Santa Cruz Weekend Yoga Retreat

Santa Cruz, CA, USA

4 reviews
May 19 - 21, 2023
Group size: 1 - 25
Santa Cruz Weekend Yoga Retreat
Santa Cruz, CA, USA

4 reviews

May 19 - 21, 2023
Group size: 1 - 25

About this trip

Join us for a weekend of yoga, meditation and approachable, compassionate and light-hearted themes set in the magical redwoods of Santa Cruz, CA— my sweet hometown with crisp, fresh ocean & mountain air. 

The Land of The Medicine Buddha (LMB) is a retreat center set amongst 108 acres of coastal foothills and stands adjacent to 10,000 acres of redwood forest preserved by the State of California.  What a gift it is to receive the healing benefits of nature, with great local restaurants and beaches just a 5-10 minute drive away. The LMB has long been one of my most treasured spots for walking, meditation and a deep sense of serenity. The stillness and beauty of this land is so unique, you will feel it upon arrival.

For those who are interested in deepening their exploration of yogic philosophy and it’s very applicable to modern day, “jewels of wisdom”, we will explore the 1st branch of yoga- the YAMAS (the “ethical code” or restraints of the 1st limb of the 8 limb path of yoga).

Courage, Balance, Self Love and Grounding in what is possible are all expressions of the foundational observance of AHIMSA (Non-Harming).  

The weekend will consist of both soulful vinyasa flows, slow flow into yin, meditation and long, luxurious savasanas.  

The Land of the Medicine Buddha starts heating their pool in May…we will see what the weather holds for us. 

There is also an indoor practice room that is spacious and warm.  The 2022 Retreat to the Land of the Medicine Buddha brought us sunshine all weekend and we were able to use the outdoor platform for our yoga sessions!  

What’s included

  • 4 Yoga Sessions
    Morning Vinyasa Flow and Afternoon Slow Flow into Yin
  • All Meals
    Friday Evening Dinner, Saturday Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner, Sunday Breakfast & Farewell Brunch
  • 2 Night Stay
    Each room comes with it's own bed & bath
  • Hiking in the Redwoods

Available Packages

Shared Room with 3-4 Twin Beds
Deposit: $299
Shared Room with 2 Twin Beds

Enjoy a shared room with 2 twin beds. Bath & Shower in room. If you'd like to share this room with someone specific, simply add your request in the notes section of the sign up or email

Deposit: $299
Private Room w/ Queen Bed

Enjoy a private room with a Queen bed, all to yourself!  Bath & Shower in room.

Deposit: $299
Private Room With Twin Bed
Deposit: $299

Your Organizer

Nicole Cronin Yoga
4 reviews
Nicole Cronin began her journey with yoga in 2007 when she started a regular Ashtanga practice with a student of Pattabi Jois- at It’s Yoga, San Francisco. Years later, Nicole fell in love with the fluid, dynamic and soulful style of her teacher Janet Stone, along with inspiration from alignment based gurus such as Jason Crandell. Nicole has hosted retreats for over a decade and is also the co-owner of vibrant, light-filled boutique studio, The Pad in San Francisco. More about Nicole at &


Retreat to Paradise with Nicole Cronin and her guest Marlene Handler was healing, transformative, and a divine human experience. Nicole's teachings are deeply and strongly felt, and aligned with the higher consciousness. The yoga retreat in its entirely was fluid with a gracious flow and spaciousness. Present Moment Yoga Retreat in Troncones Mexico was the perfect spot where nature and all its elements collide and are ignited. Nicole has contributed so much in the short time I have known her to my growth as a practicing yogi. The yogis that attended Nicole's retreat are extraordinary human beings and a testament to the yoga teacher she is! Marlene Handler, Pelvic Floor Specialist, is delightful and fun! Marlene's work is important and needed. She is an unabashed pioneer bringing awareness to this scared region of our bodies by giving women and men their power and joy; thereby, giving them a sense of safety, and security. Marlene's work is foundational for a healthy and happy life, and truly powerful beyond measure. Thank you both lovely women for your contribution to my healthy and happy life.
By Jade Z for Retreat to Paradise with Nicole Cronin & Guest Marlene Handler on Nov 27, 2023
Retreats have come a bit later in my life so I may be making up for lost time (not really, I have been on a few!). I’m simply sharing that whether you are young, middle age or senior, this spot really is paradise and Nicole’s yoga is offered with equanimity and kindness. All the classes are original with her supportive guidance and excellent playlists. The food, employees and surroundings of this resort are stellar and everything is carefully prepared for the guest’s optimal enjoyment and experiences. I seem to meet beautiful and talented yoga teachers in my life and I am honored to add Nicole to a handful of dedicated yogi teachers that give me so much joy and share their wisdom so generously. The added surprise of Marlene's expertise and enthusiasm for Pelvic Floor Heath made it the perfect teaching combination.
By Reva C for Retreat to Paradise with Nicole Cronin & Guest Marlene Handler on Nov 20, 2023
I knew this retreat was a “yes” for me from the feeling in my gut when I considered it: light, spacious, joyful. And that was a good prediction of how it felt to be on this retreat. Nicole has a talent for bringing together amazing women who show up for themselves and each other. Being in a place of such beauty, tranquility, and ceremony made this connection even more meaningful. And, the yoga!!! I’m flying home feeling peaceful and strong and very, very grateful.
By Sarah E for Retreat to Paradise with Nicole Cronin & Guest Marlene Handler on Nov 14, 2023
You never really know what you’re going to get when it comes to Nicole’s teachings. Even when a general theme is set she allows wiggle room for questions that arise within a group, all of whom seem to be catalysts of compassion for whatever confusion or chaos we’re subconsciously bringing to the retreat as individuals. That said, I’ve been on a few getaways with Nicole but this one, nestled among the majestic redwoods with altars and shrines situated throughout the hiking trails truly gave me a feeling of being deeply held and nourished. Not as far down the mountain as Tassajara, more into the woods than Haramara; Land of Medicine Buddha is truly where it's at. - Linlee Allen
By linlee a for Santa Cruz Weekend Yoga Retreat on May 23, 2023


Hands down, best investment I have made in myself in the past 5 years! I’ve had the pleasure to practice with Nicole at The Pad studios for almost a decade. After dreaming of joining one of her retreats, I finally committed to the Retreat to Paradise in Troncones, MX. The experience helped me slow down from the many hats I wear at home (mostly mama of two). I was able to nourish my body and soul with movement, healthy food, and nature. All while making new friendships. Nicole is simply amazing. I appreciate the wisdom she offers as she opens each class and she has a gift of reading the room and offering a practice that you’ll feel connected with each time. 100% recommend. You will thank yourself later!
By Vanessa V on 26 Nov, 2023