The Fourfold Inner Path ~ A Quadratos Retreat

Flores del Camino

41 reviews
Sep 29 - Oct 7, 2023
Group size: 1 - 11
The Fourfold Inner Path ~ A Quadratos Retreat
Flores del Camino

41 reviews

Sep 29 - Oct 7, 2023
Group size: 1 - 11

About this trip

Join us for a journey – a pilgrimage in place - on an ancient Camino path.  

Away from the demands of everyday life, we invite you to share the deeper rhythms of your individual and authentic spiritual life in pilgrim fellowship and community. 

The circle of each day will be marked by guided meditation in the quiet stillness of dusk and dawn.  Held in this ancient rhythm will be time for silence, reflection and guided practices – contemplative and creative. There will be ample opportunities for listening deeply to your own journey while also hearing those of your other companions. 

Throughout the week, we will explore the four-core questions of Quadratos  in meaningful ways: 

  • How to continually face change? 
  • How to move through suffering? 
  • How to receive joy? 
  • How to mature in service ? 

Like the seasonal rhythms of nature, the journey of outer and inner transformation is fourfold. And two primary symbols of this journey - the circle and the equidistant cross – will help us to connect and absorb the deeper rhythms of pilgrimage – personal and collective.

We abide by perennial wisdom and the universality of all spiritual traditions. We welcome people from all walks of life, all faiths or none.

Our Daily Rhythm

1.    Dawn  group  gathering  8  am:  Guided  Meditation.

Silent  breakfast.  Followed  by  quiet  time  for  individual  reflecting  on  provided  texts,  questions,  journaling,  walking,  etc. 

2.    Morning  Session  ~  10. 30 am - 1 pm:  Creativity  &  Contemplation. 

Lunch 1. 30 pm 

3.    Afternoon  Session  ~  3 - 5. 30 pm:  Sharing  Circle. 

Dinner 6. 30 pm

4.    Dusk  group  gathering  by  the  fire  ~  8. 15 pm:  Guided  Meditation

Morning Sessions:

  • Poetic reflections on symbols of pilgrimage and its sacred art: draw a labyrinth, explore pilgrimage as a rite of passage in its circular and fourfold pattern as an introduction to the Quadratos questions. Explore sacred geometry designs: heart, mind and hand ~ draw and reflect upon the flower of life, the circle and square and equidistant cross. Collect and prepare our own pigments from ocher earths with care and reverence. Paint sacred art designs with colours of the earth.
  • Create an equidistant cross mandala. Participants will be guided / supported in their individual response (as much or as little as they need) with the invitation to play, explore and contemplate in non linear ways. A range of materials and techniques will be provided to choose from. (Various ways of expression through word / image / colour symbolism / texture / pattern / weaving threads / leaves ~ objects from nature / clay / sand (crushed pigment) / collage / painting with pigments we made, inks / exploring different mediums, etc.)

Afternoon Sessions:

Sharing circle ~ each day will focus on a particular element present in the whole of this Fourfold Path retreat. Participants are invited to share insights emerging in, gleaning from their contemplative and creative practices, reflections and experiences of the day. 


There will be two special visits incorporated in the week. 

  • Dusk: join walking pilgrims in a Romanesque church in the beautiful village of Rabanal for chanted vespers. Evening meal out at Rabanal in a charming local restaurant along with fellow pilgrim diners.
  • Dawn:  set within a breathtaking landscape a visit  to ancient 5,000 year old petroglyphs (depicting labyrinths and other geometric forms). Later in the morning, coffee amongst walking pilgrims in the village of Santa Catalina and optional walk back on the Camino to the retreat centre (3km / just under 2 miles).

About your tutors

Anne Miner - Pearson  (MDiv, DMin)  is  an ordained Episcopal priest for almost 40 years, serving a number of congregations in the United States. She holds a BA in education as well as seminary & doctorate degrees. She has worked in various spirituality materials,  leading individuals & groups through transformational experiences.  With deep passion & personal commitment to the spiritual journey for herself  & others, her interest in people & what makes “their heart sing” forms a foundation for her retreat leadership style. 

Basia Goodwin (MA)  is an artist, educator and co founder of Flores del Camino. She is dedicated to providing hospitality to pilgrims & a purposeful space for inward journeying for all guests.  She is passionate about pilgrimage as a transformational journey  & its parallels with the creative & contemplative aspects of sacred art.   An alumni of the Princes School of Traditional Arts, she specialised in the use of geometry in traditional arts, craft & philosophy. She is currently co authoring a book on the sacred art of the Camino de Santiago. 

Preliminary Itinerary

* Day 0. Welcome and Gathering

Check-in at Flores del Camino between 4 & 5pm.

Evening welcome meal, followed by the opening dusk guided meditation by the fire at dusk.

*Day 1.  Pilgrimage -  a Fourfold Path

Dawn group gathering

Morning session:  Symbols of pilgrimage : Chartres labyrinth meditation. Poetic presentation on the Sacred art of Pilgrimage and its living geometry. Pilgrimage as rite of passage : the four fold journey of transformation. Drawing, the flower of life, circle square & equidistant cross with ruler and compass. 

Afternoon session: Sharing Circle.

Dusk pilgrim vespers (meal in Rabanal)

*Day 2. Deeper Rhythms - Outer & Inner. 

Dawn group gathering at Petroglyphs 

Morning session:  Sacred geometry on site. The labyrinth, circle & square, the solstitial rectangle where heaven & earth meet, outer expression, inner meaning. Collect natural pigments. Optional walk back along the Camino to retreat centre from Santa Catalina after coffee/refreshment (3km walk). 

Afternoon session: Sharing Circle

Dusk group gathering

*Day 3. Going with the Flow

Dawn group gathering

Morning session: Making pigments & getting to know them. Painting the flower of life. 

Afternoon session: Sharing Circle 

Dusk group gathering

*Day 4 Holding the Tension

Dawn group gathering

Morning session: Geometry in sacred art continued : the equidistant cross.

Afternoon session: Sharing Circle 

Dusk group gathering

*Day 5  Exploring the Four Questions

Dawn group gathering

Morning session:  Mandala: methods & materials

Afternoon session: Sharing Circle

Dusk group gathering

*Day 6  Creating with the Four Questions

Dawn group gathering

Morning session:  Work on equidistant mandala

Afternoon session: Sharing Circle

Dusk group gathering

*Day 7  Absorbing the Deeper Rhythms 

Dawn group gathering

Morning session: Work on equidistant mandala

Afternoon session: Sharing Circle

Dusk closing ceremony

*Day 8. Departure after breakfast. 

More information...

... about the retreat centre & our retreats, transport, location, how to get there on our website.

Terms & Conditions

Please note that we have reached the minimum number of participants and this retreat is confirmed to happen.

Please read carefully the Terms & Conditions.

A Quadratos Retreat

This retreat is based on the work of Alexander John Shaia, student of Joseph Campbell and founder of  The Journey of Quadratos. 

From his primary work as an anthropologist, Jungian psychologist and spiritual director, Alexander John has moved to being a widely sought teacher, trainer, and inspiring keynote speaker. Known as a creative, multi - disciplinary thinker  with deep conviction, he invites us into spiritual practices for the 21st century - ones that cross traditional boundaries, encourage vital thinking and inhabit a genuine community of the heart. 

He is author of  “Returning from Camino.”   and his seminal book on Quadratos is available under two titles. The hardback is "Radical Transformation. The paperback and Kindle editions are "Heart and Mind". For more information or to purchase see the Quadratos website. 

What’s included

  • Accommodation
    All accommodation consists of individual ensuite bedrooms.
  • Food
    Nourishing and healthy meals prepared onsite and served with love in either the dining area or in the courtyard under the pergola. Wine is offered at dinner.
  • Dietary requirements
    We cater for the following dietary requirements: vegetarian, gluten-free, carb-free, dairy-free.
  • Workshops
    All equipment & material provided.
  • Outings
    Site entries & transport fares for cultural activities.
  • Airport Transfers
    Transfers to & from Madrid Airport by taxi or private bus. See times & pick up points details:
  • Flights
  • Insurance
    We do not provide any insurance. It is your responsibility to contract health, travel insurance or not.

Available Packages

Single Price

Individual room with private bathroom

Deposit: $400

Your Organizer

Flores del Camino Retreat Centre
41 reviews
A charming retreat centre situated along the Camino de Santiago in the medieval village of Castrillo de los Polvazares, considered one the most beautiful villages in Spain. Throughout the year we collaborate with retreat facilitators, craftsmen & writers weaving together complementary & inspiring offerings.


It was a wonderful retreat. The location and hosts were excellent, food and wine fantastic, and the retreat leaders had clearly done their planning. I would definitely recommend both the retreat and Flores del Camino. I’ve enjoyed identifying “sacred architecture” in the past two weeks as my husband and I continued to travel in Spain and France. Thank you!!
By Gayle O for The Fourfold Inner Path ~ A Quadratos Retreat on Oct 19, 2023
This retreat was exceptional in its intentionality, calm, spaciousness, integratedness, and warmth. The retreat leaders were well-prepared, thoughtful, and created a beautiful integrated experience of learning and exploration. Flores was a beautiful, peaceful and comfortable space.
By Sarah H for The Fourfold Inner Path ~ A Quadratos Retreat on Oct 16, 2023
Absolutely fabulous in every way
By Kate M for Mandalas from East & West 2023 on Aug 02, 2023
This trip was a soul enriching experience...Warm and caring hosts, a gorgeous home stay and studio, excellent food. A well planned itinerary of contemplation, sharing, Art , Painting,Geometry, Stone carving and visits to sacred places and architectural beauties. The Retreat is something I will always treasure and I hope to visit again!
By NISHA R for Profound Patterns on May 29, 2023
Basia and Bertrand are so gracious and brimming with hospitality. Their care and thoughtfulness shine through via the setting and decor, and all the special small touches. And the food!!! Wow! We ate so well all week long. Fresh food prepared simply and served with love. Highly recommend Flores del Camino!
By Barbara O for Easter Retreat 2023 on Apr 12, 2023
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Flores was the ideal location for our deep coaching training. The beauty of the location, delicious and healthy foods and the spiritual presence of the hosts made it a magical experience for us all. They were completely attentive to every need.
By Christi B on 22 Jun, 2022