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      64 reviews
      Jan 9 - 16, 2024
      Group size: 1 - 100

      • Email address verified
      64 reviews

      Jan 9 - 16, 2024
      Group size: 1 - 100

      About this trip

       The Complete T.S Method is an 8 day online training program open to all levels taking place live via zoom and with an option to rewatch or take the classes at one's own convenience via the recordings which will be available for one month post completion of the course.

      In this training, students will learn in depth Talia Sutra's methods for Flexibility, Back-bending and Inversions. These methods have helped transform thousands of people's practice and overall perception as they access the āsana from an in internal space of intelligence, compassion and grace. 

      In this training, students will unlearn illogical and unhelpful physical cues surprisingly common in āsana instruction. Students will learn to build the āsanas from the inside out and enter a state of moving meditation. Doubts and fears will be brought to the surface and eliminated through logic, experiential understanding and compassion. 

      Further, students will gain practical understanding of:

       1. The goal and meaning of practice.

      2. Repetition and Non-attachment in Yogic Philosophy

      3. Devotion and Discipline 

      4. Fear and mental impressions 

      5. Bandhas- energy locks.

      6. Three Bodies- Gross, Subtle and Causal. 

      7. Gunas

      8. Obstacles to progress in practice and Solutions 

      9. Unveiling emotional intelligence 

      10. Physical anatomy 

      And more..

      This training is suitable for ALL levels. Talia Sutra specializes in teaching and scaling to all people. If you have a desire to learn and grow- we would love to see you there! 

      Cancelation Policy

      All bookings are final. There are no refunds available for any reason. 

      Please book mindfully. 

      What’s included

      • 30 hrs Yoga Alliance
        Continuing ED for those who have a 200hr
      • Anatomy Module
        Students will have 3 hours of anatomy studies with Rose Erin Vaughan
      • Classes will be saved
        Students will be able to access classes up to A MONTH after their initial live recording. This way, you can practice at a time that feels suitable to you!
      • Course Manual
        Digital course manual written and created by Talia Sutra

      Available Packages

      Trip Price
      Deposit: $150


      Daily Times

      Tues Jan 9 - TALIA:  10am - 1pm Lisbon Portugal Time 

      Weds Jan 10- TALIA : 10am - 1pm Lisbon Portugal Time 

      Thurs Jan 11 - TALIA: 10am - 1pm Lisbon Portugal Time 

      Fri Jan 12- DR ROSE ERIN :  12 - 3pm New York Time 

      Sat Jan 13-  TALIA: 10am - 1pm Lisbon Portugal Time 

      Sun Jan 14 - TALIA: 10am - 1pm Lisbon Portugal Time 

      Mon Jan 15-TALIA: 10am - 1pm Lisbon Portugal Time 

      Tues Jan 16- TALIA: 10am - 1pm Lisbon Portugal Time  

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      64 reviews
      Love And All Is Coming is a yoga school founded by Talia Sutra offering yoga education. The school is built upon the eternal teachings of Sanātana Dharma with ahiṃsā (non-harm) acting as a definitive and guiding corner stone. LAAIC offers teachings from their source in a simple, rational and useful manner and with an emphasis on inner stillness. The school follows the non-dual philosophy of Advaita Vedānta: a recognition of the One in all.


      Aloha from Maui! I recently took the LAAIC 30 hour Complete TS Method online training. To be honest, I did not have many expectations for an online training as I best learn in person. However, I was BLOWN away by the quality of content, information, presentation and vast knowledge of Talia and her guest anatomy teacher. It was an honor to continue learning with yogis who practice authenticity and continue learning themselves. I loved that I was able to move at my own pace and reference back with the zoom links! Grateful! Thank you!
      By Tiffany J for THE COMPLETE T.S METHOD on May 17, 2024
      I am truly delighted by my experience. It was all that I expected and looked for in a 300h training. Talia truly embodies what she teaches and she helped me transformed my practice into a sadhana. I broadened my yogic knowlege and I now feel empowered to elevate both my teaching and practice. In terms of logistics and facilities: 1) The food was healthy, good and simple. Might be surprising for India, but I actually had the best digestion of my life. 2) The rooms were confortable but it is important to manage expectations: nothing luxurious/some minor things had to be fixed (example: toilet flush) BUT the staff and LAAIC's team were always ready to solve any request. 3) I was a bit surprised by that we had to bring our own mats to India. It would have been nice to be provided with good mats at the location, but I understand that it is India and that it was not possible to do so (not a big issue honestly, the airline did not create any problem to travel with the mat in the cabin). 4) LAAIC team was fantastic in organizing shuttles to and out of the retreat center!! I strongly recommend this training. To know if it is for you, I suggest learning with Talia on her app first.
      By Sarah H for LAAIC 300 HR EMBODIED PRACTICE - Rishikesh India on Apr 06, 2024
      Best experience I ever gifted myself. Talia and the LAAIC team created the most meaningful, heart centered, and inspiring training. It was challenging in all the right ways. Love and trust were the pillars of the programming for Talia, Tony, Flor, Flavia and all the other teachers who made the experience what it was- I deeply know this because I felt it in every morning Sādhana, every lecture and every meal. Not only did i deepen my own personal practice, I gained incredible insights from teachers and my fellow trainees and learned so much more about what it means to embody Yoga. Thank you LAAIC for opening my heart to my fullest potential. I can’t wait to reunite again.
      By Sara L for LAAIC 300 HR EMBODIED PRACTICE - Rishikesh India on Apr 05, 2024
      Incredible training with incredible teachers and humans. Wish I could do it again 🥰
      By Barri D for LAAIC 300 HR EMBODIED PRACTICE - Rishikesh India on Apr 05, 2024
      It is such a blessing to be able to learn from Talia in person. It's amazing how quickly a three hour class passes. She has such a wealth of knowledge and communicates it so clearly.
      By Nicole G for LAAIC Lisboa Masterclass on Feb 28, 2024
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