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Nicole Koch & Beverly Jane Peatross

About Me

Nicole is a resident Bodhi Tree yoga instructor and has enjoyed work as a primate behaviorist, dog walker, seller of safaris and raiser of challenging kin. She’s into world traveling, hiking, skiing, surfing, good beer and not missing out on fun. Nicole’s yoga training and background can be described as an Ashtanga mishmash, but she is guided first and foremost by self-knowledge and authenticity. Nicole lives in Nosara with her family on an indefinite sabbatical as a co-owner of Nosara Spanish Institute []. She continues to be a student of life and readily admits that she knows a lot less than she thinks she did in college. Beverly Jane fell in love with yoga while searching for a bit of zen in the midst of suburbia. She passes the peace in her teaching at Sattva Village Yoga, with a focus on breath, flow and mindful self-compassion. Also a classical soprano, she shares her soul through singing, guitar and laughing with abandon. Bev's favorites, aside from her hubby and wildlings, include getting lost in a thought, getting lost on a hike, fresh eggs, honey from the hive, delicious books, all things farmy and anything that doesn't talk back. []

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Bodhi Tree Yoga Resort, Nosara, Costa Rica
May. 06, 2017

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