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Niagara Falls was beautiful. Seeing the beauty of God's creation was amazing. Enjoyed the boat ride through the falls and also the Aerocar over the whirlpools. Getting to see a cruise ship go through the Weiland Canal Locks was very exciting to watch too. The tour guide was excellent and very informative. and we enjoyed meeting new people, However, we were a little disappointed with the accomodations in Canada. The hotel itself needs to be completely updated and because of this, the room gave the appearance of being dingy and dirty, We didn't feel completely comfortable the nights we stayed there. Add to the fact that there wasn't any refrigerator, microwave, or coffee maker in several of the rooms including ours. My husband is a diabetic and fortunately, his insulin didn't need to be refrigerated. The breakfast at IHOP was great It was our first bus trip and plan to do another one sometime. Blessings Bruce and Barbara Rutter
By Barbara R for Niagara Falls Summer 2023 on Jul 27, 2023
Thank you so much Barbara for taking the time to review the trip. I am so happy to hear you had a nice time in Niagara Falls! Thank you for pointing out the issues with the hotel. I am sorry to hear about the room appearance as well as the lack of amenities in the room. It is good to know these points as we can always stive to improve our tours. Thank you again!
We had a fantastic time! Great group of people on our bus! The food was good. Our tour guide was good. Overall, a wonderful experience. Educational travel ( Holly and Ron) were exceptional.
By Beverly H for Niagara Falls Summer 2023 on Jul 03, 2023
Thank you so much! I am so happy to hear what a nice time you had on our Niagara Falls trip!
The trip to see Niagara Falls was enjoyable. I would have preferred to stay in Niagara Falls the second day rather than traveling to Toronto. The guide for the Canada side was not on top of things. There was alot of time between activities with nothing concrete to see or do. We were told to eat in the World Market with not any directions or suggestions on where to go, etc. She was not able to lead us, etc. Our guide Elinor, with Educational Tours was great and was with us every step of the way. We had a lovely and diverse group of people on the bus.
By Elynor H for Niagara Falls Summer 2023 on Jun 29, 2023
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