The Good Vibe Retreat

      Limón Province, Puerto Viejo de Talamanca, Costa Rica

      65 reviews
      Aug 10 - 16, 2022
      Group size: 1 - 26
      The Good Vibe Retreat
      Limón Province, Puerto Viejo de Talamanca, Costa Rica

      65 reviews

      Aug 10 - 16, 2022
      Group size: 1 - 26

      About this trip

      Take a spiritual journey deep into the Caribbean jungles of Costa Rica and deep into your soul. Retreat from the noise and expectations in the daily hustle and bustle of life and enjoy seven days and six nights releasing, recharging, and renewing your highest self with like minded women.


      What's  included?

      Everything mentioned in the itinerary.
      2 lunches and 1 dinner are excluded so that guests can explore the town.

      Do I need to be vaccinated to travel to Costa Rica?

      - No, but in order to enter the country you do need medical insurance,  links provided here. 

      Do I have to participate in autopay or can I schedule what works for me?

      We use auto-billing for our retreats, but if you'd like to opt out, email us at and we will edit your payment plan accordingly.

      Do you need a covid test to leave the country?

      - Yes. (Testing location at the SJO airport)

      Is Costa Rica safe?

      - Yes, but like any place you go, be smart and responsible.

      I'm coming alone, what's the sleeping arrangement?

      - The rooms at Sonora are spacious and the beds are comfortable. If your traveling with a friend, you will likely share a king size bed. For those traveling alone, you will have two separate beds. Every room is a freestanding bungalow, each with a private patio and bathroom.

      How should I pack?

      -Keep it cute but pack light. You will be surprised how little clothing you wear in the jungle.

      Should I arrive a day early?

      - Yes, we highly recommend arriving a day early to decompress, and to have plenty of time to make it to the shuttle pick up location at 8am.  Also, we want to avoid any travel complications like flight cancellations or delays.  The ride to Puerto Viejo is a journey (like anything good worth waiting for) and we only have one shuttle leaving from San Jose to Puerto Viejo so its imperative everyone be there on time.

      Is there a recommended hotel to stay at in San Jose, the night before the shuttle leaves?

      - Yes, we have a group rate available at a nearby the airport. The hotel will also be the pick up location for the shuttle. 

      What airport do I fly into?

      - Juan Santamaría International Airport  in San Juan, Costa Rica - SJO

      Do I have to participate in all the activities?

      -Nope! Everything is optional. We encourage everyone to do whatever feels right.

      What's included in the guided psilocybin (plant medicine experience) ?

      psilocybin plant medicine included + guided meditation and guided experience  with retreat leaders Erica + Milah 

      Didn't answer your questions?

      E-mail us at 

      We will update the FAQ as they come in, and e-mail you with updates. 

      What’s included

      • Transportation
        Transportation to and from San Jose + transportation to all local activities listed on the itinerary.
      • Boutique Hotel
        Six days and five nights at a boutique jungle retreat hotel tucked in the jungles of Costa Rica, walking distance from the black sand beaches of Playa Negra.
      • Gourmet Meals
        Wholesome gourmet meals prepared with local ingredients daily, and paired with wine and cocktails. Breakfast, lunch and dinner included daily with the exception of two lunches.
      • Morning Yoga
        Morning yoga sessions to begin the day.
      • The Connect Workshop
        Led by Erica and Jamilah designed to open up the group and talk authentically about where we are right at this moment, and how we can support one another.
      • Self Love Workshop
        A Self Love Mastery Workshop hosted by Samia aka @sexualessentials.
      • The Good Vibe Experience
        A group candle light experience paired with live music, massage, and energy work.
      • Self Devotion Experience
        Get back in tune with your divine sacred sensual energy with a candlelit self worship dance experience hosted by Aborisha, Alondra Taveras.
      • Explore
        A beach day at Punta Uva Beach. Free time to do as you please. A ladies night out + a beautiful off-site dinner and a night of dancing beachside under the moon and stars.
      • Waterfall Excursion
        Journey deep into the jungles of Costa Rica, and learn how to make cacoa from indigenous locals. Experience a Goddess bath at a beautiful waterfall hosted by local Astrologer and channeler, Silvia.
      • A Manifestation Dinner
        A special dinner and evening dedicated to harnessing energy as a tribe and manifesting with offerings, music and good vibes..
      • VIP Bag
        An curated $300+ VIP bag for every guest filled with special gifts designed especially for the retreat.

      What’s not included

      • Flight
        Round trip flights to and from SJO airport will not be included in the package
      • Optional Hotel Stay
        Arrive one day early for a day of rest and silence before journeying to Puerto Viejo, Limon.
      • Select Meals
        All meals are included with the exception of two lunches to give ladies the opportunity to venture out into town at their own leisure to try local foods and explore.
      • 1 on 1 Sessions
        Private one on one sessions scheduled during leisure time are not included.
      • Massages
        Deep tissue and relaxation massages will be offered upon request but not included in the total price.
      • Explore More
        Additional adventures outside of the itinerary aren't included. However, any activities can be arranged for you.

      Available Packages

      Bestie Standard (Shared Queen size bed)

      A cozy shared room with a shared queen bed + private patio. Perfect for besties traveling together or women on a budget. 

      + $300 value VIP bag

      * Pricing is per person

      Deposit: $500
      Deluxe Suite (Shared + 2 beds)

      A large shared suite with a private patio and two separate beds.

       +300 value VIP bag 

      * Pricing is per person

      Deposit: $500
      Luxury Villa (Shared + 2 beds)

      An extra large shared villa with a private patio, kitchen,  two separate beds

       +60 minute massage 

      + $300 VIP bag 

      * Pricing is per person

      Deposit: $500

      Available options

      1 on 1 Natal Chart Reading
      only 1 left
      60 Min Swedish or Deep Tissue Massage
      4 left
      90 Min Swedish or Deep Tissue Massage
      4 left
      Group Psilocybin Experience led by E + M
      only 1 left
      Group Yoni Steam Experience
      only 3 left


      Day 1
      A R R I V A L

      - Meet the Tribe at the shuttle pick up location in San Jose for an 9am departure. 

      - Journey deep into the jungle to the Caribbean coast of Puerto Viejo. 

      - Arrive at Sonora Jungle Retreat + enjoy late lunch and libations. 

      - Free time / rest

      - Candlelit sound bath relaxation experience

      - Gourmet Dinner at Sonora 

      Your Organizer

      The Good Vibe Retreat
      65 reviews
      Join The Good Vibe Retreat, hosted by Erica and Milah from the Good Moms Bad Choices podcast! It's the ultimate girls' trip combining relaxation, personal growth, and endless fun. Unwind, connect, and create lifelong memories with like-minded women. Rejuvenating activities, self-care practices, empowering workshops, and lots of laughter await you. Visit our profile for details on upcoming retreats. Get ready for an unforgettable experience!


      I had a fabulous and luxurious time at the Design your life retreat! I was able to rest, laugh, have child like fun, lay in the sun like a Goddess, meet amazing like minded souls, and do some deep reflecting about my business. It was pure magic! 💫✨
      By Lupe F for Design Your Life Retreat | Wellness for Entrepreneurs + Creatives on May 23, 2024
      This retreat was so beautifully curated and an intentional safe space for every woman who attended. It felt like reuniting with family and meeting different versions of myself all in one! We truly created a sisterhood, bonded, and broke bread (delicious meals at that) together in such a wonderful way. I can’t wait to reunite with all of these ladies again!
      By Jessica P for Design Your Life Retreat | Wellness for Entrepreneurs + Creatives on May 19, 2024
      Words can’t describe this incredible experience… A Good Vibe Retreat is truly something you have to live, experience and indulge in, in order to understand the magic and beauty that happens here. This was my first retreat experience and I was so incredibly blessed that it happened state site, because time was a little too slim for me to go out of the country this year. Erica and Milah curated a bomb retreat in the heart of Atlanta for us, the accommodations were incredible, we stayed at a beautiful, luxurious mansion nestled amongst trees. It felt like we were in a tranquil jungle located stateside. Everything was taken care of, there was literally nothing missing, all we had to do was arrive and be ourselves! A private chef cooked for us and spoiled us with yummy meals daily; and things flowed naturally amongst us women and we all formed a beautiful sisterhood. The space was safe, non judgmental and comfortable, so connections formed organically and magically. Erica and Milah organized so many beautiful, inspirational workshops and experiences that allowed our creative juices to flow while still being in a space of rest and rejuvenation. Ms Shani was also amazing and assisted every step of the way. So much deep soul healing happened during the 4 days that we spend together. When I returned home my family barely recognized me, because I was in such a space of ease and peace. I am telling you, this is one of the best things I ever did for myself as a mom of 3! When women come together magic truly happens. When we give ourselves space to unfold and rest in our femininity we not only heal ourselves, but we also create a healing space in our homes. Our family units get better and in turn our lives transform! Thank you so much Erica and Milah and Team Good Vibe for creating such a magical experience! Soooooo if you are still reading and are a busy mom or woman, this is the place for you to unfold and rediscover yourself. You won’t regret it ♥️ ! Much love. Liona P.S.: Please excuse me while I manifest my next Good Vibe Retreat Experience ✨🌟 🥳
      By Liona W for Design Your Life Retreat | Wellness for Entrepreneurs + Creatives on May 19, 2024
      This was everything I imagined and more. I’m so grateful to the women I met here. Thank you Erica and Mila 🤎
      By Josephine N for Design Your Life Retreat | Wellness for Entrepreneurs + Creatives on May 14, 2024
      This trip exceeded my expectations. As a woman in general in society we can feel overwhelmed with our duties and expectations of us to appear a certain way in the world. In this retreat Erica and Milah literally allow us to show up as we are and spoil us with amazing food, amazing tours, workshops, and just allowing us to be. This trip is worth every dollar spent and you find women who may not have walked the same exact path as you, or maybe they have. But for once you see each other in ways, that if you were out in the states you wouldn’t normally speak to out of ego. Here you get to take off your mask, you get spoiled, and you get to be and nurture your authentic self. Book this trip and make a bunch of new sisters from all over the country!
      By Gabriella D for February 1 - 6 | The Good Vibe Retreat 2024 on Mar 09, 2024
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      If you are wondering if you should take the leap to experience this trip, DO IT! It is such a life changing experience. A friend asked me what was my favorite part of the trip but I struggled with my answer because there wasn’t just one favorite part. I responded with, “the whole trip was my favorite part” but since then, I have thought more about it and I know my answer now. My favorite part was learning to put myself first, “filling my cup back up”, and meeting so many other beautiful souls wanting to do the same for themselves. I learned to let go and live in the moment and do what I WANT and not what I think someone else wants. Since being home, I have worked at doing the things I enjoy and not allow or at least be more aware of when I am nearing the state of being worn out. I started doing yoga again and meditating, taking time when I need it before reaching empty. As a mom of 3 young children, it can be challenging and almost impossible at times to avoid being burnt out. you give so much of yourself to everyone else and have nothing left for you. This trip, Jamilah and Erica and their team has given me the gift and tools to recharge and feel empowered to be the woman wife and mom that I am, and that I can do what makes me happy and not feel bad about it. Don’t allow yourself or anyone else to limit what you want in this world. I wish I could gift this trip to all of the women that I love in my life. Everyone deserves this type of experience. I highly recommend it and look forward to attending another good vibes retreat in the future!
      By Tiffany J on 24 Mar, 2024
      It’s been 365 days since I participated in the Good Vibe Retreat. Every day was a new adventure - walking around topless, swimming in the pool, yoga, spending time with the BriBri tribe, honey ritual at the waterfall, massages, natal chart reading. Every night was a chance to deepen our sisterhood - dancing around the altar, bonfire release ritual and family dinners where we manifested greatness and renamed ourselves. I am Radically Reborn Rikki. The only expectation I had was to have a luxurious rich bitch relaxation experience. What I got was so. much. more. During a sister circle, I channeled the ancestors of the women. I had never experienced anything like that in my life. I was receiving messages about their eating habits (chill out on the coffee and don’t eat tofu!) and reminded them to always dance (unbeknownst to me there was a dance teacher amongst us). It also turns out that Emily, who was in her room during the circle was sick because she ate tofu at breakfast. The retreat was a mirror and forced me to look at my current life for what it was. It forced me to deal with my grief. My youngest Brother Troy passed away in 2017 due to cardiac failure. On the 3rd day of the retreat I had a massage scheduled. The masseuses name was Troy. A beautiful Black man with an Afro and southern accent. On the 4th day of the retreat, I had a massage with Anthony. Troy’s middle name was Anthony. At the time, my Mother Robin and I were estranged. There was a Mother and Daughter duo on the retreat. The daughter’s name was Rhavin. Also, on the 4th day of the trip, I had my natal chart reading with Silvia. During that reading, I had an overwhelming feeling that I should move back to Playa Negra when my lease ended 2 months later. Silvia confirmed. I sold and donated all of my belongings, told my luxury building in Brooklyn I would not renew my lease and moved back to Playa Negra with my 2 puppies Carmelo and Jett on April 26th, 2023. I had never been to Costa Rica. I had never even thought about coming to Costa Rica until the Good Vibe Retreat. I can go on and on about the magic and miracles that occurred during this retreat. Book the ticket. Just do it Sis. You won’t regret it and when you land in Playa Negra, holla at me. STILL I RISE! I love y’all.
      By Rikki V on 09 Feb, 2024
      Book. This. Retreat. I can’t say enough about the Good Vibes Retreat. Everything is done with intention! I have never felt so well taken care of, safe, and poured into. I finally just got to BE. Thank you ladies so so much!
      By Kahntinetta P on 18 Jul, 2023
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