This trip was great! Right from the start people from company looked for us on every step. On a first day person was meeting us at the airport, leading through the bus ride, the ferry ride and into the private car. On a last day it was the same, we were delivered safely from the hotel to the airport gates)) Hotel "Galapagos Dreams" small but comfortable. The room was cool and clean. Nice breakfast. Always ready to help people around. The travel company was right by the hotel. Every morning we had a special person who took care of us, delivered us to the other guide or be with us the whole excursion. We had dry beach towels and snorkelling equipments every morning in a special bag prepared for us. For future visitors I will recommend to bring less stuff, just couple swimsuits (with long sleeves!), shorts and sneakers will be enough. You can buy Galapagos cotton T-shirts and hat with edges that covered your neck on a first day. Watch out for the sun! Even with a sunscreen it still burns. Be prepared to understand Spanish, our guides speak English but I can't say very well. People around don't speak English at all. All our snorkelling excursion were great! We snorkel before but the first time with seals and the first time with that huge fish schools and sharks. A lot of memories! Don't forget your GoPro! Guides have GoPro too if you need it)) Thanks to Cami Adventures and Galapagos Dreams for providing us with such a great experience!
By Ekaterina G for 5-day Wonders of Galapagos on Mar 22, 2023
It was a pleasure to provide you a wonderful experience. - Thank you so much for choosing Ecuador as your travel destination. Edwin :)
By CamiAdventures on Mar 22, 2023
This travel was a lovely one. I wanted to be at Amazonian Rainforest and discovered it starts at Ecuador, being easier and cheapear to go there than Brazil. Also, I learned Ecuador has a lot of Nature spots to watch. So, this people made a taylored trip for me, according to those interests I sent them: Cuyabeno was my Amazonian discovery (sloths, monkeys, tucans, caymans and frogs small as a quarter coin) Altisana to watch condors' morning flights Quilotoa Lagoon with tipical photos with a llama & an alpaca, as well as horse riding to get out of that crater in an easier way :P At Galapagos I was waiting for earth turtles, sea turtles and sea lions, but my unexpected experience was when snorkeling, as 3 penguins came to me swiming underwater and passed at my sides!!! For my last day at Ecuador, I asked an additonal request: to go to museums to learn more about Culture & History, so my guide organized a visit to Ecuador National Museum & Quito Museum. It was good to find this agency as they were friendly and efficient, even sending photos of us to guides and drivers that received us in those airports out of Quito, hehe.
By DAVID M for Amazon & Galápagos on Jan 07, 2023
This trip was really good & fullfiled my expectations. I wanted to go to the rainforest (looking for Amazonia's pink dolphins), to the mountains (searching for condors, llamas & alpacas), and Galapagos (land turtles & sealife). So, this agency organized my itinerary according to my preferences and selected lodgings that were convenient & nice. As I had an extra day at Quito, before comming back home, I talked to my guide about my desire to learn more about Ecuador's history, and the agency schedule visits to National & City Museums, finishing that day in a restaurant where Cuy is served (another requested I had, that they helped to fulfill). I felt so comfortable on my private tours with them, talking about Ecuador culture, history and current affairs. It was like driving with friends.
By DAVID M for Ecuador 14 Días – 13 Noches on Jan 02, 2023