The Elements of Spring - Immersion in the heart of Nature 2024

La Neuveville, Switzerland

1 review
May 17 - 22, 2024
Group size: 8 - 25
The Elements of Spring - Immersion in the heart of Nature 2024
La Neuveville, Switzerland

1 review

May 17 - 22, 2024
Group size: 8 - 25

About this trip

A journey to learn about the Alchemy of the 5 Elements

- release stress and elevate your vitality in a natural environment

Discover the magical and pure energy of "Le plateau de Diesse". Resource yourself in the heart of nature.  

Are you seeking ways to be more in tune with your own true nature? 

Are you passing through a life transition and would like to develop resilience?

Would you appreciate a moment of connection, detox, ease and quality times to nurture yourself? 

During these 5 days, we will share with you teachings and insightful experiences in a peaceful comfortable environment. 

Develop the 5 senses and discover ways to rekindle your whole being in serenity and vitality. 

We will stay at the luxurious boutique hotel, family owned,  "Hotel de l'Ours" in Preles 

Opening Cacao Ceremony 

Every day we will do a yoga practice and an immersion in nature that is related to the element of the day. 

Awakening the 5 senses for your wellbeing and happiness. 

The air relates to the breath and the mind. -> the smell

The fire relates to our willpower and our sense of happiness. -> the vision

The water relates to our digestion, to our relations and inner child. -> the taste

The earth relates to our vitality and to our embodiment. -> the touch

The ether is the space and soul being. -> the sound

The 5 elements are interconnected and in constant movement. They reflect our inner ecology. 

During the retreat, you will receive the opportunity to listen to your body and to what brings a spark of joy at this time of your life. 

May your heart sing everyday. It is our main mission :) 

Through the experiences and the five senses, you will recognize what makes your heart sing and what brings you a sense of ease, happiness and wellbeing. 

You will also receive practical tools that you can integrate in your daily life after the immersion. 

See "what is included" for more details. 






Enhance Resilience 

Embrace your true nature with grace  :) 


Lead instructor Christelle Chopard

Christelle Chopard is a dedicated woman who supports the wellbeing and evolution in our community and environment. 

After living thirty years through Asia, Australia and the Americas, she chose to live in a small village in the heart of nature and the elements: Diesse. 

With three decades of experience worldwide in holistic healing, therapies, coaching modalities and diverse ancestral ceremonies_ she is a pioneer and expert in leading people to release attachments and to access their true nature_ honoring life's constant evolution. 

Her background is in holistic foot reflexology, in healing modalities, massage, cranio-sacral therapy, qigong instructor, handwriting expert, yoga therapist (C-IAYT), E-RYT500, shamanism and other modalities. Her expertise is in balancing and transcending the five elements and five bodies, supporting people to connect with their inner gifts and to manifest their inspirations. 

She is the founder of DHARMI® Method, DHARMI-YOGA® and Vortex Meditation.  She supports people to navigate life transitions with clarity, compassion and integrity. 

What’s included

  • Opening Cacao Ceremony
  • Evaluation and healing
    personalized attention with evaluation of the 5 elements, healing and private coaching session with christelle
  • Daily Yoga class
    Dharmi-Yoga of the 5 Elements, balance stira (strength) and sukha (flexibility), alignments, therapy, philosophy, mantras, asanas, pranayamas
  • Accomodation 5x
    5 nights at the luxurious family owned "Hotel de l'Ours" in Preles
  • 3 healthy meals daily
    The meals are prepared with local products from Switzerland and the area.
  • Daily Immersion i Nature
    hikes and experiences in nature to reconnect with your own true nature, healing and experiences in tune with the 5 elements
  • Daily Vortex Meditation
    Based on Qi-Gong and the 5 elements in neochamanism for healing and to strengthen your electro magnetic field - balance your frequency with positive intention
  • Journal medicine wheel
    Learn how to journal based on the medicine wheel for your wellbeing and to align with the frequency that best suits you
  • one book of the trilogy
    christelle chopard is the author of a trilogy, a series of 3 books focused on the Alchemy of the 5 Elements and Ancestral Wisdom to support your wellbeing and self-development.

Available Packages

5-Day Journey through the Elements
Deposit: $1,900

Available options

Book: "Elements on the Journey"
Book: "Cycle of Evolution"
Mala for meditation - 5 elements options


17 May ' Welcome
Welcoming experience, introduction and moment of connection

Introduction to the program of the week 

Integration with the group and with the environment 

First map to get familiar with the 5 elements and the inner compass for wellbeing

3 course dinner 

Your Organizer

Life Creation Inc - DHARMI™ Method
1 review
Christelle Chopard, Amarun, is the founder of the DHARMI® Method, Vortex of Energy Meditation, Yoga-Water, and DHARMI-Yoga. Her teachings and guidance are based on the five elements. Offering Journeys of Healing, Self-Discovery, and Connectedness. She integrates ancestral wisdom and healing modalities with innovative coaching and scientific research, offering practical tools for wellbeing, and for the Manifestation of your visions and purpose. She is holistic therapist, published author, C-IAYT, E-RYT500, shaman, spiritual..


I had a great time, learned so many precious lessons, with a nice, patient, lovely yoga teacher, Christelle Chopard ! I warmly recommend this travel.
By Isabelle W for Yoga teacher training -based on the 5 elements on Jan 13, 2022