Songbird retreat: EnJOYing your voice - a singers retreat

Berne, NY, USA

Maryn Azoff
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8 reviews
Aug 21 - 23, 2020
Group size: 10 - 20
Songbird retreat: EnJOYing your voice - a singers retreat
Berne, NY, USA

Maryn Azoff
  • Email address verified
8 reviews

Aug 21 - 23, 2020
Group size: 10 - 20

About this trip

This retreat is for anyone who has the desire to sing and share freely but lacks the confidence to do so or just wants to sing with a group and learn how to free your voice and enjoy singing together.  We will cover empowering techniques for sharing authentically, overcoming stage fright, breaking down the wall of shyness and expressing from your joy,  All while learning songs, harmonies and singing together. You will leave with a repertoire of songs to share with your own circles or friends.

We will span many genres of music and cover areas of the voice such as emotions, dynamics, range and harmonies...

If you play an instrument and want to learn to sing with confidence along with it, you are encouraged to bring it along.

The weekend will include classes in:

Proper vocal technique

Dynamic control

Plotting the emotional journey of a song

singing your prayers

How to choose a song for yourself

Singing in a group and singing solo

overcoming stage fright and singing fearlessly and much more:

Come enjoy the summer beauty at Raven Crest farm, learn, grow and have fun sharing music in a completely judgement free zone! Explore parts of your voice you never have before, take chances and reap the benefit. ALL LEVELS WELCOME and ENCOURAGED! We have so much to learn from each other whether you are a beginner singer or a professional, I promise you will leave this weekend feeling connected to your voice in a different and new way..

Maryn Azoff  is a singer, vocal transformation coach, member of the "Tribe of Love"and "Cura Cura", spirit lifter, soul emancipator and fear crusher. She has been on a mission of connecting people with their vocal power for years and knows that it's when people sing together that the true magic of music can happen! Her approach to singing and sharing is always from her heart, where we all meet in truth, wisdom and love, and she creates a safe, judgement-free environment for you to find that connection for yourself.



Your non-refundable $100 deposit will reserve your spot.

What's included

• all classes and workshops

• delicious vegan/vegetarian farm grown meals

• swimming pond / bonfire / yoga platform

• beautiful accommodations 

• train/bus station pickup from Albany if needed

(please let us know how you are planning to come to the farm so we can organize ride shares and pickups)

Available Packages

7 left

There are many beautiful spots to pitch a tent around the farm. 

Deposit: $100
Shared Indoor Space
6 left

For couples and close friends our beautifully decorated cabin and Mullein House offer shared beds. We also offer floor sleeping space on comfortable camping pads.

Deposit: $100
Shared room
5 left

The peaceful and beautifully decorated Mullein House has shared rooms with two or three beds available.

Deposit: $100
Single Room
only 1 left

The beautiful Mullein House and Cabin offer single rooms with shared bathroom.

Deposit: $100

Your Organizer

Maryn Azoff
8 reviews
Hi, my name is Maryn and I am a Vocal Transformation Coach, singer with 'The Tribe of Love' and 'Cura Cura', spirit lifter, soul emancipator and fear crusher! Music is medicine, for the both the creator and the listener. It is my purpose and greatest passion in life to help others find their voice, learn how to use it so the spirit can be free to express itself. I offer a judgement free space for your deepest healing in the area of voice and spirit and look forward to helping you facilitate your transformation:)


Maryn led our group through a truly life changing experience. I cannot believe how much progress I, and EVERYone else in the group, made in just 2 days! Because Maryn truly communicates from her heart, you find yourself gripping to every word -- absorbing more information in a short weekend than you would ever think possible. Thank you for creating such a positive, judgement free environment, and thank you for pushing me! I truly turned over a new leaf with your help. I cannot recommend attending this retreat enough!
By James P for Vocal Transformation and Growing your Heart Voice on 04 Mar, 2020
From seed to fruition, all aspects of the experience were imbued with love, thoughtfulness, nurturance, and care. Thank you to everyone at Ravencrest!
By Carrie G for Songbird retreat: Experiential Transformation on 25 Aug, 2018
This was an amazing retreat. Maryn and Mia were fabulous luminaries, creating a safe nurturing environment for growth and exploration. The property was majestic, all of the people on staff are easily approachable, knowledgeable, and wiling to help. The food was fresh, healthy and delicious.
By Irene V for Tribal Rhythm and Song with Mia Luz and Maryn Azoff on 09 Aug, 2018
Maryn and Mia provided a wonderful experience using drumming as a means of meditation. We did a vision quest and a spirit journey, as guided meditations, to the accompaniment of drumming. We also did a water ceremony and a pipe ceremony, following Native American traditions (Ojibwa and Lakota), with excellent background explanations and paraphernalia. Also learned Native American chants. Sam Perry gave a wonderful walk-in-the-woods introduction to herbs and their use. We learned and practiced drum rhythms. The food was absolutely suburb vegetarian fare, from the Raven Crest Farm. The experience was fun, meditatively meaningful and full of warm camaraderie. I thoroughly enjoyed it and would highly recommend it.
By Jon S for Tribal Rhythm and Song with Mia Luz and Maryn Azoff on 08 Aug, 2018
Absolutely THE most unforgettable, freeing experience. If you want to find your own voice in the sounds of distant coyotes, wind in the pines, healing human vibrations, primal screams, digeridoos, oms, drums and quiet conversations while finding your balance in pine straw, water, fire, stars, music, gratitude and human experience, do find your way to Raven Crest. The farm's forests, ponds, ceremonial perches and brilliant night skies are other-worldly. Amazing, home-grown organic meals, herbs and earth-friendly fruit and vegetable fields nourish and ground all who enter this place. Maryn is a master of the voice and ray of love sent directly from the sun herself.
By Charles M for A Songbird Retreat: The Unleashed Voice on 21 Jun, 2018
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