Past Trips


The trip to the Egyptian section of the Metropolitan Museum of Art was an exciting one. The guided tour by Ancient Egyptian history expert Mostafa was a deep dive into the history and how art evolved over different times. It was my first time knowing what a cartouche is and how to read it. Next time, I will ask Mostafa to prepare my cartouche :-)
By Khaled E for University of Bridgeport Private Tour to Egypt wing at the Met Museum on Jun 16, 2023
The tour through the Egyptian wing of the Met Museum was excellent. Mostafa, our guide, was informative and very knowledgeable about each of the exhibits.
By Patricia M for University of Bridgeport Private Tour to Egypt wing at the Met Museum on May 25, 2023
This was one of the most interesting and fun trips I ever had. It was full of information and knowledge. The tour was super organized and well-managed. My 11 years old boy loved it the most. The Guide was super friendly and welcoming. He answers many questions with confidence and a welcoming tone. I recommend it to everyone interested in history and museums.
By SHAKOUR A for University of Bridgeport Private Tour to Egypt wing at the Met Museum on May 25, 2023


I had the pleasure of spending two wonderful hours with a small group led by Mostafa through the Egyptian galleries and through the Temple of Dendur as well. He is extremely warm, friendly, knowledgeable, and engaging. His enthusiasm for the history, culture, and art of Egypt is contagious and uplifting. Before you know it, he has taught you key things to look for among the hieroglyphics and has you connecting the dots between different eras and pharaohs and cultural trends. It was a wonderful experience and I hope to go again sometime with my whole family.
By Matt M on 23 Jun, 2023
Our private tour of the Met Museum was truly exceptional, thanks to our expert Egyptology tour guide "Mostafa Hassan" who brought the ancient Egyptian history to life! Their in-depth knowledge and passion for the subject made the tour both informative and engaging. It was a remarkable experience to see the artifacts and learn about their significance from such a knowledgeable guide. We highly recommend this tour to anyone interested in ancient Egypt and its fascinating history.
By Sherine M on 24 Apr, 2023