Past Trips

Desert Oasis 2022
Desert Oasis 2022
Phoenix, AZ, USA
29 Jul, 2022
BNA's Belleza Morena - La Republica Dominicana 2023
BNA's Belleza Morena - La Republica Dominicana 2023
Puerto Plata 57000, Dominican Republic
24 Mar, 2023


As someone who doesn't normally like group trips, this trip was superbly planned and executed. The pre-planning communication was excellent, so I felt comfortable from the very beginning. From the selection of the destination and ship to the excursions, I loved every minute! I certainly will travel with BNA again.
By Angela C for BNA's Bare Bon Voyage - Croatia 2023 on Sep 14, 2023
The experience with this group on the Bare Bon voyage was top tier. The Black Swan was a beautiful vessel that offered excellent service. The various ports of call were enchanting and we had sufficient time to explore as a group and on my own. If you’re a naturist, I highly recommend a trip with BNA.
By Erika R for BNA's Bare Bon Voyage - Croatia 2023 on Sep 11, 2023
First trip to Europe and I couldn’t have picked a better group to share this experience with. The accommodations, the people, the SWAG, and the food was top notch. Stop watching from the sidelines and book the trip. You won’t regret it.
By Lakitia A for BNA's Bare Bon Voyage - Croatia 2023 on Sep 11, 2023


The first time I've traveled with a group and it was phenomenal. The organizers really set up something special and carefree. Everything was handled, everyone was awesome, and I'll definitely travel with them all again.
By Tyler C on 27 Apr, 2022
Attended the BNA Haulover Beach in Miami for my first experience. The weather was amazing as the people. They were friendly and helpful in making you comfortable. I look forward to many more events in the near future. NAKED IS FREEDOM!!!
By BNA N on 24 Sep, 2021
I have travel and experience the naturalists life style for years I look forward to doing with those who also enjoy the life style
By EJ S on 07 Aug, 2019