51 reviews
      Jan 2 - 9, 2024
      Group size: 1 - 100

      51 reviews

      Jan 2 - 9, 2024
      Group size: 1 - 100

      About this trip

       The Complete T.S Method is an 8 day online training program open to all levels taking place live via zoom and with an option to rewatch or take the classes at one's own convenience via the recordings which will be available for one month post completion of the course.

      In this training, students will learn in depth Talia Sutra's methods for Flexibility, Back-bending and Inversions. These methods have helped transform thousands of people's practice and overall perception as they access the āsana from an in internal space of intelligence, compassion and grace. 

      In this training, students will unlearn illogical and unhelpful physical cues surprisingly common in āsana instruction. Students will learn to build the āsanas from the inside out and enter a state of moving meditation. Doubts and fears will be brought to the surface and eliminated through logic, experiential understanding and compassion. 

      Further, students will gain practical understanding of:

       1. The goal and meaning of practice.

      2. Repetition and Non-attachment in Yogic Philosophy

      3. Devotion and Discipline 

      4. Fear and mental impressions 

      5. Bandhas- energy locks.

      6. Three Bodies- Gross, Subtle and Causal. 

      7. Gunas

      8. Obstacles to progress in practice and Solutions 

      9. Unveiling emotional intelligence 

      10. Physical anatomy 

      And more..

      This training is suitable for ALL levels. Talia Sutra specializes in teaching and scaling to all people. If you have a desire to learn and grow- we would love to see you there! 

      Cancelation Policy

      All bookings are final. There are no refunds available for any reason. 

      Please book mindfully. 

      What’s included

      • 30 hrs Yoga Alliance
        Continuing ED for those who have a 200hr
      • Anatomy Module
        Students will have 3 hours of anatomy studies with Rose Erin Vaughan
      • Classes will be saved
        Students will be able to access classes up to A MONTH after their initial live recording. This way, you can practice at a time that feels suitable to you!
      • Course Manual
        Digital course manual written and created by Talia Sutra

      Available Packages

      Trip Price
      Deposit: $150


      Daily Times

      Tues Jan 2 - TALIA:  10am - 1pm Lisbon Portugal Time 

      Weds Jan 3- TALIA : 10am - 1pm Lisbon Portugal Time 

      Thurs Jan 4 - TALIA: 10am - 1pm Lisbon Portugal Time 

      Fri Jan 5-TALIA: 10am - 1pm Lisbon Portugal Time 

      Sat Jan 6-  DR ROSE ERIN :  12 - 3pm New York Time 

      Sun Jan 7 - TALIA: 10am - 1pm Lisbon Portugal Time 

      Mon Jan 8-TALIA: 10am - 1pm Lisbon Portugal Time 

      Tues Jan 9- TALIA: 10am - 1pm Lisbon Portugal Time  

      Your Organizer

      51 reviews
      Love And All Is Coming is a yoga school founded by Talia Sutra offering yoga education. The school is built upon the eternal teachings of Sanātana Dharma with ahiṃsā (non-harm) acting as a definitive and guiding corner stone. LAAIC offers teachings from their source in a simple, rational and useful manner and with an emphasis on inner stillness. The school follows the non-dual philosophy of Advaita Vedānta: a recognition of the One in all.


      This TT gave me so much - more than I expected. I am so grateful to Talia and Tony for sharing the knowledge the way they do. I would definitely go again!
      By Barbara T for LAAIC 200 HR TRAINING - PUGLIA, ITALY - 2023 on Nov 24, 2023
      Just lifechanging! I am so grateful for everything.
      By Laura-Elisa V for LAAIC 200 HR TRAINING - PUGLIA, ITALY - 2023 on Nov 23, 2023
      The training was life changing. I can't put into words the incredible time I had immersing myself in everything that the practice had to offer. Talia and Tony are the embodiment of yoga, and they did everything they could to share their knowledge, wisdom and hold a safe space for everyone to feel loved and welcome. I would go back in a blink of an eye.
      By Alia J for LAAIC 200 HR TRAINING - PUGLIA, ITALY - 2023 on Nov 23, 2023
      What a great training. My yoga practice and life has been forever changed in such a meaningful way. I am looking forward to the growth that will continue to manifest with my continued use of the method. Thank you, Talia.
      By Janelle W for THE COMPLETE T.S METHOD on Nov 13, 2023
      Participating in this training was a unique experience, a fantastic opportunity for physical, mental, and spiritual growth. Each moment spent with Talia and the beautiful love and all is coming community, whether it is an asana practice, a lecture, or a discussion, was like therapy for me. It is an invaluable experience to be able to listen to Talia's teachings and insights live, which come from a place of deep intelligence and dedication. You can clearly witness the amount of wisdom, practice, self-reflection, and contemplation that is behind everything she teaches, physically and beyond. I am incredibly grateful for having the chance to participate and being able to attend the classes live. Also, having access to the recordings for a month is truly valuable. Moreover, the session with Dr. Rose Erin was awesome. It was so exciting and illuminating to learn more about anatomy, especially from a physician yogi. Her teachings pave the way for practicing with more confidence and less fear, with deep knowledge of and faith in our bodies' intelligence. Love and all is coming is a true sanctuary for me to practice. Difficult and harder-to-grasp concepts become so much clearer, with a lot of knowledge backing up every teaching. A safe space for curiosity, exploration, self-reflection, and connecting with a lot of beautiful people around the globe. Thank you so much to everyone who made this training possible. I look forward to more training with LAAIC soon:)
      By Niousha S for THE COMPLETE T.S METHOD on Oct 31, 2023
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