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Anna and Angela truly made this experience beyond anything I could have imagined. There was an activity for the group to do every day and still left room for alone time. I felt there was a good balance of yoga, adventuring, relaxing and solo time incorporated into our plans. I felt completely comfortable telling Anna anything, which is important when in a different country far away from home. There was absolutely a no judgment vibe to all our interactions. I am so proud of Anna for all of the traveling they have done and how they are choosing to share it with others. I will absolutely be joining the next retreat. :)
By Ruby W for Warm up this Winter in Thailand: Relax, Rejuvenate, & Balance on Feb 22, 2023
I’m gonna cry. Thank you for sharing that. I enjoyed our time so much 🫶🏽🫶🏽🫶🏽
By Balance & GLOW Retreats on Mar 19, 2023
We did so many things someone said Im here for first’s and that’s what happened, Thailand is a beautiful place with beautiful people, we stayed at hotels , treehouse, boathouse, villa, we seen elephants, jungle hike, lunar beach party, scuba diving and did so many other things, This was a Yoga Retreat Vacation, but not like hot yoga I’m used to one hour in the hot room physical workout, instead it was more mental type of workout not as much physical, being quiet, relaxing, no talking, no judgement, just hearing listening finding our the inner peace that’s within ourselves, our own individual meditation, we had a variety of instructors who specialize in their Yoga who helped take us to that place in our mind, after we had our adventure and good times, I’m grateful for traveling with eight lovely ladies on this amazing journey and thank you to Canna and Angela for making everyone feel so special and creating this magical wonderful experience for us in Thailand!
By Benedict V for Warm up this Winter in Thailand: Relax, Rejuvenate, & Balance on Feb 21, 2023
Thank you Ben! We are so freaking lucky to have you on the team. Our time together was, and always is amazing 😻
By Balance & GLOW Retreats on Mar 19, 2023
A beautifully, orchestrated, adventure! We traveled through the Jungle, accross the the water, and to the islands via taxis, vans, planes, boats.... whew! We laughed, we mediated, did yoga, ate great food and experienced the culture close up and personal, from Temples to Beach Parties! The accomodations ranged from tree houses in the jungle, to a floating resort and a swanky villa! THE ELEPHANTS...had me at "hello"..... love!!!! Anna is a lovely hostess, very helpful, accommodating and knowledgable and happy to answer questions. She is sweet and "Hippy Chic" and has a very welcoming vibe. She takes time to undertand the culture and the area. Angela is supportive, helpful and knowledgable as well in the surroundings and the culture; she takes time to answer questions and is a lot of fun too! There were a mix of ladies and one gent (bless is heart). Would I do it again? ABSOLUTELY!! The ladies deliver and awesome adventure. Be ready...to experience many, "FIRSTS". Be open to new experiences. Side note, you do not have to be an expert at Yoga.. I am not, but I do enjoy. If you have never done Yoga, don't be intimidated, there is no judgement. I am flexible with little balance. Everyone is doing their own pace. Safe Travels, Kimberly
By Kimberly M for Warm up this Winter in Thailand: Relax, Rejuvenate, & Balance on Feb 12, 2023
That you so much for sharing that! 😍 It was such a complete joy with you Kim.
By Balance & GLOW Retreats on Feb 15, 2023