The Birth of the Vampires

Bucharest, Romania

20 reviews
Nov 7 - 16, 2022
Group size: 26 - 44
The Birth of the Vampires
Bucharest, Romania

20 reviews

Nov 7 - 16, 2022
Group size: 26 - 44

About this trip

Divinely selected places have secrets and mysteries within them that cannot be explained. They are found around the world in the most obscure corners. Hand-picked extraordinary places have been curated so that you can divulge into their wonder. With awe, we will then explore them … together. 

Mysterious Adventures Tours is proud to offer you a once-in-a-lifetime journey to Romania, in celebrating the birth dates of two Vampiric Masters ... Bram Stoker and Vlad Tepes III (The Impaler), both born on November 8th! 

“I am Dracula, and I bid you welcome …  to my house.
Come in, the night air is chill, and you must need to eat and rest.”
Bram Stoker, Dracula

Almost entirely due to Dracula, Romania has long been associated with horror and darkness. Just the name Transylvania conjures up an image of romantic darkness. Deep valleys, beautiful mountains, and a legacy of death. If any country is haunted, Romania is. Imagine tracing the steps of Vlad Tepes III Drăculea, The Impaler. 

On this tour, we dedicate our explorations and honor Bram Stoker (The Author) and Vlad Tepes III (The Impaler), both born on the same day of November 8th. 

James Annitto, whose demonology and paranormal investigation skill will take this experience to another level, will guide you through this magical trip! Our group will start in Transylvania and follow secret trails of Romania. Be introduced to Romania’s most historically haunted, many a significant part of Vlad's journey through his life. 

To the map showing the locations:  CLICK HERE

Our Accomodations

Cismigiu Hotel in Bucharest

Hanul Bran Hotel in Bran

Hotel Transylvania in Cluj-Napoca

Hunter Prince Castle (Dracula's Hotel) in Turda

Hotel Bulevard in Hunedoara

Hotel Posada Vidraru

All these are not guaranteed (due to access, conditions, and availability).  If not available, they will be of "the like". 

Our Ambassador: James Annitto

About James Annitto

James is a Demonologist, Deacon, paranormal investigator, and researcher that provides his services free of charge to assist homeowners, business owners, and other paranormal teams that require his background in negative hauntings. 

James has worked alongside many other specialists in this field, a paranormal researcher and member of Duo Daemonologie, Paranormal Phenomena Research & Investigation (PPRI), Sanctuary Paranormal, and the former founder/owner of The Dominion Ministry. 

He has been in the paranormal field since the early age of 15, investigating graveyards and legendary surroundings in the New England area such as Mercy Brown, Ladd School, USS Salem, and Slater Mill. After being in the field for the last 16 years, James has gained a great deal of experience from working with many well-respected members of the paranormal field. He has appeared on many radio and local television shows. He has also given scores of lectures at libraries and expos. 

James began a new level of his paranormal life when he began his studies in demonology and the ministry. Dedicating himself to helping others in the field and those who are in need of cleansing or blessing, not limited to distance or affordability. James in March 2015 created The Dominion Ministry to change the landscape of the spiritual warfare field, bringing many spiritual warriors together. 

In early 2017, James stepped down from The Dominion Ministry to make time for his family, while continuing his studies in the paranormal. He further his proficiency by becoming a seminarian, later ordained as a Deacon. Currently, James works alongside Carl Johnson in the research/lecture group Duo Daemonologie, offering lecture series, and contributing to well-respected podcasts since 2019. In 2022, James started working with Criminologist Laura Brand, an expert on The Toolbox Killers on the project ‘True Evil’.

He is especially excited about joining our Romania tour, contributing his incredible skills, while expanding his horizons in places few have been able to explore! 

What's Included


>   Airport Transfers from Henri Coanda International Airport in Bucharest on dates of arrival and departure. An off-site location may be offered as an alternative to the Airport.  

>   Accommodations for 9-Nights in 3/4-Star hotels throughout Romania  

>   Eight Breakfasts;  One Welcome Lunch;

>   Psychic and Metaphysical ceremonies celebrating the birth dates of Bram Stoker and Vlad Tepes III. 

>   A Private Celebratory Farewell Dinner In Bucharest

>   Luxury Coach with Expert Romanian Drivers

>    Expert Romanian local Tour Guide (speaks fluent English) with several Guides from Mysterious Adventures Tours.

>    Special Guest: Accompanied by James Annitto. Paranormal Investigations and witchcraft ceremonies, as led by our guests. 

>    Led by that which is haunted and related to Vlad the Impaler, you will experience the following: 9 castles, 9 fortified monasteries/churches, 2 magical forests, a fortress, a catacomb, a salt mine, and tours of the spectral cities of Bucharest, Bran, Brasov, and Sighisarro.

 >    Fees into all venues and activities listed on the final itinerary

 >    Use of Paranormal Investigation tools (You may bring your own gear and protection tools)

 >    Snacks and water/soft drinks on the bus

 >    Information on each location’s information, history, and supernatural stories. 

 >    Our Mysterious Adventures whimsical bag of gifts 

 >    Our signature “Secret” tour addition surprise

 >    24-Hour Emergency Customer Service while in Scotland

 >    Hotel Porterage of one suitcase per person (when offered)

 >    All taxes and charges associated with hotel accommodations

 >    Souvenir eBook upon returning home

Terms, Policies and Recommendations

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These terms and conditions constitute the entire understanding and agreement between you, the trip participant (“traveler”) (“Traveler”), and Mysterious Adventures Tours LLC (“Mysterious Adventures Tours",” “we,” "our", or “us”) with respect to any and all bookings, tours or transactions made with Mysterious Adventures Tours LLC.  

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Available Packages

Double Occupancy
Available until November 5, 202214 left

Includes the entire itinerary! This is a shared room, but everything else you can do as a single. Great rate for friends or spouses or for folks not wanting to be alone!

Deposit: $265
Single Occupancy
Available until November 5, 20226 left

Includes the entire itinerary.  This is a single occupancy (private room) rate when you do not wish to have a roomie with you.

Deposit: $265

Available options


November 7, 2022

The Bucharest City Tour

Your first stop before we take on our incredible tour will be your lodging accommodations,  the incredible Hotel Cismigiu.   This iconic hotel was built before World War I and still has the charm of the "Belle Epoque".  It is also considered to be the most haunted hotels in the city! 

Be ready to be picked up and taken on exploration of this magical city!  We will discover why Bucharest was formerly known as “little Paris” as we stroll through the narrow streets, eclectic neighborhoods and take a look inside one of the most beautiful buildings of the "Belle Epoque".   the incredible Hotel Cismigiu.   This iconic hotel was built before World War I and still has the charm of the "Belle Epoque".  It is also considered to be the most haunted hotels in the city! 

We will start the tour of this spooky city in great style with the Cimitirul (Cemetery) Bellu! Being in use for almost 200 years, Bellu Cemetery is the largest and most famous one in Bucharest, and one of the most bizarre cultural attractions.   Subway ride will take us this, where we will do a quick intro about Romania, then we wonder through some of the most haunted graves and crypts for storytelling and investigations) 

May we suggest an incredible place to have your first proper lunch in Bucharet.  We will show you the way to Manuc's Inn, the oldes operating hotel building in Bucharest, hosting a popular restaurant, coffee house and bars! 

The rest of the day is all about Bucharest, where we discover why it was formerly known as “little Paris” as we stroll through the narrow streets, eclectic neighborhoods and take a look inside one of the most beautiful buildings.  The charming Old Town hides some well-hidden ghost stories and we will discover the story of the haunted orphanage, the hospital known for organ harvesting, or the casino which is still visited by the ghosts of former players.

We then celebrate with our Welcome Dinner at the traditional Vatra Restaurant, a most delightful Romanian traditional spots in Bucharest.  No worries, this is only steps away from our hotel, where we take rest, for tomorrow we will have a full day of wonder!

PLEASE NOTE: Itineraries are subject to slight change depending on availability or weather & travel conditions.

Your Organizer

Mysterious Adventures Tours LLC
20 reviews
Divinely selected places have a mystery within them that cannot be explained. They are found around the world in the most obscure corners. We hope, with Mysterious Adventures, we can introduce them to you. Mysterious adventures Tours is a woman-owned tour company. Our mission is to give you the opportunity to experience the mysterious, sacred, spiritual, chilling, breath-taking, haunted, and stunning places around the world. Come with us and make memories of a lifetime!


The Savannah tour was absolutely one of the best weekends of my life! We had great investigations of the Savannah Theater and Moon River Brewing, accommodations at the 17hundred90 inn were amazing, and Dave Schrader and Shane Pittman were fantastic tour ambassadors! The best part of the weekend though was how wonderful my fellow travelers were! Great memories and lifelong friendships were made on this trip! I highly recommend booking a Mysterious Adventures tour!
By Tammy H for Searching Supernatural Savannah with Shane Pittman & Dave Schrader! on 14 Mar, 2023
Group was too big. Spreading people across multiple hotels made it hard to get to know others and feel part of the group. I don't think the zoom calls were necessary. Everything could have been done by email or online. The investigations were good, but again, too many people! The local group was very good and helpful. Never heard why the restaurant we went to for the farewell dinner was supposedly haunted. Would have liked more organized meals together.
By Sandy O for Searching Supernatural Savannah with Shane Pittman & Dave Schrader! on 08 Mar, 2023
Mysterious Adventure Tours promoted a ‘spirited’ adventure in Savannah and delivered. Owner and tour guide, Maria Schmidt, went to great lengths setting up the tour to ensure quality, one-of-a-kind experiences were had by all. Celebrity ambassadors Shane Pittman and Dave Schrader always made sure everyone was involved and taught us some new thoughts on and ways of investigating. Plus, it was fun!! Hated for it to end, but looking forward to our next adventure with MAT this Fall in France.
By Jodi D for Searching Supernatural Savannah with Shane Pittman & Dave Schrader! on 07 Mar, 2023
This trip was packed full of things to see and do. Tracey Ash took us through the metaphysical portion of each site to better connect with our souls. Food wise, if you're a picky eater, like I am, you may want to bring snacks with you. When they recommend toilet paper, BRING IT. And have it with you. Be prepared for the itinerary to change at a moment's notice. I would liked to have had a day time experience at the 3 pyramids in Giza and more time at the Sphinx. I do not recommend the incomplete Obelisk as it did not interest me. Just rocks.
By Lisa C for Dave Schrader's Egypt Obscuro on 06 Mar, 2023
I would describe this trip as a dream come true. Somehow we managed to do everything I ever wanted to do. It was exciting, insightful, metaphysical and spiritual. Maria organized this trip perfectly and considered a wide range of goals and interests. No room for improvement. Thank you Maria!
By Lisa A for Dave Schrader's Egypt Obscuro on 04 Mar, 2023
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