Street Dog Outreach Program in Siargao AUGUST

General Luna, Surigao del Norte, Philippines

Kayla Nielsen
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5 reviews
Aug 26 - Sep 9, 2018
Group size: 1 - 2
Street Dog Outreach Program in Siargao AUGUST
General Luna, Surigao del Norte, Philippines

Kayla Nielsen
  • Mobile phone verified
5 reviews

Deposit: $150
Aug 26 - Sep 9, 2018
Group size: 1 - 2

About this trip

Are you an animal lover? Are you interested in traveling whilst participating in authentic acts of selfless service?

Then, join our Street Dog Outreach Program in Siargao today!

Together, we will uplift the quality of life for Siargao street dogs, by providing a free spay/neuter and vaccination clinic for mistreated canines on the island. 

100% of the proceeds from the Outreach Program are donated to support Kindred Connection's pilot project in the Philippines. 

Be a voice for the voiceless today. 

Outreach Program

Our Outreach Program is exactly what you make of it. 

For some of you, that may mean spending all day every day in the clinic with the dogs. 

And for others, that may mean volunteering for the minimum  requirement of 3 hours daily.

Please understand that this experience is intended to be flexible to suit every volunteer's needs. 

We are partnering with Lotus Shores Siargao to provide affordable and quality rooms at the only conscious, vegan lodging on the island. 


However, if you prefer to stay elsewhere, then you're more than welcome to! 

Simply opt for a package that does not include accommodation, and we're more than happy to point out other great areas to stay during your time. 

All packages will provide complimentary morning yoga with Kayla, and daily breakfast (vegan) at Lotus Shores Siargao for the duration of your volunteer experience.


These classes are NOT required. Nor will the Outreach Program be ran like a yoga retreat. 

We simply believe in providing mind-body support for those who offering their energy to our projects. 

Expectations and Requirements

We do not require any vet and/or medical experience in order to volunteer on our Outreach Program. 

By signing up for our Outreach Program, you are required to volunteer  a minimum of 3 hours daily. 

Please note that the actual clinic will likely only be open for the first 3 - 4 days (exact duration is dependent on immediate needs, present complications, etc). 

It's important to understand that we will still need plenty of help during the dogs' recovery periods. 

Expectations of Volunteers:

-General care for dogs after they are neutered/spayed

-Bathing dogs

-Feeding dogs

-Holding dogs to be vaccinated

-Admineristing mange vaccinations to dogs

-Muzzling dogs to be vaccinated

-Giving dogs oral mediation post-surgery

-Ensuring dogs' stitches are not infected nor torn post-surgery

-Cleaning wounds of dogs

-Cleaning up after dogs

-Maintaining feeding stations

-Relieving foster home owners as needed ("babysitting" dogs in their care)

-Transporting dogs to/from clinic

-Transporting dogs to/from their foster homes

-Walking dogs

Room Information

Accommodation is only included for those who book a Complete Package. 

Lotus Shores Siargao will be fostering recovering dogs. Those who choose to stay here will be caring for the dogs in this facility, as well as outside of this facility.

If you choose stay at Lotus Shores, then you will expected to provide more round the clock care for dogs (as opposed to those who opt for our Standard Packages, which do not include accommodation). 

Rooms at Lotus Shores Siargao:

-All rooms are SHARED. 

-Each room has THREE SINGLE BEDS available. 

-Bathrooms are shared (with hot showers)

-9 beds are available (3 rooms)

*All rooms are first come, first serve.

*If you're interested in a booking a private room, please contact us for an adjusted price.

Booking Dates

Please note that you can book ANY dates between the two week period listed. 

-It is not required for volunteers to start on the start date listed. 

-Please note your available/preferred dates for booking upon check out so we can plan accordingly.  

What’s included

  • Clinic Volunteer
    Daily hours in the clinic caring for treated dogs (minimum 2 hours daily required)
  • Daily Yoga
    Complimentary morning yoga with Kayla
  • Accommodation
    All rooms are at Lotus Shores, and they are shared (three single beds in one room). Please note this is only included if you choose the option with accomodation
  • Breakfast at Lotus Shore
    All breakfasts (vegan) are included for the duration of your volunteer stint
  • Swimming Pool
    All volunteers have access to Lotus Shores swimming pool during their volunteer experience
  • Travel Support
    We're here to help you with questions and concerns you may have with your booking and throughout your stay
  • Airfare
    International and/or domestic
  • Accomodation
    Lodging is NOT included for our Standard Package
  • Food and Drink
    Breakfast (vegan) is included daily at Lotus Shores. Remaining meals are out of pocket expenses
  • Activities and Excursion
    Surfing lessons, tours, travel, etc
  • Transport
    We can arrange for bike rental, airport transfer, etc.
  • Souvenirs
    Personal Expense
  • Cost of Visa
    Available on arrival

Available Packages

Standard Package- 5 Night Volunteer
Available until Aug 19thSold Out

-This package is for those who are volunteering for 5 nights. 

-If you choose to stay beyond 5 nights, then you will do so as an 

independent traveler.

-This package does NOT include accommodation. 

-Complimentary morning yoga with Kayla will also expire once you've finished volunteering. 

-Complimentary breakfast (vegan) at Lotus Shores Siargao is included for the duration of your volunteer experience.

Deposit: $150
Complete Package- 5 Night Volunteer
Available until Aug 26thonly 1 left

-This package is for those who are volunteering for 5 nights. 

-If you choose to stay beyond 5 nights, then you will do so as an independent traveler.

-This package includes accommodation at either Lotus Shores or the Private Home (choose upon check out).

-This package is intended for more hands on volunteers.

-Complimentary morning yoga with Kayla will also expire once you've finished volunteering. 

- Complimentary breakfast (vegan) at Lotus Shores Siargao is included daily for the duration of your volunteer experience.

Deposit: $275
Deposit: $150

Standard Package- 5 Night Volunteer
Past Trip


Day 1
Arrival and Acclimation

***Keep in mind, every day will vary depending on the immediate needs of the dogs and their foster carers. We are only listing duties that should be expected during your time here, not necessarily the exact times of when these jobs might be needed.***

7:00 am - 10:30 am: Breakfast at is available between these hours

*Please note that breakfast  (vegan) at Lotus Shores is included for all of our volunteers.

*Feel free to eat any time between these available kitchen hours

9:00 am - 10:30 am: Morning Yoga with Kayla

*Please note that daily Morning Yoga with Kayla is included for all of our volunteers.

*These classes are not required.

10:30 am - 7:00 pm: Clinic and Volunteer Hours

*Please note that these hours might vary depending on complications in surgeries, additional needs, patients, etc. 

*The actual clinic will likely only be open for the first 3 - 4 days if everything goes smoothly. Remaining days will be focused on healing and recovery.

*We will do our best to solidify the schedule the day before to ensure that you're still able to fit in other activities during your stay. 

*Expect to be flexible with your availability. 

***A minimum of 3 hours volunteering is required daily***

Who’s interested

Your Organizer

Kayla Nielsen
5 reviews
My name is Kayla Nielsen. I am the founder of Go Light Our World (GLOW), which is a non-profit organization that diminishes poverty with solar solutions. I am also the founder of Kindred Connections, a charitable organization serving mistreated animals around the world. I am currently implementing projects across Africa, Asia, and India. In addition to running GLOW and KC, I am also a traveling yoga teacher. My teaching styles & specialties are: dynamic vinyasa flows, arm balance & inversion workshops, back bending workshops, partner yoga therapeutics, yin, meditation & visualization. I am a dedicated Karma Yogi, in that the majority of my global retreats are fundraisers for GLOW's solar projects within impoverished communities . I am often found upside down, adventuring, or mermaiding somewhere around the world. Instagram: @kaylala88, @go_light_our_world, @glowyogaretreats Facebook: Kayla Nielsen Yoga Websites:, &


This trip was magical! Before this retreat I had practiced yoga maybe 4 hours my entire life. Kayla and Cait made me feel welcomed and confident. Through their empowering sessions I was able to push my body in ways I never thought possible. All of the women at the retreat were incredible. The atmosphere was one filled with love happiness and trust. I felt free to come as I was, shed parts of me that I no longer needed, and grow. This is a truly life changing experience that I have not stopped recommending to anyone who will listen. Kayla created a sanctuary where all were welcomed and no one left the same. I am already counting down until next year!
It was an amazing experience that is still impacting my life. I thought it was going to be hard for me because I had never before practiced yoga but Kayla and Cait were awesome. I didn't feel uncomfortable or that I wasn't doing what I was supposed to do, I felt free, doing my best on my own pace. I felt in peace, able to silent my thoughts for seconds for me was a huge accomplished. Connected with myself and with the girls in a way I never ever thought I could. I feel lighter, my heart does, my expectations of myself. Im so grateful with Kayla and Cait for this extraordinary experience, zero regrets! Thanks so much for be dedicated to help so many women to heal, to love themselves.
We had a great time! Such a solid group of inspirational women. and Kayla, Sarah and Rivka were amazing leaders and hosts. I will never forget this retreat or these people!
By Britteny Salvador for Algarve, Portugal on Aug. 15, 2018
Amazing! Kayla was so helpful and welcoming the entire time. Based on the itinerary I wasn’t sure if there were enough planned activities but once we were there, the environment was so relaxed and friendly that there was always some activity to join. I also loved getting to hear Kayla’s work through GLOW. I highly recommend this retreat to anyone wanting fun and relaxation.
By Kimberly Tran for Algarve, Portugal on Jul. 02, 2018
My retreat with GLOW in Portugal was incredible! I went into this experience with zero expectations and left feeling fulfilled and so inspired. From the very beginning, Kayla was clear that this was OUR time...She was flexible with the schedule, which made every day comfortable and stress-free. Kayla herself is an amazing teacher/human and made the retreat feel effortless! Her fellow teachers Rivka and Sarah and her photographer Annie added so much great energy and light to the week! (Seriously...Such a great group of females!) So, if you've been thinking about going on one of Kayla's retreats... DO IT. I can honestly say this is one of those life changing, soul lifting experiences that I will forever be grateful for. Can't wait for the next one!
By sarah meyer for Algarve, Portugal on Jun. 26, 2018