Yoga Mentorship Training - Continuing Education

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Danni Pomplun
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Yoga Mentorship Training - Continuing Education
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Danni Pomplun
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About this trip

Mentorship Program
The Danni Pomplun Yoga Mentorship Program: An opportunity for yoga teachers to develop their skills and deepen their knowledge of yoga through personal study under the guidance of an experienced mentor.

The Danni Pomplun mentorship program provides a unique experience in continuing education. Over the course of three months, you will be guided through an in-depth study of asana practice, teaching skills and yogic study.  Following your own path of research, you will be paired with an experienced teacher who will challenge and support you to find your own voice as a teacher. The program has flexible hours and is made up of the following components:

Private Mentorship Sessions
You will meet with Danni biweekly either in person or via Zoom for a discussion session. These sessions will be structured to outline your goals and objectives and discuss your progress. You will also be given reading and writing assignments relevant to your interests. 

Asana Practice
You are required to practice two Asana classes per week with Danni. Classes will be included in your tuition for the duration of your training. 

Observation / Assist 
Initially, you will observe your Danni’s class and have a brief discussion afterwards to answer any questions that may have arisen regarding sequencing, assists, etc.  If Danni approves, you may begin to offer assists within the class.

Practice Teaching
Towards the end of the program, you will have an opportunity to teach one full-length classes. Danni will observe and provide feedback. 

Personal Study
Danni will assign you reading and writing projects to complete, custom-tailored based on your personal intentions and what your mentor deems most appropriate for you. 

This program is open to those who:

  • Have completed a 200-hour yoga teacher training program (or equivalent)
  • Must purchase and read Yoga Mat Companion Series & Deeping Your Practice ($145). These books will be used throughout all lesson and an integrated part of the program.

Your Organizer

Danni Pomplun
17 reviews
We all have our own stories on and off the mat. Danni’s has some twists and turns through a tough childhood and young adult years blurred by frustration, drugs, & alcohol, coupled with a near-death brush with cancer. Danni credits yoga with helping him to become healthy and opening his eyes to a world of positive opportunities. Gratitude, honestly and a no-BS atmosphere are palpable in each and every one of Danni’s class. His functional, down-to-earth approach and ability to combine the restorative aspects of yoga with the functional ph


It was clear that Danni poured his heart into making sure that everyone attending this retreat felt welcome and well cared for from booking through departure. The venue was wonderful and encouraged socializing amongst the participants. Danni and Rocky's teaching styles were different, yet complimentary, and it was nice to have different perspectives in class. The retreat struck a good balance between asana, reflection, and fun, while providing enough free time to explore Todos Santos and the surrounding area. Overall I really enjoyed myself and would go again.
I could have not have asked for a better experience from the time I signed up to the time I left the retreat. The process was seamless signing up and the retreat and Mexico are exactly what I expected and even more. Danni and Rocky delivered an NYE that I will never forget.
Danni is an excellent instructor on the mat who also teaches you to take your yoga teachings into your life. It was a beautiful weekend, the place is rustic but very comfortable. The food was delicious, Sagrada’s staff is caring and they make you feel at home. Danni makes it a very relaxed weekend and encourages everyone to take care of themselves ❤️ I left renewed and eager to learn more from Danni in the near future.
Great group of people. Sagrada was lovely. Danni lead some wonderful classes which incorporated a deeper physical and mechanical understanding of the poses, while allowing for varying skill levels. The vegetarian food was great, and made with love by the fantastic staff. And the pool time was fantastic. I would certainly return to the location or join Danni on another adventure.
This was an amazing, relaxing weekend. The food was absolutely amazing, the grounds were beautiful and the yoga classes, were thoughtful and informative. My only wish is that they were a bit longer. Never can have too much yoga at a yoga retreat!! Thanks so much Danni! You’re AWESOME!!!
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