Utsava Maa

Panchala Sidha, Rajasthan, India

4 reviews
Dec 31, 2019 - Jan 3, 2020
Group size: 1 - 800
Utsava Maa
Panchala Sidha, Rajasthan, India

4 reviews

Dec 31, 2019 - Jan 3, 2020
Group size: 1 - 800

About this trip

Festival -Utsava Maa: A woman’s  body really is a battleground, we must know how to care for and be kind  to ourselves. Reset and be refreshed by wholesome home cooked meals,  fresh mountain water from our desert well, yoga classes from a host of  international teachers, rejuvenating guided meditations and TLC  treatments from our wondrous wellness centre. Lectures, workshops, performances, red tent discussions, crafts market, and community time with sisters from the village and around the world.

Pre Conference - 'SEED Films' - A pre conference is offered, introducing female film makers from around the world to the festival participants. We will be relaxing on campus with yoga and ayurveda sessions, home grown organic meals, evening puja and satsang, exposure to the local village culture, and daily viewing of inspiring and educational films designed to raise awareness of our ecology and the feminine responsibility in humanity's dependence on it. 

Tickets for pre conference and festival are sold separately. Pre conference is sold as an Add on. 

What’s included

  • Room, dorm or tent
    shared with bath
  • Meals
    3 vegetarian + 2 chai
  • Transportation
    To & From airport/train
  • Wifi
    Periodically, daily, fixed times
  • Water
    Pure drinking water + warm shower
  • Campus activity
    Puja, satsang, yoga, meditation, sports
  • Juice
    Daily fruit juice bar
  • Ayurveda
    Wellness center open
  • Extra meals
  • Health care
    Physicians & hospital available
  • Extra transportation
  • Consierge, travel agent
    Make all personal arrangments

Available Packages

Shared double room
35 left

This is the top of the line accomodation, in ashram terms. It gives you a single twin bed with linens in a double bed room with private bath. Bring a friend, or we'll give you a new one! 

Available until Dec 15, 2019only 1 left

You won't spend much time in your room anyway, with all the activity on campus during the festival. So share a dorm room with 5 other new or old friends. It comes with a twin bed, mattress, sheet, pillow, blanket and comforter. Just bring your own towel and use the clean community bath with warm water. 

Royal Tent
Sold Out

Sleep in the royal rent tent under the stars with sisters in kind from around the world. Comes with bed, mattress, sheets, pillow, blanket and comforter. Just bring your own towel and use the clean, community bath. 

Available until Dec 27, 2019Sold Out

Bring your event coordination skills to the red tent and get a discount on your ticket. Accommodations are in a dorm room. Comes with bed, mattress, sheet, pillow, blanket, comforter. Bring your own towel and use the clean, community bath. ALL VOLUNTEER SEATS ARE GIVEN TO PREAPPROVED APPLICANTS. Send your request to goddess@shrijasnathasan.org


Available options

Pre Conference - Seed Films 134 left
Overnight Camel SafariSold Out

Shared double room
Past Trip


Days 1-3
Pre-Conference 'Seed Films'

Women's voices can be heard in many venues and mediums as Shakti regains her seat. For the pre-conference we will be screening several films from female documentarians concerning the role of women in ecology, the food chain, and rights:

'Women and Religion in India' by Disha Arora

'Cotton for My Shroud' by Kavita Bahl

'Eat Pray Love' by Elizabeth Gilbert

and more!

Who’s Going

  • GL
    Gayle Lawrence
    Very excited to be meeting up with such an amazing group of like-mind women warriors!
    Sep 28, 2019
  • FJ
    Farrah Jinha
    Namaste.. looking forward to connecting and learning with you all! Any other Canadians coming?
    Sep 12, 2019
  • cs
    carla simmons
    I'm so excited to be joining in with a group of spiritual, creative, curious women in India, being fully immersed in the environment and culture and meeting Elizabeth Gilbert , my guru.
    Sep 10, 2019
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Who’s interested

Your Organizer

Sita Wellness LLC
4 reviews
Shree is an Ayurvedic Yoga Therapist, trained in India. She specializes in unraveling the mysteries of neck pain and other maladjustments in lifestyle, and the accumulated trauma manifesting in the body's organs & systems. She offers private sessions, weekly public classes, monthly workshops nationally, and an annual retreat at her ashram in north India. Her focus in treatment is to reconnect the student with their body's nature, and its inherent potential to self-heal. "Changes in mindset and lifestyle is a challenge in today's modern society. But with a traditional framework from the original Indian healing traditions, transformation is possible - no matter what the ailment." Therapies include immersion in nature - trees and birds will heal you if you can learn their ways.


The experience exceeded my expectations. I met incredible women from around world. We talked, did art, learned about important causes, shopped, did yoga, danced, ate delicious food, provided a safe space for each other to share their hearts, did workshops, sang songs. It was togetherness Maximus and I LOVED every second. The rooms are large. I felt safe. It was awesome.
By Michelle Kennedy for Utsava Maa on Jan 28, 2020
The gathering of women at the festival was unforgettable. The ashram accommodation was still being finished as we arrived, but the rooms were spacious and facilities adequate. The atmosphere was lively and warm and far outweighed the austerity. I would highly recommend Attending the next festival.
By carla simmons for Utsava Maa on Jan 13, 2020
I'll be back! Excellent food and wonderful entertainment. Thank you for arranging this festival. AMAZING! Just a word to the wise: be sure to pack REALLY warm clothes, there are no heaters in the rooms and it's freezing. But we learned to be one with nature..... :)
By Courtney Ziani for Utsava Maa on Jan 07, 2020
The ashram met and exceeded my expectations in every way possible. The absolute highlight of my experience was meeting so many wonderful people, from the staff, karma yogis, instructors, and fellow global participants. Each day exceeded the day before, from the lovingly grown (Ramuji) prepared (Papu) and served (Champa & Jagdish) food to the Wellness Center treatments (thank you, Shreejan, Jagdish, & Champa). Daily Puja and Satsang deeply touched my soul and being in the loving presence of Guruji was a spiritual awakening. Shopping excursion and Indian ‘fast food’ for car trip back to the ashram was a delightful day and the camel caravan and the sleepover at the safari camp was the perfect conclusion to entire experience. I may have returned from the ashram, but I still hold a piece of it in my heart and I’m forever grateful for the amazing experience. Thank you. Namaste, Ann Blum
By Ann Blum for Yoga Lifestyle Workshop on Jan 18, 2019