Surf Retreat on Apr 03, 2023
This retreat was a fantastic combination of fun activities (e.g. surfing, sweat lodge visit, cacao ceremony), paired with contemplative time (yoga, meditation) in a spectacular location on the ocean in Troncones. Felicity did an amazing job providing diverse experiences with a flexible, supportive attitude; she's also a wonderful yoga teacher. Adriana added a lovely spiritual influence with her expertise in yoga and indigenous ceremonies. Such a delicious time!! Highly recommend.
By Emily T for Escape to Yourself Yoga & Surf Retreat on Apr 02, 2023
Thank you so much! I loved having you and Cy. It was so nice getting to know you. ❤️
By Felicity Odell on Apr 02, 2023


In the spring of 2022, I attended Felicity's yoga retreat at Present Moment in Troncones, Mexico. It was a life changing experience! Felicity is an incredible yoga teacher and I attended her class every morning at daybreak. She organized other activities for our group including surfing lessons, beach horseback riding, massage, and a baby turtle release. The vibe of the hotel was relaxing, the food and drinks were outstanding, the rooms charming, and the friendly staff catered to the guests' every whim. Felicity was always available for questions as well as feedback as to what could make the retreat better, and she made our whole group so comfortable. I have vacationed all over the world, and this wellness retreat is a must do; I cannot recommend it highly enough. Can't wait to go back! Thank you, Felicity!
By Teresa W on 22 Sep, 2022