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Catherine Gignac

About Me

I am a 200-hour certified vinyasa yoga teacher based in Pittsburgh, PA. I have taught at the Solstice in Times Square in both 2016 and 2017, lead #AerieREAL pop up classes around the country, created community in weekly classes since 2012, assisted teacher trainings, and lead a variety of workshops. My teaching is molded to mimic my practice. I focus on upbeat flows, long sequences that challenge patience, breath and attention, and heart opening variations that allow us to soften in all the places we tend to tighten — our joints, jaws, shoulders and our hearts. I often share the importance of facing vulnerability and honesty, both with others and with ourselves. Because when we can break down the walls we put up, stop telling ourselves stories to protect our truest feelings, and become truth seekers within and with those we care about, amazing things can happen. To learn more about my yoga background, visit


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The Retreat with Catherine Gignac
The Retreat with Catherine Gignac
Tulum, Quintana Roo, Mexico
Mar 24, 2019

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