I had a beautiful trip. I loved everything about it. The only criticism I have is to not make the schedule so tight because of unexpected events. Other then that it was fantastic.
By Donna H for SFJazz New Orleans on Jan 16, 2024
Exceeded expectations in most categories. Unexpected changes in the itinerary left us rushing around a bit, stopping in local lunch spots that were not good, and missing out on a banner dining reservation (Brennan's) due to a confirmation snafu. We enjoyed the tours and our guide was personable, knowledgeable and excellent. The hotel was great; accommodations, amenities and location. Might be good to schedule some down time along the way...most days downtime consisted of about an hour in the late afternoon...not a lot of time to explore on our own, unless we wanted to miss a scheduled activity, like a steam boat ride. All in all...a good trip, but fewer surprises would have been better.
By Rodman M for SFJazz New Orleans on Jan 16, 2024
A once in a lifetime experience given the unique opportunities to interact with New Orleans natives and residents who participate at the highest levels in the jazz and Mardi Gras communities. Felt the orchestration of activities was thoughtful and prudent (eg, ensuring a late afternoon break before commencing nighttime activities). The restaurants were all great, the hotel was terrific. Excellent support from members of the Cross Cultural team and the SFJazz team! I was disappointed in Keynin's efforts. While he was a lovely individual and certainly brought his local history to bear on his talks, he seemed disorganized and inefficient (ie, too much time at any one place when there was so much more to see). There didn't seem to be any rationale for many of our stops (eg, the torture house: why?), and I was surprised there wasn't more of an emphasis on the music history of New Orleans given the nature of our group.
By Matthew M for SFJazz New Orleans on Jan 10, 2024