Past Trips

Sierra Soul 2023
Sierra Soul 2023
Soda Springs, CA 95728, USA
02 Nov, 2023


A long-time OG retreat fan of these two, hard to pass their offerings up. Each and every retreat exceeds expectations. For me, It’s been all about the expansion, the love & the practices that invite us to push our edges just enough to experience a sense of release. Best part? You don’t have to be a super nimble yogi or a seasoned journaler (in fact there’s a line in a poem Nicole likes to recite about how she “didn’t journal about it, she just let go…”). So don’t journal about it, or buy a bunch of new yoga outfits, just LET Go, and gooooooo…..
By Amy M for Sierra Soul 2023 on Nov 16, 2023
Amazing! So grateful to have joined Nicole and Beverly Jane for this beautiful and transformative weekend. It was deeply nourishing for my heart and soul. They clearly put so much love into creating such a special experience for all of us. I can't list all of the amazing things about it, but they included unbelievable sound baths and Beverly Jane's songs, the most amazing and energetic breath work session, yoga, yoga, yoga, hot springs, Nicole's powerful stories of her own healing journey, hanging out with the other women there, participating in a cacao ceremony and gathering in such a cozy, beautiful lodge.
By Patsy M for Sierra Soul 2023 on Nov 15, 2023
Fabulous retreat! Nicole and Beverly Jane created the perfect magic to deliver an unforgettable experience. Thank you both!
By Cristina P for Sierra Soul 2023 on Nov 14, 2023