September Book Club with the Wild Within

21 reviews
Sep 1 - 18, 2021
Group size: 1 - 25
September Book Club with the Wild Within
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21 reviews

Sep 1 - 18, 2021
Group size: 1 - 25

About this trip

We will be reading Robin Wall Kimmerer's

        Braiding Sweetgrass: 

       Indigenous Wisdom, Scientific Knowledge, and the Teachings of Plants

Two Virtual Meetings:

2PM EST - 3:45PM EST

Saturday, September 4

Saturday, September 18

"Braiding Sweetgrass is a book to focus the eyes, open the heart  and stretch the imagination about our appropriate relationships within  the natural world. Hundreds of thousands of readers have turned to  Kimmerer’s words over the decades since the book’s first publication,  finding these tender, poetic, and respectful words, rooted in soil and  tradition, intended to teach and celebrate. This is a storyteller’s  book; we do well to listen and take the guidance to heart. As Kimmerer  tells us, “We have to put our hands in the earth to make ourselves whole  again."



It is always free to join us but we do have options to donate to our scholarship fund. This fund is used to support those that want to attend our trips/courses/workshops who need financial aid.

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21 reviews
We believe the greatest adventure of all is in living our one wild life—the life that is entirely our own and has been waiting for us since we were born. Wild Within was founded to help you step into that life. We support those on this journey through retreats, gatherings, courses and workshops. We draw upon the healing and transformative power of community, the wilderness, the journey and a wide range of ancient traditions and modern teachings to aid those who hear the call of the Wild Within.


Trekking through Yosemite was absolutely incredible! It was my very first time camping, hiking for more than a couple of hours, swimming in some of the most enchanting bodies of water all while meeting some of the most wonderful people I'll treasure for the rest of my days. And the food!! my gosh!! From the Thai noodles, to the apple crisp, rice and beans...all so delicious and made in minutes with a little water and heat. This experience opened me up to do and feel so much more than I had in a long time, I'm so grateful to Kelly and Alasdair for making it happen. If you're looking to expand your horizons, build community and challenge yourself to cherish nature in a truly unique way -- this trip is for you! Thank you for everything Yosemite fam, missing you!
By Karla E for YOSEMITE 2021: Group B on 10 Sep, 2021
I experienced many different emotions on my Yosemite trip. Looking back, I consider myself incredibly lucky to have experienced it, and I know it will be a clear and cherished memory I will have for the rest of my life. The trip entails a 6-7 day trek though the backwoods of Yosemite (on trails). The first and last days are in well-traveled areas, but while in the backwoods you rarely see other hikers. The trip is physically challenging. We covered over 40 miles in 6 days. If you go on the trip, prepare accordingly. The trip covers a wide variety of landscapes--forests, both lush and burnt, hill sides, mountain tops, valleys, lakes, etc. Self-reflection is embedded throughout trip, which was my favorite part. The trip has ample opportunities for social interaction, but it is not forced. Finally, Alasdair and Kelly are true professionals, and they put an incredible amount of work into ensuring the trip is a success. Overall, I'm incredible happy I decided to go on this trip.
By Mike B for YOSEMITE 2021: Group A on 03 Sep, 2021
It was simply amazing!! It is almost hard to even put into words, because it is one of those trips that each moment (step) was just as great as the last. Yosemite was beautiful and set the scene. However, The Wild Within crew is what elevated the experience into not only an adventure but also a spiritual adventure. Our entire group and everything in-between felt amazingly curated. It was monumental and life changing. I want to take all the trips with them haha!
By Jordan S for YOSEMITE 2021: Group A on 31 Aug, 2021
I cannot begin to say enough positive things about Wild Within. This is my second trip with Kelly, and with both Peru and Yosemite under my belt I can say that these trips have changed my life. Not only is everything planned so meticulously that I did not have to worry about a thing, but also the experience itself is transformative. I am often excited for a physically challenging outdoor experience, but as a shy, introverted guy, a mentally and spiritually challenging experience with a group of strangers is not something I would normally jump up to volunteer for. Kelly, Alasdair, and the whole group allowed me to learn backpacking skills, explore the beautiful valley of Yosemite, and better understand myself along the way. This was my first time on a trip with Alasdair and his backpacking experience and his knowledge proved invaluable during our whole expedition. I felt very safe throughout the whole trip with him as our leader. I cannot recommend this experience enough and feel it is worth every penny. Thank you again Kelly and Alasdair, I can’t wait to join the both of you on another trip in the future!
By Kyle Z for YOSEMITE 2021: Group A on 24 Aug, 2021
The most challenging, fulfilling, once in a lifetime adventure that I will truly never forget. Completely stepped out of my comfort zone and I will forever be grateful that I did. This trip was filled with so many laughs, tears, new friends and new experiences. Amazing guides, amazing food, and views! Challenge your mind, body, and soul, go on this trip!! Thank you Kelly, Alasdair, JR, and Courtney- eternally grateful for you all, you all have truly changed my life! ♥️
By Brittany L for YOSEMITE 2021: Group B on 13 Aug, 2021
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