This was truly a wonderful experience!
By Cari C for Spring Yosemite Yoga Retreat on Jun 12, 2024
Anna is by far one of the best Yoga retreat leaders in the field! She offers several different options for the Yoga positions and moves, allowing for people to choose at their own level. As a meditation practicianer leading us through different modalities, she is exceptional in that her learned style and methods really allow a person to find deeper levels in their meditative experience. And her arranging Paul to come for the Sound Healing Bath was absolutely amazing! You will want to come to one of Anna's retreats in the future!
By Gloria V R for May Yosemite Yoga Retreat on May 26, 2023
This was one of the best yoga retreats I’ve been to . The space was amazing immerse in the green valley, nested in the mountains of Yosemiti . The cabins were really cute and the yoga was so good! I love how Anna lead the way for us to have a spiritual connection with nature and with ourselves . We swam in a frigid waters of the water hole with a waterfall . Had an amazing sound bath followed by an impromptu jam session!! The food was delicious !! Oh my god ! Huge portions and gourmet !!! What a plus ! And the breath work workshop was just a. One in a life time experience you don’t always get to have . I highly recommend to anyone to signup for Anna’s retreats because you will have the time of your life !!
By giulia c for Yosemite Yoga, Spa, Elements Retreat on May 26, 2022