Erica Jung
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Feb 21 - Mar 8, 2019
Group size: 5 - 15

Erica Jung
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14 reviews

Deposit: $500
Feb 21 - Mar 8, 2019
Group size: 5 - 15

About this trip

Where to even start?

It is an experience beyond words.

India is for those who seek and for those who believe that life might hold just a bit more.
For thousands of years pilgrims have traveled to these mystical lands in search of something greater, deeper and transformative, and this year's journey back is ready to feed our tired and hungry souls.

A lifetime must, being in aligned company and under experienced and conscious  guidance on how to approach and experience fully these Holy Cities, make the absolute difference in your experience, understanding, and appreciation for these holy lands and offerings.
For 2019 we immerse together for  two of the most sacred pilgrimages at their holy sites with Ardh Kumbh Mela and Shivaratri in Allahabad. 

Created with love and purposeful intention by life long travel experts and led by international teacher Erica Jung, a dedicated guide and student of sacred Vedic spaces and philosophies of the Bhakti tradition, this retreat is the ultimate in India is you are not looking to be a tourist but to really dive into the heart of things. 



Kumbh Mela is the largest religious & holiest gathering in the world.

Visiting India during Kumbh Mela can be your most significant opportunity to witness Indian Culture and Centuries-old traditions at its best.

Kumbh Mela, listed on UNESCO's  Representative List of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, is considered as the world’s largest gathering of pilgrims and is a very vital event for Hinduism. 

According to the expert committee of UNESCO, Kumbh Mela is the most abundant, peaceful religious gathering on earth, where people of different classes participate without any discrimination.

The festival has its origins in Hindu mythology which says Lord Vishnu wrested a golden pot containing the nectar of immortality from demons. Four drops fell on the four locations across India, in the cities of Allahabad, Haridwar, Ujjain and Nasik in a 12-day fight for possession. 

The Kumbh Mela is held at one of these spots every six years, with the festival at Allahabad the holiest of them all.

A site where one of 4 drops of Amrit ( Nector of Eternal Life) were dropped by Lord Vishnu, is the reason that a big number of Hindus from every corner of the world arrive at the fair to bathe in the holy rivers, or a ritual meant to clean them of sin and bring pureness to their lives. 

The Kumbh Mela Allahabad attracts devotes in millions from all over the world.

This yoga of Makar Sankranti is called “Kumbh bath-yoga” and this day considered a particular delight because they believed that on this day the doors of heaven from the earth open and by taking a bath here, the soul gets liberation with ease.

This powerful and deeply spiritual event happens only on the 6th year of every 12 years.


Kumbh at Prayag (Allahabad) is more critical than other Kumbh because it leads to light. Prayag is a place where the symbol of intelligence is the rise of the sun.

Prayag considered as the origin of the universe and the center of the earth.

It is believed that before the creation of the world, Brahma Ji (also known as Svayambhu or self-born) did Ashwamegha Yagya here in Allahabad. 

Along with Brahmeshwara temple, Dashwamedh Ghat is now present here as a sign of the Yagya. ("sacrifice, devotion, worship, offering", and refers in Hinduism to any ritual done in front of a sacred fire, often with mantras.)


Auspicious festival of Mahashivaratri falls on the 4th night of the new moon during Krishna Paksha in the Hindu month of Phalgun and is celebrated by the devotees of Lord Shiva, who is the God of meditation, austerity, and contemplation.. The Sanskrit term, Krishna Paksha means the period of waning moon or the dark fortnight.

Shivaratri Festival is celebrated on a moonless night.

Maha Shivaratri is considered the day when adiyogi or the first guru awakened his consciousness at the material level of existence.  

Different legends describe the significance of Maha Shivaratri. 

According to Hindu mythology, Shivaratri or ‘Shiva's Great Night’ symbolizes the wedding day of Lord Shiva and Parvati. Many however, believe, Shivaratri is the night when Lord Shiva performed the Tandava Nritya - the dance of primordial creation, preservation and destruction. 

Devotees strongly believe that praying to Lord Shiva on this auspicious day washes away their sins and takes them closer to the path of salvation. On this day, devotees observe strict fasting and worship Lord Shiva with Milk, honey, sandalwood paste, Bel Leaves, flowers, fruits ets. It is followed by Meditation, chanting mantras and singing bhajans praising the Lord, throughout the night .

Celebrations of Shivaratri Festival mainly take place at night. Devotees of Lord Shiva throng Shiva temples across the country and spend ‘the Night of Lord Shiva’ by chanting verses and hymns in praise of the Lord. The festival holds special meaning for the ladies. They pray to Goddess Parvati also called ′Gaura′, the giver of ′suhag′ for good husbands, marital bliss and a long and prosperous married life. 

This year Maha Shivaratri has particular significance in Allahabad being a main and final bathing day of Ardh Kumbh Mela.


The Sapta Puri are places of birth of religious and spiritual masters, places where Gods have descended as avatars(incarnations) such as Ayodhya where Rama was born, and places considered as Nitya tirthas, naturally endowed, with spiritual powers since ages such as Varanasi and Haridwar.

We will travel to 4 out of the 7 Sapta Puri along with other historical and important spiritual sites.

Be prepared to leave behind who you thought you were and step into the heart of who you are.

Guest Spiritual & Devotional Music Guide

Janeshwar Das

Janeshwar grew up singing and playing kirtan. He is a master at leading kirtan and a gifted teacher who has been practicing bhakti from a very young age. His music training took place at the Bhaktivedanta Gurukul (traditional vedic education system) under the well known mridanga (drum) teacher Radha Govinda Pal. Later on, Janeshwar traveled to the holy village of Vrindavan where he took the vows of a monk and did selfless service at the famous 24-hour Kirtan Mandali for several years. Today he travels around India playing for Kirtan Festivals. Under his tutelage, students will learn the best and traditional way of drumming (on the mrdanga clay drum) and will leave with the skills needed to accompany kirtans.

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Day 1 - New Delhi
Welcome to India!!

You will arrive today at Delhi International Airport. Following customs, immigration formalities and baggage
collection, our tour guide will meet you after which you would be transferred to your hotel.

Unpack and unwind enjoying the night in Delhi or even sneak in a few sites in this world and ancient hub!

Your Organizer

Erica Jung
14 reviews
Fierce, compassionate, and beating to the beat of her own drum, Erica Jung is one yoga teacher you want to know. She’s a New Jersey native and splits her time living there and in Hamburg, Germany. Making good use of her dual citizenship, she speaks both English and Mandarin and teaches and hosts yoga retreats all over the world. - Erica first found yoga about 13 years ago while studying psychology and nursing. She stepped into her first yoga class with a desire to become more flexible, only to discover yoga was so much more than that. It was a way to blend her WHOLE-istic philosophy and Eastern and Western Sciences together into a potent combination that brought out the highest version of self. - She's now the creator of Transformational Travel and Science of Spirit which all help people expand their perspectives and connect more fully and genuinely to their true selves, for their best life yet. _ She hopes to connect with you and share this ever exciting journey called life.


This was a trip of a lifetime. It’s hard to put into words what this trip meant to me. I’ve been to India a few times and I felt ready to experience some new places with a different leader. I met Erica on my first India trip in 2016 and she made such an impact on that trip and in my life since then. Erica goes above and beyond what a “trip curator” is. She will take you on an adventure...physically, emotionally, and spiritually if that’s what you’re seeking. If you are only prepared for one of those—she will help you attain that! Honestly, Erica is everything. If you get sick-she will do whatever it takes to help you get well. If you need a shoulder to cry on-she’s there. She sees the whole group and takes the time to make everyone feel comfortable and accepted. She’s easy going when you want to shop an extra 5 minutes or if you need another ginger lemon tea. She’s informative about the places we go and you never feel like a tourist. I didn’t have to worry or stress about what was next. I’m looking forward to my next trip wherever she goes!
I’m still unpacking mentally from the India trip! Where to begin to describe the experience? I met Erica at a Bhakti workshop in January 2019, this is where I learned about the India retreat. Although I only just met Erica, her energy was infectious and I knew I wanted to go. Of course I was nervous, not knowing anyone and traveling so far from home, but I signed up for the ‘magical carpet ride’ and have no regrets. The trip was certainly magical with all the culture, foods, sights and once in a lifetime experiences. The group of yogis that joined the trip were wonderful, we all bonded with the help of great activities orchestrated by Erica and Udo. Every detail was so well planned with the support of the team put together by Erica and Udo. I always felt supported and secure, not a care or worry - I was where I needed to be at all times. I would highly recommend traveling with Erica and Udo!
It was an Absolutely Amazing Experience! Erica and Udo are a great team! I loved the group size which was small and intimate. They both held space for each of us with extreme care. They are incredibly knowledgeable and really fun to be with! I can’t wait to travel with these two again!
WOW! This journey is hard to put into words... but India is guarantee for a life-changing experience. I feel beyond thankful for everything that Erica and her ‚team‘ made possible for us! We travelled to sacred areas of india where pure magic unfolt. It was wild and soft and hilarious and sad and everything at the same time... All this deep experience and all the transformation was possible only cause the team took care of literally everything! Inside and out! Such a comfort and ease in handling every day travel with everything going on around in wild India... I absolutely recomment this trip - and let me say... I am usually not a group traveller type ;)
Amazing trip - Erica and Udo have really picked the top locations and accomodations - just mesmerizing to do yoga overlooking the Red Sea or in the desert in Wadi Rum. Erica is an amazing yoga teacher, everytime I practice with her I learn something new. My only regret is that we stayed only one night in Wadi Rum...
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