It was a great trip. Very interesting, and well looked after. They should recommend to take a sunshade because it was so hot. They did not allow us to disembark wearing shoes, but the terrain was hard, full of rocks hiden with sand, making walking a painfull experience
By Jorge H for Galapagos - 1 day tour on Jan 13, 2024
What a wonderful trip. Perfectly organized with incredible accommodations both on land and boat. Memorable and diverse daily activities and experiences. The guides went above and beyond and took extra caution with our elderly father. The food exceeded our expectations. We couldn’t be more satisfied with the trip.
By Laura W for Galapagos 3 days Land and 4 days Cruise Galaxy Yacht on Nov 02, 2023
Laura thanks so much for you review, was really nice to meet your family and I am so glad you enjoy your time in our home Galápagos! Liz .
By BeGalapagos on Nov 02, 2023
We just got home from six days in the Galapagos Islands. We spent three of the days on tours booked through Liz at 'we travel'. We had AMAZING adventures! We really enjoyed being land based and spending a portion of our days on booked tours. We took yacht tours to Bartolome and North Seymour on the Adriana and to Plazas on the Galaxy. The boats were very nice. The food was so good. The crew and guides were knowledgeable, super organized and efficient. The hikes were very interesting and lasted about an hour. The snorkeling was fantastic in all three locations, but especially great in Bartolome where we snorkeled with white fin sharks and Galapagos penguins. Swimming with the sea lions at Des Moscados (I hope my spelling is correct!) was a highlight of the entire trip! Special shout out to the crew of the Adriana, including Lucas, Virgil and our guide James who went above and beyond any expectation we had. I believe there were about 14 of us maximum on these tours and we met so many fun and interesting people on board. Pack your swimsuit, sunscreen and book a boat tour!
By Jodi Blair L for Galapagos 3 days tour on May 26, 2023
Jodi thanks so much for you review and I will make sure to let Adriana´s crew know it too! Take care! Liz.
By BeGalapagos on May 26, 2023