Yoga & Healing On The Beach • FALL CELEBRATION in NorthFork, NY

South Jamesport, NY

UVYOGA • Yuval Samburski
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15 reviews
Sep 6 - 8, 2024
Group size: 1 - 25
Yoga & Healing On The Beach • FALL CELEBRATION in NorthFork, NY
South Jamesport, NY

UVYOGA • Yuval Samburski
  • Facebook verified
15 reviews

Sep 6 - 8, 2024
Group size: 1 - 25

About this trip

Celebrate the beauty of a new season ON the beach! A weekend of Yoga & Breath, Deep Healing Treatments, Sunrises & Fun  Activities.

Since the success of my last retreats was SO GRAND, I am not waiting a second to come back. Join me, Yuval Samburski, for another eclectic, transformative weekend. My beach retreats are now a tradition! Every June and September, we gather in this magical place, and celebrate. For this Fall Celebration Retreat, my good friend, Corinna Wilson, is coming back and joining the healing team, to offer you more opportunities draw in, to go deep. For those of you who know, Corinna is a master at managing pain, and she stops at nothing to help you find the core of your physical pain, and demolish it. She will be offering her massages and specialized treatments, in the open air, to the sound of the waves, here, by the water, in North Fork, NY

We will, once again, stay ON the beach (every room has water view!!) at Jamesport Bay Suites - a beautiful suites hotel, right on the calm bayside waters of the Peconic Bay. The area is full of farms, wineries, art galleries and eclectic shopping. And the best part? It is less than a 2-hour drive from NYC.  

Friday night, after some yummy yoga, we will have a picnic dinner together on the beach from a local Italian, farm to table restaurant. Throughout the weekend, we will practice yoga & Pranayama outdoors, gazing at the glorious bayside water. Saturday evening is our beach, bonfire dance, and Sunday, our bubbly farewell brunch. In between all the activities, we will have the chance to experience magical sunrises, sunbath or swim whenever. Or, if we feel like it, get on a paddle board and float... #WhatALife!!! You will also have enough time to book that much needed massage with the one and only, Corinna.



PROGRAM RATE: $300 per person 


ACCOMMODATIONS are NOT INCLUDED in the program rate and are available for you at DISCOUNTED PRICES:

• Studios $269/night + tx

• Suites (Sleep up to 4) $349/night + tx 

*Accommodations are rented on a first-come, first-serve basis. Please book early!

**A couple of studios/suites are bigger and rent for a higher rate per night. We will work with you to find the best accommodations for your needs. 


👉🏼 Once you book the program, we will contact you and help you in the booking of the rooms 👈🏼

*Bring your friends and family! $ave and share the love! Studios are suitable for a couple (some also have a pullout couch), suites are suitable for up to 4 guests to share. The more people you are in a studio/suite, the more money you save on accommodations (it’s simple math lol). So don't come alone, come with a crew and share a suite! 👏👏😉

View Jamesport Bay Suite here:


*PLEASE NOTE: Deposits are non-refundable.


**All activities and offerings are subject to change without notice. I will do my very best to keep the schedule as is. If needed, I will replace an offering with a similar one, as weather and conditions permit.



Yoga Sessions: 

Mindful yoga sessions on the beautiful grass outside (Healing Restorative, Vinyasa, & Pranayama) all practiced by the water, in the open, fresh, deeply-cleansing air. 

A Welcome Dinner Picnic: 

With food provided by a local, farm-to-table, Italian restaurant.

A Prosecco Goodbye Brunch: 

An effective, NY-style brunch, bagels and local offerings accompanied with Prosecco, to send you off on a good note back to your "real" life.

A Bonfire Beach Dance: 

Yup! We will dance ON the beach around the fire Saturday night!



Two nights at Jamesport Suites Hotel are ON the Peconic Bay with a pristine, private beach and a beautiful open grass area, are NOT INCLUDED in the program rate.

I organized these special water-view accommodations for you at a DISCOUNTED PRICE! Once you book our retreat, I will direct you to book your hotel accommodations separately, and help to guide you towards choosing the room/s that are right for you. 

*Check-in time is 3PM on Friday, September 6; check-out time is 11AM on Sunday, September 8. 

**You are welcome to stay extra nights (highly recommended!!) - you can do so at our special, discounted rate. Trust me – you will not want to leave this beach. Don’t plan to rush back home… I mean, why?? I will be staying at Jamesport Bay Suites passed our retreat dates, just FYI.

***Check-out time, out of your room, on Sunday is 11AM, you are welcome to stay with us on the beach for as long as you'd like.

Massage Treatment: Available for booking with Corinna on site, or in advance. 

Yoga Mat & Props: Please bring your own!! 

Transportation to and from NYC:

-By car: the drive to Jamesport Bay Suites take less than 2 hours from Manhattan (sans traffic). 

-By public transportation: take the Jitney: ($29 one way; about 2 hours) from the pick up point in Manhattan and we will pick you up at the Jamesport stop (the Jitney stops a 2 minute drive from our hotel) 

Food: Most meals are not included.

-All units have kitchens, so you can bring your own food and cook. 

-There are many supermarkets, cafes, local farms stores, shopping centers and great restaurants in the area. Options to dine/shop for food on your own are plenty (we will happily advise and help in any way). 

-I am including: one picnic dinner Friday evening and one NY-Style Prosecco brunch Sunday morning after our yoga practice.

Paddle boards: Paddle boards are available for rental and for private/group. 


Bike Rentals: Bike rentals are available. *advanced booking recommended.

Bike Winery Tours: Bike winery tours are available for purchase (optional services: cost per person) *advanced booking required.


Sound Healer, Yoga Instructor, Teacher Trainer and Mentor, E-500RYT, YACEP and Reiki level 2. Lead Kripalu Faculty.


Yuval is best known for his deep, soulful chanting and signature Live-Music Sound Healing sessions as well Pranayama teachings  and Restorative work.

Yuval’s teaching style is mindful and fluid, linking all movement back to the breath and providing a safe and warm environment for students to explore their own selves, making their own self-discoveries through practice.


With experience in performance and art, Yuval is inspired by all creation and the undeniable power of breath and meditation. His teaching is personal, nurturing and humorous, allowing for self-observation and a true teaching and learning experience between him and his students. 


Find Yuval on Instagram: @UVYBoogie

Listen to Yuval’s music here:


Corinna Wilson

Licensed Massage Therapist

Graduate of Costa Rica School of Massage Therapy 

Certified MLD Therapist (Vodder technique)

500 hour RYT (registered yoga teacher)

NASM Certified Personal Trainer 

From Corinna:

"I have a love of anatomy and helping people relieve pain.

Chronic back pain after a car accident in my late teens led me to yoga and receiving massage frequently as a young adult. Teaching yoga was the beginning of the path that led me to bodywork and perked my interest in anatomy. I use my knowledge of anatomy and movement to listen and understand each client and customize a massage treatment for each person's needs.

I use techniques including MyoFascial release, trigger point therapy, Swedish, various stretches, assisted release, CranioSacral, and manual lymphatic drainage to design a massage that will leave my client feeling rejuvenated. If appropriate, I often advise my clients of “homework”: stretches, exercises and self-massage techniques in order to help with chronic pain and tension to make that post massage feeling last longer. 

I am always happy to communicate your needs and goals for our time together. I will plan a treatment specifically for you, to support you on the path of achieving your goals. I am looking forward to meeting you and supporting you in any way I am able to."

What’s included

  • Yoga Sessions
    Mindful yoga sessions on the beautiful grass outside (Healing Restorative, Vinyasa & Pranayama) all practiced by the water, in the open, fresh, deeply-cleansing air.
  • A Welcome Dinner Picnic
    A Welcome Dinner with food provided by a local, farm-to-table, Italian restaurant.
  • Prosecco Brunch
    A NY-Stlye, bagels and local offerings accompanied with Prosecco, to send you off on a good note back to your real life.
  • Beach Bonfire
    A nighttime, around-the-fire dance on the beach!

What’s not included

  • Accommodations
    Not included, but available to you at a DISCOUNTED PRICE. Once you book our program, we will direct you to book your accommodations separately, and guide you. *See room rates in description above.
  • Massage Treatments
    Available for private booking on site with Corinna.
  • Transportation
    Transportation to and from Manhattan is very easy either by car or the Hamptons Jitney (~$29 O/W). Travel time is under 2 hours (sans traffic).
  • Food
    Some meals are included, most are not (see above). All units have kitchens, feel free to cook. Exceptional, farm to table restaurants in the area are plenty, we are happy to recommend!!
  • Yoga mats and props
    Please bring your own!!
  • Paddle boards
    Paddle boards are available for rental and for private/ group classes.
  • Bike Rentals
    Bike rentals are available.
  • Bike Winery Tours
    Bike winery tours are available for purchase (optional services: cost per person) *advanced booking required.

Available Packages

Trip Price

Who’s Going

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UVYOGA • Yuval Samburski
15 reviews
Yuval Samburski is a sound healer, Yoga instructor, teacher trainer and mentor, E-500RYT, YACEP & Reiki level 2. Yuval is best known for his signature live-music sound healing sessions, live soulful chanting, as well Pranayama, Vinyasa and deep-healing restorative work. With experience in performance and art Yuval is inspired by all creation, breath & meditation. His music is personal and spiritual, his teachings are nurturing & humorous. Yuval has led teacher trainings all over the world. His private work is dedicated to healing.


I am incredibly grateful to Yuval and German for curating a truly magical 7-day yoga sound healing retreat on the breathtaking Lake Atitlan in Guatemala. The serene surroundings and Yuval's expert guidance created an atmosphere of profound tranquility. Each day brought new revelations, and the combination of yoga and sound healing was truly transformative. Yuval teachings not only deepened my practice but also enriched my overall well-being. The retreat was a journey of self-discovery, and I left feeling rejuvenated and inspired. Thank you both for an unforgettable experience that will stay with me always.
By Jovana B for GUATEMALA: The Magic Within: Yoga, Dance & Culture Retreat on Mar 04, 2024
This yoga retreat in Guatemala exceeded all expectations. The serene environment, nestled beside the soothing remote lake, provided the perfect backdrop for relaxation and rejuvenation. Yuval, German and Jon-Luke guided and assisted with transformative sessions, tailored to all levels of yogi. Excursions and healer sessions were varied and metamorphic. The accommodations were very comfortable and clean, and the nutritious meals were a delight. Overall, a truly exceptional experience for mind, body, and soul. Highly recommended for anyone seeking a holistic wellness retreat.
By Shannon M for GUATEMALA: The Magic Within: Yoga, Dance & Culture Retreat on Mar 04, 2024
It's hard to put into words the joy and fun that Yuval & Gee bring to everything they do. I would seriously follow them anywhere! They have a way of connecting people and making you feel like family. I thought Villa Sumaya was a fantastic location for this retreat; with all its nooks and crannies, you could find a secluded area to sit and read a book, even when the report is fully booked. The resort is cleverly spaced out, but beware of all the steps! If you have bad knees, you may want to request a lower-level room. My room was 55 steps up, but I loved how it strengthened my legs & rear:) In regards to the food- YUM! I even bought the cookbook so that I could try to recreate the amazing dishes. The drive to the resort from Guatemala City is winding and a bit long- but totally worth it when you arrive with Yuval & Gee waiting for you with open arms.
By Silvia G for GUATEMALA: The Magic Within: Yoga, Dance & Culture Retreat on Feb 29, 2024
A truly superb, outstanding and amazing experience. A dreamy week filled with warm friends, both old and new. I left the outside world behind. A beautiful community formed, and friendships flourished in meaningful exchanges. Everything was fantastic… from amazing yoga, meditation, yoga dance and sound healing… to swimming in the lake, sweat lodge, excursions, spa treatments, and relaxation time. The location is idyllic. Amazing views and glowing sunsets. The food is absolutely delicious! It is plentiful and each meal is lovingly prepared. Every member of the staff was very kind, helpful and made me feel extremely supported. It is the perfect setting to disconnect to reconnect. I can’t say enough wonderful things about Yuval and German. I had done yoga in the past, but nothing compares to what Yuval introduced has me to. Not only is he knowledgeable, helpful, and thorough; he is friendly, warm, funny and a joy to be around. Yuval and German filled my week with love, laughter, care and joy. It was an amazing experience – and I can’t wait to return to my “home away from home!” . Just signed up for February 2025! Thank you so much YUVAL and GERMAN.
By Rachel H for GUATEMALA: The Magic Within: Yoga, Dance & Culture Retreat on Feb 28, 2024
I attended The Subtle Body Yoga Training with Yuval and Anne at Villa Sumaya. The training was layered and informative. The instructors were kind and generous with their time and knowledge. The setting was simply stunning!
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Retreats with Yuval and Herman are unlike any other. It's such a unique blend of play, healing and natural settings that soothe your soul. Everything is both intensely vibrant and beautifully low key. There's with an immediate sense of community that feels in no way obligatory, and a perfectly curated schedule that is deeply restorative and fun. Highly, highly recommend!!!
By Katie L on 24 Feb, 2024
Villa Sumaya has been my first retreat with Yuval and Germane. It will be hard to beat! The traveling, the stays, the support and the entire retreat were seamless. Each phase of the process was given personal attention to every detail. Any and all concerns have been handled with effortlessness and an immediate response. Each day on the retreat flowed and cascaded so well into the next. Each day a continuation of the one before. Everyone was treated with individual and genuine kindness. I am a forever groupie! Villa Sumaya is beautiful and the people there are equally beautiful. Every member was attentive and you are always greeted with a smile. The food, the grounds and the setting are all beyond expectation.. This is forever a part of me. Deepest gratitude and respect! Namaste
By Susan H on 23 Feb, 2024
Today is the official last day of this amazing Guatemala retreat and I don’t want it to end. It had the perfect combination of Yuval’s expertise in yoga, meditation and sound healing with fun activities to get to know the area. Being on lake Atitlán is a powerful experience. The water, sun, and the volcanos are a tremendous source of energy. Being in Yuval’s classes, workshops, retreats are transformational and super fun at the same time.
By Claudia L on 23 Feb, 2024
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