ReKinect Experiences 2023

Provincia de Puntarenas, Santa Elena, Costa Rica

14 reviews
May 18 - 24, 2023
Group size: 1 - 22
ReKinect Experiences 2023
Provincia de Puntarenas, Santa Elena, Costa Rica

14 reviews

May 18 - 24, 2023
Group size: 1 - 22

About this trip

Do you feel the call to move to nature? A beautiful remote location where you can mind your business and be Free!

ReKinect Experiences is designed for women who desire to step outside the matrix and into their birthright to be FREE and enjoy a soft life. Our intention is not only for you to relax and recharge but to assist you to Re-Design your lifestyle, environment, freedom, and support systems.

ReKinect Re-Design 2023 is a movement for people who desire to connect with themselves to activate their inner divinity. We will Inspire you through daily practices to tap into that God body frequency, balancing the power of your masculine & feminine energies. Re-Kinect is a portal that will give you the skills you need to thrive in societies inside and outside of the USA.

Our Offerings Will Support You To:

Heal trauma from many years of overworking 

Let go of what no longer serves you

Manifest money and more luxury

Feel confident and empowered in your authenticity & creativity

We Will Empower And Educate You On:

How to leave your job and still make money 

How to leave the country and thrive abroad 

How to create a village to raise your children and re-design your family Dynamics 

Bridging the Gap between maidens and mothers

  • If you have been busy with motherhood / fatherhood
  • Overworking or searching for work
  • Mentally exhausted from trying to be everything for everyone
  • In search of your purpose
  • Needing to feel grounded and connected
  • Overstimulated from city life 
  • Knowing that there is something better for you, but just don’t know where to begin 
  • Out of touch with self
  • Desiring to develop new friendships, kinfolk, and tribe members
  • Feeling the urge to connect to your spirituality
  • Feeling a call to nature 



What do I need to enter Costa Rica? On the 1st of April Costa Rica have no prerequisites to enter the country. Please check with the country that you are leaving from and keep updated with any frequent changes.  We recommend as always purchasing travel insurance.

Which is the closest airport? SJO airport is the closest major airport. San Isidro General Airport is a smaller airport that is much closer to Kinkara Retreat Center, there are very small planes that can be chartered much closer to the property for an additional fee.

When shall I arrive? We recommend you arrive at SJO airport the day before, this will make a smooth ride altogether on the morning of the retreat. We will have a group discount at a hotel by the airport.

When shall I book my flight home? We also recommend that you arrange any flights for the evening of the last day of the retreat or enjoy yourself in San Jose by taking an extra day or 3. Arrival into SJO from Kinkara is approx 4 pm.

I have never stayed in a Bell Tent what is it like? All Luxury Bell Tents are single occupancy with double beds, towels, bathrobes, a phone charging device, and solar lights. 

I always have my own bathroom, I'm not sure if I will like this? All tents are located a convenient from our shared spa-inspired and impeccably maintained Bath Houses. These feature hand-carved wooden vanities, oversized sinks, full-sized mirrors, private toilets, and of course... powerful hot rainfall showers (also private). 

I need wifi in my tent, how will that work? There is complimentary wifi throughout the retreat in all public areas and tents. Please keep in mind that we are in a remote location and may encounter brief power and wifi outages. 

Cancellation Policy

Liability:  In order to attend this trip, forthcoming All clients will be required to sign a liability waiver which will be sent via email prior to your travel date . 

Cancellation by Client: From the 1st April 2022 there are no prerequisites for traveling to Costa Rica. We always recommend that you purchase travel insurance.  Should you need to cancel you must do so via your insurance, and no cancellation refund will be offered by ReKinect Experiences. 

Cancellation by ReKinect Experiences: Should the decisions of Government authorities or airlines inhabit the travel of participants during scheduled dates, ReKinect Experiences shall honor the original agreement at a later date within 1 calendar year (dependant upon availability) from the originally scheduled dates. Deposits or payments previously made will be held and any remaining payments will be scheduled according to the new retreat dates. 

Space Upgrades

Kinkara Luxury retreat center will be adding a Spa, Salt water Swimming Pool  and cold plunges to the property in time for your arrival ! 

What’s included

  • Ground Transportation
    Roundtrip Ground Transportation to and from SJO Airport
  • Private Room
    Luxury Belle Tent
  • 6 Nights
    Lodging all private belle glmaper tents , with Queen sized beds and luxury linens.
  • Chef Prepared Food
    3 organic chef prepared meals daily, options for all diets
  • To Be Free - By Nurse Mo
    Get the tools you need to leave your job, make money online, and gain the courage to make moves that scare the shit out of you! This workshop will provide practical and spiritual tools to be free.
  • Mushroom Ceremony
    Optional Guided psychedelic experience.
  • Intuitive Session
    Pre Trip Super Sensory Session with Gemma. We will directly communicate with your body and it's messages with gifted insights, illness recognition, illuminating blockages, inner wisdom and healing
  • Sex Magic + Miracles
    A deep and intimate healing experience with, Lizzy Jeff, activating the power of your sensuality to unlock deeper levels of creativity, & manifest more pleasure & prosperous opportunities.
  • Honour Your Intuition
    Led by Gemma - Let the magic unfold as you tap into your intuition. You will develop tools to listen deeply to your body.
  • Temazcal/ Sweat Lodge
    4 hour Native Sweat lodge for health, cleansing and therapeutic benefits
  • Spa Treatment
    30 min Massage
  • Kundalini Yoga
    Cleanse & stabilize your energy channels, nervous & hormonal systems, while unlocking your divine creative energy with the ancient practice of Kundalini Yoga.
  • After Dark Event
    Join Lizzy Jeff for an enchanted, CBD infused late night vibe in the tropics. Fusing the magic of music, plant medicine, and good energy, Rap Priestess Lizzy Jeff will guide you on a beautiful journey
  • Sacred Water Experience
    Enjoy a 45 min easy hike through the mountains that lead to an enchanting bathing experience in crystal clear natural healing springs.
  • Cacao Ceremony
    Monique and Gemma with take you on a journey to connect with this beautiful medicinal plant, and experience the healing benefits of chocolate
  • Sound Bath
    Feel the vibrations of the crystal bowls wash over you, while you relax
  • Planting Basics
    Having your own food source is a universal empowering tool. We will guide you through the basics of planting and harvesting food.
  • Pre Group Zoom calls
  • Integration group call
  • Flight
  • COVID Testing
  • Offsite Excursions
  • Private Bathrooms
  • 1on 1 sessions with host
    You will be able to purchase personal 1on1 sessions with Gemma, Monique and Lizzy
  • Extra food and drinks
  • Alcohol

Available Packages

Single Tent Re-Kinect with Self
Available until April 18, 202321 left

Pay in Full. 

Deposit: $777

Available options



Thur, May 18- Day 1
The Journey Begins

 Having arrived at SJO airport the day before you will be fresh to enjoy the 4 hour + scenic journey to the retreat sanctuary of Kinkara. Your transportation will be grouped with fellow tribe members. 

When you arrive at the retreat center, our team members will greet you by smudging you  (clearing your energy with sage) to free you from any travel stress or negative energy you may be consciously or unconsciously carrying. 

Relax & settle with a complimentary 30-minute massage or facial that can be scheduled before your arrival to allow you to ground into your new environment. 

Enjoy a sunset welcome dinner to meet the full travel tribe, set intentions for the week, and Kinect. Expand into the rest of the evening exploring the property, star gazing, cozying up with a cup of herbal tea, or settling into your plush glamper tent. Calm your mind and rest your body for a peaceful sleep while hearing real-life jungle sounds.

Your Organizer

14 reviews
Our intention is to help you to step outside the matrix of achieving , obtaining and acquiring and allow you to just BE with what is real. In the Re-Kinect retreat you will release what is not serving you to call in what you truly desire. Being in mother nature and truly appreciating her essence will allow the elements around you to recharge and reprogram


The trip of all trips!! My expectations were far exceeded. I went solo, but not once did I feel alone or out of place. I have never felt so welcomed, loved, taken care of, respected, and safe before in my life. I am beyond grateful for this retreat, it has opened my eyes to so much light. You cannot regret this self investment. Do yourself this one favor!! Go with an open mind and an open heart— It’s life changing!
By Taylor F for ReKinect Experiences Re-Design Trip 2 on 26 Sep, 2022
I came on the Rekinect trip for some guidance. I felt like I was no longer aligning with myself. Rekinect was everything I needed and more. I felt welcomed, safe, and acknowledged. The food and smoothies were amazing. I left there feeling refreshed, new, and realigned. I carry on my experience with rekinect into my personal life now & I’ve just been blessed! I love the fact that Mo & Gemma check in on us after the retreat as well. This was a real experience I needed. I have build continuous connections after the retreat too!
By Ebony T for ReKinect Experiences Re-Design Trip 2 on 25 Sep, 2022
This retreat has literally changed and transformed my life. I know that may sound redundant if you read through other reviews but its the absolute truth. I came on this retreat solo with the intentions of finding some sort of clairity, I wanted to feel more lighter, and I wanted to come together and meet like-minded individuals. I was seeking some sort of connection to something greater than the average mundane lifestyle. What I got from this experience was that plus so much more than I even anticipated. My consciousness expanded, my spirit was revived, I gained sisters, I cried, I laughed, I danced, I detoxed, I ate nourishing foods, I let my inner child out, I healed, I elevated deeply. Did a lot of inner work but balanced it out with really good energy around me at all times. Mo truly has a gift to be able to bring together such beautiful women from all over and hold space for us. If it wasn’t for her and her vision a lot of this would not of come to play. She’s as fabulous in real life as she seems on IG, but even better because she is so down to earth, humble, and REAL. I respect her a lot for that. Through her I also had the honor of meeting Lizzy Jeff and Gemma. I’ve followed Lizzy on social media for a few years now so seeing her in person and just vibin’ with her was truly surreal. She’s been a pivotal influence for me through my spiritual journey thus far and helped me tap into my feminine energy while making me feel good about being sexy with no apologies. Gemma was the gem that I didn’t know I needed. I had a 1:1 session with her and she really helped me realize and work through some emotional barriers that I had been holding in. If you’re at the very least considering going on this trip I highly recommend that you do! The fact that you are already here reading these reviews means that your spirit is telling you what you already know. lol I promise you won’t regret it and you will want to go back again the following year! I am so grateful for the way things aligned on this trip, my spirit, heart and mind is so full!! Happy Healing!!❤️🥰
By Bianca L for ReKinect Experiences Re-Design Trip 2 on 20 Sep, 2022
Wow!! I cannot explain how transformative this trip was. It was everything I wanted & [didn’t know I] needed. I went in not knowing what to expect, hesitant to open up to STRANGERS in the middle of the JUNGLE! By the 2nd day we were like sisters LOL. I can’t thank Mo, Gemma, & Lizzy enough for curating such a safe space to be my feminine, most-authentic self. Best Trip Ever. ¡Pura Vida!
By Samrawit A for ReKinect Experiences Re-Design Trip 2 on 19 Sep, 2022
Sam !! We are so grateful that you enjoyed your time with us we are forever family see you soon !
By Rekinect on 20 Sep, 2022
This trip by far changed my life. From the food to the fellowship, forever memorable experience. I came alone and left with 9 new “sisters.” The hosts Mo, Gemma, and Lizzy were amazing and every experience was curated with us in mind. If you’re having second thoughts, just do it. I promise you won’t regret it.
By Shannon R for ReKinect Experiences Re-Design Trip 2 on 19 Sep, 2022
Hi Shannon we loved seeing you heal and feel!! We are so grateful to serve you and experience with you ! Pura Vida
By Rekinect on 20 Sep, 2022
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Rekinect Experience changed my life! I attended last year and met so many great women and received the tools I needed to reach my great potential. I highly recommend attending if you are looking for a life changing experience.
By Krystal D on 18 Jul, 2022