5 days Sacred Valley Healing, Meditation, Yoga & Hiking Retreat

Cusco, Peru

Angel Amita Healing & Retreats
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3 reviews
Duration: 5 days
Group size: 3 - 20
5 days Sacred Valley Healing, Meditation, Yoga & Hiking Retreat
Cusco, Peru

Angel Amita Healing & Retreats
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3 reviews

Duration: 5 days
Group size: 3 - 20

About this trip



A journey apart from the typical touristic ones. 

Connect deeper to your hearts and the ancient land.  

We stay in a beautiful retreat center with lush gardens. You feel supported and grounded. 

Days start with gratitude, meditations, and recharging yoga classes We do inner journeys and guided inner ceremonies.  We also have sharing circles and time to integrate.

 Visits of sacred temples with professional guided tours, meditations & enough time.

The Sacred Valley Of the Inkas is nestled between majestic Andean mountains in the Cusco region of Peru, on the way to Machu Picchu.

Located between 2700- 3000 m above sea level, the area has breathtaking nature, majestic mountains, temples and ancient sacred sites, energy vortexes, old architecture, beautiful landscapes, fertile lands, indigenous communities, colourful markets and so much more.

Visit sacred temples with professional guided tours, meditations & enough time.


It is really worth joining this trip, in coordination with your Machu Picchu visit or separately. 

This part of Peru is truly special and you will feel inspired afterwards and grateful you joined!

Looking forward to welcoming you and sharing with you!

Morning Gratitude & Meditation

Start your day with a powerful morning practice. You learn tools you can bring with you onwards in life.

Traveling safely in private transport

We arrange private transport for the group. The drivers are experienced with this work and friendly and nice. 

Grouding & Recharging Yoga For All

Connect to Mother Earth daily and feel inner strength. Meditation and yoga and beautiful practices anyone can do! You only need to come with an open mind and heart! 

A holistic spiritual journey

Mind, body and spirit.  Just like the body needs nourishment rest and exercise, so does the soul. We are focused on holistic experiences.

Visit indigenous markets

Beautiful clothes and handicrafts in traditional patterns and colors, typical of the area for affordable prices. Bring back souvenirs and gifts while you support the local population. The best gifts!

Breathe In The Good Prana!

Fresh and clean air to nurture your body and soul. 

Breathe in Divine Andean Nature!

Visit Majestic Andean Nature, and feel inspiration and peace of mind. 

Friends from around the world

Share the unique experiences with souls from around the world and connect in a deeper way.

Enjoy healthy plant based dishes

From locally grown as much as possible organic ingredients of high quality suited the meditation and yoga practices. We serve various fruits, juices, salads, quinoa, soups, beans. legumes, burgers etc. The food is raw & cooked and options for a juice fast is there for those interested. We follow a yogic, sattvic diet as studied by the yogis over thorsands of years. This is supporting your journey.

Memories for life!

Grow as a soul, establish a deeper connection to the places and nature and bring this into your life.

Visit Ancient Temples & Energy Vortexes

Connect on a deeper level to the ancient sites of this area. There are several temples and mysterious places, and energy portals. All have significant meanings and are strongly connected to the stars, seasons and more. During this journey, you will do more than taking  pictures. You will feel the places, and observe with more time.  We may do prayers and guided inner journeys in some sites.

Nurture Your Soul- Take time for you

When did you last have time to truly connect to your soul? 

Take Time For You

When did you last have time to nurture your soul?

It is really worth taking the extra time to join this trip


Stay in a nice place located in the Sacred Valley of the Inkas, below the  majestic mountains and under the stars, with close access to Mother Nature!

What’s included

  • 3 nights
    Retreat House or 3 star hotel
  • All transportation
    During tour
  • All breakfasts
    Delcious and healthy, vegan..
  • Morning yoga classes
    Energizing and relaxing
  • Morning meditations
    Meet the day with a positive mind
  • Sacred Site visits
    All major Sacred Sites in the Sacred Valley & Cusco
  • Guided meditations
    In sacred sites morning & evening
  • Sharing Circles
    Daily sharing & support
  • Guided Tours
    Professional Guides & Spiritual Guidance
  • Visit markeds
    Art, clothes, vegetables, fruits- amazing & colorful with wonderful souvernirs and products
  • Meet nice people
    Glocal travellers
  • Travel safely
    Arrangemenst by experienced people
  • Vegetarian & vegan foods
    Local, healthy, fresh, organic produce, plenty of fruits, superfoods.
  • Airport transfer
    Happily arranging
  • Entrance ticket
    10 Days Sacred Valley Sites Ticket & Salt Mines Entrance
  • Dinners/ Lunches
    3 lunches, 2 dinners
  • Mountain Lake Hike
    Majestic Lakes 4000 m up
  • Pre-travels support
    Video call with host
  • Cusco Old Town Walk
    Old architecture, beautiful town
  • Intentional Work
    Group sessions, soul work
  • Opening & Closing Circle
    Very important
  • Video- call pre travels
    For the group
  • Extra meals/ snack
  • Airport pick- up
    If joining both Machu Picchu & Sacred Valley Tours
  • 2 meals
    Lunch or dinneR
  • Extra nights
    Apart from the 3 included
  • Plant Medicine
    Ceremonies with Ayahuasca or Wachuma
  • Flights
    To Peru and within
  • Personal Expenses
    Souvenirs, extra food etc.
  • Tips
    Volunteer tips to anyone
  • Individual Healings
    With Angel Amita, booked separately
  • Medical Costs
    Doctor/ Dentist Visits
  • Travel Insurance
  • Refunds
    After the retreat has started

Available Packages

Twin -Double Room in Retreat Center

3 nights included in retreat house or 3- star hotel,  with private bathroom and daily cleaning 

Deposit: $150
Single Room in Retreat Center
Deposit: $150
Triple Room In Retreat Center

Occasionally available. Depends on the number of participants. In retreat house or 3 star hotel. 4 nights included

Deposit: $311
Add onto book double room

Available options


Visit Ollantaytambo
Visit to Ollantaytamnbo & integration day

 You will visit the Ollantaytambo ruins and village.  We have lunch in town. Then we will travel to the retreat house or hotel and have an opening circle.

Your Organizer

Angel Amita Healing & Retreats
3 reviews
My name is Angel Amita Leuna. I have hosted retreats since 2014, and I love it! I have practised classical yoga & meditation for 26 years. I am a light warrior, yoga & meditation teacher, spiritual guide & teacher, healer, healer and Homeopathic Dr. Excited to offer sacred journeys to some of the world's most powerful vortexes! I wish to create the most magical experiences for you all, creating a conscious community with respect for all of life and teaching you self-empowering tools for healing & betterment of All Life.


A once-in-a-lifetime gift to oneself. The most magical experience I’ve had in my life. Angel was a wonderful host who is in-tune with what a soul retreat is all about. I would highly recommend this retreat .
By Nalinee S for 4 Days Machu Picchu Healing, Meditation, Yoga & Hiking Retreat on Oct 03, 2022
Thank you Amita for this fantastic experience 🙌🏻
By Olga G for 7 days Meditation Yoga & Hiking The Sacred Valley & Machu Picchu on Mar 04, 2022
Dear Olga, It was a blessing to have you here. I am grateful for what we shared at this special time. It will stay with us all! Wishing you all the best. Thanks for coming :)
We had an amazing trip! Thank you Amita to organize this trip. I'd just like to pass on my thanks to you for managing our recent trip in Peru. In particular to the staff involved who ensured we were always on time, well fed and safe. We found all of them to be very helpful and our trip was most enjoyable largely to their efforts. Stay safe&happy!
By Natalia V for 7 days Meditation Yoga & Hiking The Sacred Valley & Machu Picchu on Feb 25, 2022
Dear Natalia, thank you so much for finding me, and asking me to organize your special journey. It was an honour. Amazing to meet you all and share these fantastic experiences together. I am also grateful for the beautiful souls who work with/ for me to make it all happen. Wishing you the best and hope to see you again!