Sabda Pancabhuta Yatra – January 2023

South India

Śabda Institute
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5 reviews
Jan 26 - Feb 5, 2023
Group size: 30 - 33
Sabda Pancabhuta Yatra – January 2023
South India

Śabda Institute
  • Email address verified
5 reviews

Jan 26 - Feb 5, 2023
Group size: 30 - 33

About this trip

Join us for the experience of a lifetime for the Sabda Pancabhuta Yatra in South India from the 26th January - 5th February 2023.

A yatra (pronounced yAH-trAH) is much more than a vacation. It's a sacred journey where the outer reality of the site fuses with our inner experience of the divine, and transforms us on all levels. To go on a yatra is to embark on a path that is mysterious and adventurous. We return from a yatra changed, not only because of the novelty of traveling to exotic lands, but because we've been touched by the grace of these sacred sites.

This journey is such a yatra. Beginning in Chennai and ending in Madurai, this 11-day, 10-night journey will take us deep into sadhana.

Pancabhuta = five elements. On this yatra, we will visit the five famous sacred sites where Śiva manifests as one of the five great elements. The Śiva linga (pillar) at every site is unique with a different aspect of creation being rooted into our physical reality. Each of these sites is like a vortex of power, energy and stillness that is rooted in one of the five great elements. At each site, in addition to visiting the temple, we will dive into element-specific practices and satsangas. 

This is not a vacation or touristy trip. This is an excursion into the three pillars of practice - darshana (view), abhyasa (practice) and upadana (application) - all at once and in an explosive, experiential way. 

We will return having imbibed the transformative resonance and power of these powerful centers.

The trip will be led by Dr. Kavitha Chinnaiyan, and joined in portions by Dr. Sumit Ashok Kesarkar.

Although the yatra occurs over 11 days, it will begin months before, including an immersive preparatory experience preceding the physical journey. We will have exclusive online satsangas on the significance of the sites, provide you with study materials, practices and advice on how to prepare yourself to fully imbibe the energy of the yatra. Unlike any other experience, you will enter this yātra prepared to turn inwards and transform.

Places are limited to preserve the sacred intention of the trip.


26th January – 5th February 2022

  • 1 night - Chennai 
  • 1 night - Srikalahasti
  • 1 night - Kanchipuram
  • 3 nights – Tiruvannamalai
  • 1 night – Chidambaram
  • 1 night - Trichy
  • 2 nights - Madurai

All transport will be via bus.This yatra is a spiritual journey that is planned entirely around the experience. This is not a luxurious journey. It is a pilgrimage. However, we will stay in comfortable eco-resorts wherever possible. Some of these temples are located in cities with more basic accommodations and we will need to be flexible! The food provided will be simple, delicious and light, to aid in turning inwards towards sadhana.  We can guarantee a lot of fun!  The weather will be hot, and this journey involves long bus-rides. Please discuss with your doctor if this is suitable for you before signing up. By signing up, you are accepting all liabilities for your health and safety.

Important notes

  • A non-refundable deposit of 50% is required upon signing up. This will not be refunded for any reason, including failure to procure a visa, contracting COVID, or flight limitations. Please ensure you have done your research before signing up.
  • Payment in full must be made before 26th November. No refunds will be made 60 days preceding the trip. 
  • The only exception to refunds is if India closes their borders due to COVID. If this happens 30 days prior to the trip, you will receive an 70% refund. After that, no refunds will be made. Refunds will not be made if your country changes their restrictions, so please consider the appropriate travel insurance coverage. By signing up, you are agreeing to all of these terms. 
  • It is a requirement that you take out travel and health insurance for this trip, and that you provide proof of this. 
  • COVID requirements are strict in India - you are responsible for ensuring that you are able to meet these requirements for travel and access to temples etc. Proof of double vaccination is required for this trip, and masks are a requirement to be worn in all public spaces. 

Introductory Video

Please watch the introductory video here

Live 5-part Pancabhuta course

Sign-up to the yatra includes attendance in the 5-class live Pancabhuta Course, which will explore the 5 great elements in practice. Here, we will explore the nuances of the five great elements specifically as they relate to the experience of life and their applications in sādhanā or spiritual practice. Regardless of the path of an aspirant, these teachings are relevant and applicable to the moment-to-moment unfolding of life, hormonal pathways, conscious actions and subconscious patterns. 

To see more, see:

What’s included

  • Live pancabhuta course
    Preparatory live pancabhuta course - including 5 online satsangas, study materials, practices, and advice on how to prepare yourself for yatra.
  • Sivoham
    Foundational self-study course on cultivating awareness and insight. (Please note there are no refunds if you have taken this already)
  • Meals
    Two meals a day (breakfast and dinner)
  • Accomodation
    10 nights of accommodation
  • Transport
    All transport beginning in Chennai and ending in Madurai
  • Temple visits
    Including entrance to the main sanctums
  • Pujas
    Including a potent Rudra Abhisekham
  • Teachings
    Exclusive teachings with Kavithaji and Sumitji
  • Daily tips
    All daily tips for drivers, hotel staff, restaurants, temples

What’s not included

  • Travel
    Travel to Chennai and from Madurai
  • Personal expenses
    Such as laundry or water
  • Facilitator tips
    Approx. $10 - $20 a day
  • Any other extras
    Anything else not on the 'included' list
  • Shopping
    Time for shopping or other activities will not be made during the yatra
  • Visa cost
    Visa and admin fees

Available Packages

Single room

Single room (there is a very small chance that in more remote locations, you may need to share a room based on availability. This is unlikely, and single rooms will be provided as much as possible). 

Deposit: $3,050
Shared room

Shared double room (two beds will be available in the rooms). 

Deposit: $2,750


Sri Kalahastisvara

The Sri Kalahastisvara temple has the Śiva linga rooted in the Air element, and is known as the Vayu Lingam. Lord Śiva is worshipped here as Sri Kalahastisvara and Goddess Parvati is worshipped here as Jnanaprasunambika.

Your Organizer

Śabda Institute
5 reviews
Dr. Kavitha Chinnaiyan is a Cardiologist and Professor of Medicine, a wife, and a mother. She is a Srividya initiate and disciple of Sri Chaitanyananda Nātha Saraswatī (Haran Aiya), pithadhipati and founder of the Rajarajesvari Pitham in Rush, NY. She is a long-term student of Dr. Sumit Kesarkar, who is her Vidya Guru in all traditions. She is the author of Shakti Rising; The Heart of Wellness; Glorious Alchemy: Living the Lalita Sahasranama; and Fractals of Reality: Living the Sricakra.


Everything was planned out and communicated in real time. There was just the right mix of spontaneity and planning
By Pamela J for Sabda Pancabhuta Yatra – January 2023 on Feb 18, 2023
It was an incredible and transformational trip. We had the most exclusive and exquisite experience in the unique temples we visited. It exceed any of my expectations. Thank you so much to Kavithaji and Sumitji for such q beautiful experience.
By adriana l for Sabda Pancabhuta Yatra – January 2023 on Feb 16, 2023
The yatra was amazing and will be processing and absorbing it for months and maybe even years to come...Yusef is the most incredible guide, taking care of complex as well as the smallest details, always with a smile on his face...I always felt safe and well taken care of...being with Amma, Sumitji and my sangha sisters and brothers was beyond what I expected...I will carry this experience in my heart forever...thank you, thank you, thank you!
By Susan B for Sabda Pancabhuta Yatra – January 2023 on Feb 15, 2023
Absolutely fantastic! Everything was so well planned, down to all the details. Hats off to Joanne and the planning team.
By Jairaj R for Sabda Pancabhuta Yatra – January 2023 on Feb 15, 2023
This yatra was absolutely EXTRAORDINARY on every level. The facilitators are world-class at best, and I witnessed each one of them literally work miracles to get us unheard-of access to incredibly exclusive temples, ensure each of us was given access to the sanctum sanctorum of said temples, and SO much more. This was a trip of a lifetime, and I feel absolutely confident there is nothing else like it. You can go to these temples on your own, you can visit this yatra circuit on your own...but it will NOT be the same, that I can absolutely guarantee.
By Shri (Jenna) S for Sabda Pancabhuta Yatra – January 2023 on Feb 08, 2023