Nous avons décidé de monter le Cayambe entre le 30 avril et 1 er Mai 2023. L'agence est très sérieuse et tres professionnelle. Tout c'est très bien passé dans l'organisation . Le matériel est de très très bonne qualité . Malheureusement la météo a été mauvaise et nous avons du rebrousser chemin sur avis des guides mais il en valait mieux ainsi pour notre sécurité. Je recommande cette agence grâce au rapport qualité prix, couplé a la grande qualité du matériel loué et au professionnalisme des guides .
By Patxi Inza for Climbing Cayambe 2 days/Inza Patxl x 2 paxs/30 abr - 1 may on May 03, 2023
Thank you for your review. Merci
By Lonely Summits on May 03, 2023
Extremely nice experience. Edgar(guide & CEO of Lonely Summit) is professional, tough, and truly reliable person, and took me successfully to the summit such a very difficult situation. I really enjoyed that expedition and strongly recommend this company if you want to climb Aconcagua or other big mountains.
By Chika Ishikawa for Aconcagua expedition 13 days/Chika Ishikawa/ 02-17 feb, 2023 on Feb 22, 2023
We were really amazingly happy to organize your expedition to this beautiful mountain. We will be looking to organising your climbing expeditions around the world in the near future.
By Lonely Summits on Feb 25, 2023
This climb and our guide was a big disappointment. Fausto, our guide, made many mistakes on the mountain that left us very disappointed with the entire experience. While we had a great experience with Marco, the guide we got for Ruminahui, we would not choose to climb with Lonely Summits in the future and absolutely make sure we would never have Fausto as our guide again. Fausto never checked our equipment at the refuge, at high camp, or before the climb. We knew what we needed to have for the climb, but this was also his responsibility as a certified guide to make sure his clients are ready for the climb. His communication with us was very selective, he would understand English when it would fit him and pretend he would not understand us if he didn't want to answer. During the climb, he did not communicate with us any breaks, for water or food, nor what to expect during the climb. He was climbing on his own, while my partner and I just followed. We decided to take our breaks when we felt like it because he was not going to stop on his own. Fausto conducted an unprofessional guide with us and left us very disappointed. The worst part of this entire experience was that when we got to 5900 m, the group ahead of us was turning around due to avalanche danger. We were told right there on the mountain that there was an avalanche the day before and that the snow pack was unstable and we couldn't summit. Fausto asked us if we wanted to go to see the avalanche crown. Incredibly reckless given we were already in danger zone. We decided to go down to high camp, like the rest of the groups. We tried to find out when the avalanche happened, but Fausto would not tell us if it had happened the day or days before, or when a group has last summit Chimborazo (the day before, 2 days before?). We realized that all the guides on the mountain at the time KNEW about that avalanche. It was NOT a surprise to any of them, but they still took several groups of clients up climbing knowing it was dangerous and reckless. We expected a higher degree of honesty and communication from Lonely Summits and Fausto, our guide. We have no doubt the group with Lonely Summit from the previous day, which did not summit as well, has communicated to the office about the reason for no summit. When we signed up for the climb, we read that there is communication between guides up on the mountain and with the ones climbing the previous day. We know now that NO ONE summited the day before because of the same avalanche. Why were we not told about the avalanche at high camp or even at the refuge and instead we all prepared to climb knowing that we will not go to the summit? Shame on all the guides at high camp who knew about the avalanche and did not say a word to their clients.
By Adi V for Chimborazo 2 days/ 25-26 jan/ ADRIANA VARS x2 on Feb 01, 2023
Dear Adriana, thanks very much for your comments. It seems that the experience was not the best, nevertheless you should have learned something with this climb. Let's explain some technical facts of the mountains in Ecuador. 1: Our volcanoes are influenced by 3 main factors, proximity to the Equatorial Line, proximity to both regions Amazon and Pacific Ocean, and very high altitude peaks with glaciers; that makes the climate in each flank of these big mountains unique and very unpredictable weather and terrain conditions, we would never say, it is possible or not possible to get to the summits a day before, we must be there and see, observe, check the proper conditions to continue, otherwise if the conditions do not allow us on that specific moment, we need to turn around for safety reason, absolutely we can have some information of the previous days or a tendency of the next ones, that is just a little reference, the clear picture is right there and right in the moment. That makes really particular to climb our big mountains with "tropical glaciers" and many people might think the the climbing in the southern or northern hemispheres is very similar to climb close the the Equatorial Line. but not really. The conditions on the hemispheres are much more stable, and the prediction of the weather and terrain/avalanches conditions are much more predictable. Hope this information will be helpful for the next climbs. Very best, LONELY SUMMITS TEAM
By Lonely Summits on Feb 02, 2023