Bea’s cultural immersion experience in Freetown was the perfect introduction to Sierra Leone. Bea is a great tour organizer and experienced in interacting with locals. She is completely unflappable and identified some fantastic experiences, such as a boat to Bunce Island followed by a quick swim and lunch on the beach. Her local contacts are great and provide first hand knowledge about the country. The whole experience was stress-free and wonderful. Thank you Bea!
By Christiane N for Sierra Leone Cultural Immersion on May 22, 2024
Bea was an amazing tour guide. She was so knowledgeable, organised, relaxed and had a wonderful network of contacts which made for the most wonderful, and fun trip. I was nervous about visiting Sierra Leone particularly in relation to my personal safety, but being with Bea I immediately felt comfortable in her knowledge of the area and understanding of the culture which alleviated any worries I had. She had a good knowledge of the area, communicated well with locals, took us to areas that were not on the usual tourist trails with inspiring tour guides which really completed the trip. The accommodation/bars/restaurants that Bea chose for us had been done carefully to ensure a wonderful balance of culture, budget, and tastes for everyone in the group, whilst still embracing the true ethos of embracing the locals and directing our expenditure to the local economy. Bea is a relaxed and knowledgeable traveller and I would jump at the chance to travel with her again. She worked hard to ensure the group bonded and was equally approachable if any issues needed to be raised !
By Georgie H for Sierra Leone Cultural Immersion on May 13, 2024
This was just the most amazing trip! I joined Bea Adventurous Cultural Immersion as I was heading to Sierra Leone for a charity marathon and wanted to understand more of the country and its culture. We spent three days in Freetown, touring the city in "KK"s (three wheeled taxis - an experience in itself!), a visit to Bunce Island to learn about the history of the slave trade, a culinary class that included a trip to a local market to buy (haggle for?!) the ingredients and a visit to a Chimpanzee sanctuary. Bea is a fantastic guide, her understanding of the local culture and people is very valuable on a trip to a location like this, and I felt comfortable, safe and welcome everywhere we went. Thank you Bea, and look forward to travelling with you again!
By Douglas S for Sierra Leone Cultural Immersion on May 13, 2024