A big THANK YOU to Erica and Udo for having provided, once again, a trip filled with wonders. This was my second pilgrimage in India and I came with the piece of mind that all logistics would be provided for and that I just needed to show up. Additionally, Erica’s knowledge of the culture and divine connection allowed for the trip to flow with ease and grace.
By Geraldine P for THE HEART OF YOGA - 15 DAYS THROUGH HOLY DHAMS (SITES) on Nov 20, 2023
This trip can not be described. I should have paid triple what I paid for this experience. This trip was like having my hand held as I was walked through the Epic Ramayana and the footsteps of Lord Rama. It's been six months and it feels like I am still there, and I can't wait to go back. Erica brings together her own knowledge along with the loving guides who are truly subject matter experts. I think the best way to describe this trip is a spiritual transfusion of energy. The people attracted to this trip are instant family and such a source of support on a daily basis. If everyone were to go on this trip with Erica once in their life, there would be no serious conflict. I think the greatest gift of this trip is to see yourself. - James (Washington, D.C.)
It's taken me a year to sit down and write this review because honestly I'm still overwhelmed. To travel with Erica is to travel with the Divine -- There are no worries, no issues, and every moment is an experience wrapped in complete and total love. To travel with those companions called to these trips is to discover family you didn't know you had. For me this trip was so much more than an opportunity to observe mother nature in the raw of the deep African bush. It was an opportunity to connect with life in a way that I seek to emulate daily. Truly a blessing that I hope I have the opportunity to experience again with my children! - James T (Washington, DC)
By James T for Zimbabwe : Wild At Heart on Sep 16, 2020