Past Trips

Hawaii Bhakti Retreat: Chanting, Yoga & Ocean Adventures
Hawaii Bhakti Retreat: Chanting, Yoga & Ocean Adventures
Whale Spirit Sanctuary, Big Island, Hawaii
05 Mar, 2022
Singing and Music Made Simple
Singing and Music Made Simple
Sedona, AZ 86336, USA
25 Oct, 2022


This was a life changing event for me. I feel stronger and more confident that I can lead Kirtan in my area. Ananda has a gift in helping others outside their comfort zone. I felt gently pushed, encouraged, and was given truthful feedback that will make me a better musician. The food, the location, and the people were simply amazing. I will plan to attend next year. Thanks Ananda!
By Maya P for Heart & Soul | A Kirtan & Bhakti Yoga Training on Sep 14, 2023
I’m blessed. I say YES to Bhakti Kirtan Training with Ananda Das in Sedona, AZ. In this training, I was able to open my heart and heal lots of feelings of guilt, shame, and fear. I received light, love, courage, knowledge, self-love, and self-acceptance. I’m grateful I was able to overcome shame about my culture, voice, and karma. Ananda Das holds a secret, authentic, loving space that’s allowed me to be myself. He is a patient, and devoted teacher. I felt I was retreating with my soul family. I felt comforted, cherished, and free. My favorite highlights were learning the harmonium for the first time, hiking with the group, morning yoga practice, and chanting/dancing with the community. Besides, all the meals were prepared with love. BIG applause for the wonderful chef Nitai. Thank you so much Ananda Das for your gift. I can’t wait for the next training session. Love, Fernanda Hang.
By Fernanda H for Singing and Music Made Simple on Nov 15, 2022
Profound! Intuition guided me to participate in Ananda's Alter of Love weekend in Bend. Then, intuition guided me to Ananda's Bhakti Yoga and Kirtan Training in Sedona, which the participants agreed was that and more - a retreat! Ananda is: Wise, deeply spiritual, a compassionate and gentle guide, an exceptional teacher, a truly authentic, joyous person. He is also an exceptional musician and composer. He sings from the heart and delivers the message to the listener's heart. I never loved yoga before this week in Sedona. I liked the results (when I did it), but always felt something missing -- almost like I was doing calisthenics under the watchful eye of a drill sergeant. BUT, with Ananda, I absolutely loved the way that he wove in the mantras and spiritual and scientific reasoning behind what we were doing. I also now have a greater appreciation and understanding of the Hindu dieties. Since returning home I have registered for his online yoga courses and have been faithfully and joyfully participating on a daily basis. The voice and harmonium lessons were educational and so much fun!! Although I will need much more practice, Ananda taught us about breath and how to contral our voices. We learned not just how to control our physical voice, but many of us also had breakthrough moments, finding our inner voice! Our chef was amazing. He was a young person with a natural instinct for selecting just the right spices and combinations of ingredients. Our group found that we often ate too much simply because our meals were delicious! I loved our free time in our beautiful setting, hikes and watching the striking sunsets. I hope that I've sufficiently captured the essence of this week. So many moments of love, joy, and support amongst the participants, whom I am hopeful that I'll see again. Profound is the best word that I can come up with to summarize this week in Sedona with Ananda and a dozen other beautiful souls. Thank you, Ananda for providing the setting for this amazing life-alterng experience. I shared this experience with our Unity congregation during our Celebrations. Many of them are now anxiously awating your return to Bend!
By Lorraine S for Singing and Music Made Simple on Nov 09, 2022