Sacred Womb & Plant Medicine Costa Rica Retreat

Casa Nautika, Dominical, Costa Rica

1 review
Feb 27 - Mar 5, 2020
Group size: 4 - 12
Sacred Womb & Plant Medicine Costa Rica Retreat
Casa Nautika, Dominical, Costa Rica

1 review

Feb 27 - Mar 5, 2020
Group size: 4 - 12

About this trip

Nestled in the lush jungles and healing waters of Costa Rica awaits sacred initiation, adventure, sisterhood and true Pure Vida at the high vibe sanctuary of Casa Nautika outside the beautiful and rustic beach town of Dominical.

Sisters, we welcome you with open wombs with a delicious merging of sacred activations to deepen the connection with your womb, bring forth your sacred vision into life and a jungle rejuvenation retreat exploring waterfalls, trails and beaches with your best friends that you just met! Of course if you are embarking on this journey, you will Be attracting like minded sisters who share the same visions and values - sisters that are waiting to meet you as well!!

Our 3rd annual Sacred Womb & Plant Medicine Retreat is a rare opportunity to embark on a sacramental medicine journey to unlock the magic of our wombs and embody the sacred arts and ancient practices of our ancestors to restore balance to our feminine essence and primal life force, with the intention to reawaken our divine purpose in this human vessel on this majestic earth walk.... YES, I said that and the many sisters that have journeyed with Arielle and I can testify in that TRUTH! 

Time Together


Healing together is a feminine Rite of Passage Initiation. From our ancient gatherings in the Red Tent to modern circles, we speak our Authentic Truth first to ourSelves and then to our Sisterhood, who hold and witness us in our vulnerability and courageousness. When we know that we are safe, our muscle tension and anxiety relaxes and we can begin to heal! 


We will deepen our understanding of how we trap emotions in our womb, how to detoxify our anger and resentment, clearing traumas and blockages with the ease and grace that comes from the jungle - working to unlock our highest human potential for creativity and abundance to enter our lives. We may fall in love with our unique shape and form, beginning to shed our past identity like a snake sheds its skin!



Now is the time to LET IT GO and BELIEVE that YOU are worth the pleasure you have always dreamed of embodying! We will take a deep dive into unleashing our primal sensuality in the privacy of the jungle and learn self-pleasure practices and techniques to unlock our cosmic orgasms and step fulling into our manifestation powers fueled by our own ecstatic bliss - even if you have never thought this was possible for yourSelf! I will also offer one-on-one support!


We will participate in sacred plant, cacao and flower medicine ceremonies (ask me for details) (always optional) and rituals to alchemize our relation with the natural world and Mama Gaia, allowing ourselves to step out of limiting beliefs and into our greatness in the safe container held by sisterhood and profound healing. You will open the door to understanding the incredible power of plants and how they can work in tune with your physical and emotional body, learning how to restore balance and health through nutrients and intention.

These optional rituals include sitting with Grandmother Aya, Warrior Frog Medicine and Guided Plant Journeys. 

You will receive applicable knowledge on how to incorporate sacred arts and ancient practices  into your busy life, connecting and harmonizing with the Divine Spark of your Inner Woman - with PLENTY of time to relax, soak it all in, wander, explore and get lost in the heaven of this well deserved break from our hectic lives.


AND..... We will laugh a whole bunch, not take ourselves too seriously and probably cry a bit as well! We will rewrite our womb stories and fly through the portal of transformation to rebirth as the archetype of our wildest dreams!!!


We will have an itinerary that weaves scheduled activations and free time to relax. You will be able to choose your own adventure for the day based on how your womb is feeling and what you desire to do with your day!

We look forward to your presence.

In Love and Service,

xoxSabrina and Arielle


Sabrina and Arielle, I wanted to thank you both so much for last weekend and for sharing your light, knowledge and passions for the divine feminine and our sacred earth mother. You both are so inspiring and I feel so thankful to have partaken in this retreat. I walked away with so much knowledge and excitement for the healing power of plants, as well as a heightened sense of empowerment and confidence in my path. Arielle and Sabrina were so loving and created a safe environment for us all to feel comfortable, express ourselves and heal together as a community. 

From yoni steam ceremonies, to Yoga classes in nature, to DELICIOUS vegan food, the entire weekend was phenomenal. Sabrina and Arielle's passions for their teachings and power behind their words was incredibly inspiring. I now feel called to expand my knowledge of plant medicine and continue my healing path with the tools that I gained in this retreat. 

My intention for the weekend was to heal and release old wounds and traumas that are no longer serving me; I feel I got exactly what I needed and so much more. I experienced powerful breakthroughs during our short weekend that are continuing to heal and expand even after our time together. I'm so thankful for this experience and I highly recommend to any and all warrior women who are eager to learn, heal, and/or have a kick-ass time with other lovely goddesses in nature. " - Bridgit McLemore

"From my first meeting with Sabrina I felt instant sisterhood. As I've been exploring self care in many facets for the last decade I was astounded to learn all the benefits of Sacred Lotus Yoni Steam. I am a firm believer in the benefits of plant medicine and I'm so excited to add this practice to my arsenal. I had the pleasure to be led thru a yoni steam and egg ritual with Sabrina and 2 new sisters last week and was blown away by all the divine feminine wisdom that I was informed of. I think it is so important to be connected to our divine power and I believe I am now even that much more in control of my own. Vaginal health is a conversation I'm already feeling called to share with other woman just how sacred our womb is. Thank you Sabrina!" - Erin Dempsey, Founder of Out-dorz

"Hello excited for those of you who are able to make this ritual. The last one was life changing for me. I learned so much about myself and how to forgive my past so that I can move on and become a better person. I finally found peace within myself and in a better place in my life. May you find this experience uplifting like I did." -Kira Marie Do

"WOW! The yoni steaming has delivered beyond my wildest dreams. I’m now a very big fan. It seems the stagnation is clearing and my libido has really awakened - I had no idea it simmered down so much actually. Jude and I are very happy! Thank you so much for helping women unveil greater health. I’m so so grateful to you." -Eva Gajzer, Founder, Oneness Unlimited

"Thanks for helping my body heal and reconnect with it. It's been a wonder for my relationship as well. I feel amazing and so much stronger. Just wanted to let you know how grateful I am. Arielle, I was actually able to "hear" your explanation for why we want to heal via plants and nature. An "aha" moment. I'm sure your excellent attention allowed that message - which I have previously heard yet was not able to take in - to now enter my consciousness. I'm so intrigued by where that will lead. You are a real healer and I am sure that I am joining a large posse of folks who already know this. Thank you Arielle!"

"Sessions with you are better than a life coach or a therapist." - Ana


Sabrina Vedete is the Founder of Sacred Lotus Yoni Steam and is earning her her Peristeam Hydrotherapist Certification from the Peristeam Hydrotherapy Institute. She is honored to share ancient wisdom with wombxn in sacred ritual; revealing how to unlock the codes of our feminine intuition and restore health and balance with the herbal medicine practice of yoni steaming. Sabrina is a Yoni Egg Crystal Guide and initiates wombxn in the feminine arts of pleasure, passion and purpose. 

In her teachings, she illuminates the phases of our menstrual cycle, fertility solutions, birth control detox, herbal remedies, feminine archetypes, tantric dance with wise teachers and embodies the work through her own daily rituals and connection to her womb. She is an intuitive coach who has guided wombxn towards successful pregnancies, connection to nature and releasing that which does not serve to plant the seeds for our deepest desires to blossom and manifest. Sabina Vedete is inspired by Creation, Children and Mystery. Blessed Love 

IG: @SacredLotusYoniSteam




Arielle Hayat is a clinical herbalist with three years of intensive training from Arbor Vitae School of Traditional Herbalism in New York City. She completed her 1000 hour apprenticeship with 30+ year Wise Woman herbalist Lata Kennedy of Flower Power Herbs and Roots focusing on the Six Steps of Healing of the Wise Woman Tradition. She continues to work at Flower Power and there she is able to empower and guide numerous people in her community to a healthier lifestyle that focuses on wellness from the inside out. Arielle has a private consult practice, (link and teaches weekly workshops at wellness haven, The Alchemist's Kitchen. She also is a founding member of Sacred Lotus Yoni Steam ( as a clinical herbalist formulating steam blends for feminine health. Her education in natural plant medicine weaves the methodologies of Chinese medicine, Ayurveda, Native American folk, European herbalism, and The Wise Woman tradition (the oldest tradition of healing on our planet) to nourish the mind, body and soul of her clientele. Arielle's specialty lies in protocols for helping the body adapt to stress, healing mental wounds caused by the affects of tension and anxiety. She also sees clients with issues related to gut/ digestion, viral infections, adrenals, hormones and more. Through their work together, Arielle's clients rediscover their inner peace, and can experience profound emotional and physical transformation. Read interview with Arielle here:

She is featured in Bon Appetite Magazine, Reader's Digest, The New York Post, PIX 11 News. Sanctuary World, Harper's Bazaar, and more.

IG: @ArielletheHerbalist



Flower Ceremony with Megan Inae

Tune into your connection and the heart womb medicine of this soulfully intentional flower ceremony led by Megan Inaé, nomadic medicine woman. Guided by Great Mystery, Megan will take us through a journey back to our own embodied truth and sovereign sensuality. 

Get ready to have you senses fully explored, your truth ignited and the secrets of tapping into your unique genius unraveled!

What’s included

  • Plant Based Meals
    Enjoy local, organic, seasonal freshly crafted gourmet cuisine with farm raised eggs option! Offering superfood smoothies, artisanal coffee, tonics and elixirs to ignite the senses!
  • Transport To/From SJO
    Paid transportation to and from SJO airport ($200 value)
  • Accommodations
    Relax and Rejuvenate in our Ocean and Jungle suites nestled in the heart of the jungles outside of the historic beach town of Dominical.
  • Cacao & Sound Journey
    Ancestral Cacao Ceremony to ignite the anahata heart fire and receive transcendental bliss with musical infusion from ancient traditions around the world
  • Soul Medicine Yoga
    Each day: a yoga practice in the lineage of Raja, Partner, Pranayama and/or Meditation. Curated to receive the beauty of sunrise or sunset & bridge our kinnection to the elemental forces of nature
  • Yoni Steam Herb Ceremony
    Ancient Womens Medicine Tradition and Self-Love Ritual to heal imbalances in our feminine cycles by steaming our Yoniverse (vagina) with medicinal herbs in ceremony w. forgiveness meditation & music
  • Yoni Egg Crystal Ritual
    Increase orgasmic pleasure and heal imbalances by strengthening/tonifying the pelvic walls/floor & creating dexterity in vaginal muscles with Yonicizes
  • Shakti Initiation
    Embodiment ceremony that honors sisterhood through authentic, courageous and vulnerable heart opening practices to create trust, dissolve envy & heal between womxn, our mothers & all our relations
  • Plant Attune Meditation
    A personal connection with plants in a profound and intimate sensory experience that will forever alter your relationship with Mama Gaia and the functioning of your body systems.
  • Isis Temple Dance
    Sensual guided movement and pelvic floor opening technique... embody your primal feminine essence, clear blockages, unleash your Shakti force and dance your prayer into life!
  • Ancestral Womb Release
    Clear trauma stored in the womb & muscle memory stopping you from embodying your divine purpose. WE go deep into lineage healing and rewriting our womb story.
  • Aphrodisiac Herb Ritual
    An intimate journey on getting high on life the natural way & making choices that elevate the mind/body/spirit connection while providing expansive & integrative experiences... together!
  • Womb Wisdom Circle
    Utilizing plant allies to restore health & balance: menstrual cycle, PH, virus/infection, libido, cysts, prolapse, PMS, fertility, abortion/miscarriage, postpartum, peri-menopause, stress/anxiety.
  • Self-Pleasure Arts
    Cosmic Orgasms are our birthright! Releasing shame, guilt and fear blocking us from our pleasure centers and techniques to find our g-spot and primal feminine power... & manifesting through orgasm
  • Time in Nature 2 Receive
    Plenty of time to relax in your hammock, explore in nature, sunbathe on the beach, choose your own adventure and live the dream!
  • Intentional Journaling
    Daily intentions will be set to spark the fire of transformation as we consciously reflect/realize the traumas holding us back & discover our sacred visions to activate our desires and offerings!
  • Wise Woman Way
    The worlds oldest healing tradition preserved by grandmother Susan Weed. Disease and injury are doorways of transformation. Self-healing and self-loving, we co-create healing with our plant allies.
  • Fertility Awareness
    Birth Control detox, natural birth control methods & how to chart your cycle and innerstand your fertility
  • Flower Ceremony
    Tune into your connection and the heart womb medicine of this soulfully intentional flower ceremony led by Megan Inaé, nomadic medicine woman. Guided by Great Mystery.
  • Flight/Airfare
    Fly into San Jose Airport (SJO). Confirm travel times with us two weeks before arrival so we can arrange your transport from the airport. Expect a 3+ hour drive from airport to retreat. Get snacks!

Available Packages

Ocean Suite with Two Single Beds
Sold Out

Soothing ocean room with two single beds and a shared bathroom. 

Deposit: $400
Master Queen Bedroom w. Private Bath
Sold Out

Queen living space and luxury with King size bed, a breathtaking view and your own private restroom. For your self or to share with a beloved sister for an extra $300. Secure with deposit before Jan 01, 2020 and save $150.

Deposit: $500
Jaguar Jungle Suite w. Two Single Beds
Sold Out

Lucious Jungle view room with two single beds and a shared bathroom. Secure with deposit before Jan 01, 2020 and save $150.

Deposit: $400
Ganesha Community Bunk
Sold Out

This lovely community room has two bunk beds sleeping a total of four attendees with a shared bathroom near by. Secure with deposit before Jan 01, 2020 and save $150.

Deposit: $400

Available options

Kayaking / SUP Boarding
Beach and Surf Day
Nauyaca Waterfalls Exploration
Tinamastes Farmers Market
Waterfalls Trek & Overnight in Caves

Your Organizer

Arielle and Sabrina Hayat
1 review
Arielle and Sabrina are blood sisters living on similar paths. For the past three years, Sabrina has shared Womb Wisdom Transmissions, Herbal Yoni Steam Consultations & Yoni Egg Crystal Practice in circles, rituals and gatherings across California, New York & Oregon. She has merged with moon magic, the phases of our menstrual cycle, feminine archetypes, tantric dance with wise teachers and embodies the work through her own daily rituals and connection to her womb space. She is an intuitive coach who has guided sistars towards successful pregnancies, connection to nature, our primal heart and releasing that which does not serve to plant the seeds for our deepest desires to blossom and manifest. Arielle is a clinical herbalist learning formally and intuitively how to guide people to heal and evolve with the power of plants.


This was a trip of a lifetime! Sabrina and Arielle created a high-energy atmosphere of FUN, while at the same time providing a very peaceful container that allowed for intense opening and healing on many levels. GO TO WHATEVER THEY PROVIDE and live your life to the fullest!
By Cheryl J for Sacred Womb & Plant Medicine Costa Rica Retreat on 10 Mar, 2020