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See & Seek
See & Seek
Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca, Mexico
19 Feb, 2023


Accommodations were better than expected. The programming was set and full but I felt like it was ok to improvise. Im glad we did so much yoga! Full cellular upgrade!!
By James H for See & Seek on Feb 28, 2023
So grateful to have been a part of this trip! Alex and Meg brought a light that the rest of us basked in. All the classes, morning and evening, were so beautiful. The only distractions came from the noises of construction around our place which seemed unavoidable. The organization that Beto helped create was much appreciated. I loved having fun things scheduled but not forced, as well as suggestions of things to do around town. I would’ve like to have some activities and classes such as animal flow and cacao ceremony spread out more throughout the trip. Some days seemed to be more packed with activities as other days were more scarce. Even with that said I still feel like the whole group was able to get the best of what was offered. There’s not much I would change about the trip- I had such an amazing time and felt deep connections with everyone there.
By Sydney S for See & Seek on Feb 27, 2023
Thank you Syd! The feeling is mutual, you brought such a calm, sweet, kind and fun energy to this trip. It was a blast spending time with you and you review is super helpful <3 Thank you!
By See & Seek on Feb 27, 2023