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Machupicchu, Perú
2 days


An incredible place to visit and what an adrenaline infused ride to get there!! Haku excelled themselves again with this fantastic day trip. Great breakfast, great lunch, fantastic journey, definitely not for the faint hearted. ATV’s all seemed well maintained and team all knowledgeable and took the time to ensure everyone was comfortable and fully briefed before they set out. A great ride with mind blowing scenery led to a point 2km from the top of the mountain where options included hike, horse or motorbike the rest of the way. We opted to hike and absolutely loved it. Both the altitude and the scenery took our breath away. The colours of the mountain were more vivid than we had expected. This really is a must do if you have any time to spare in Cusco. Impeccable care and attention from Haku from the first contact to the moment we were dropped off back to our hotel. An awesome experience from a fantastic 5 star tour company, we would recommend to all.
By Kevin S for ATV en RAINBOW MOUNTAIN on Oct 02, 2023
An absolutely awesome trip to some fabulous locations, just want to say a big thank you to Elmer for ensuring everything ran smoothly and to Pablo for his knowledge and personal care and attention to ensure we all had a great time. Pablo was able to answer the many questions we had about the Inca as well as general life in Peru. He helped 5 novice climbers reach the summit of Machu Picchu mountain and with his prayers to the mountain gods helped clear the clouds to give us one hell of an awe inspiring view down on the great citadel. As well as the wonder of Machu Picchu itself the sites at Pisac & Ollantaytambo had their own magic and were well worth the visit too. I would highly recommend you don’t pass these by on your trip to Peru. Our only wish was that we could have stayed longer. From the initial contact to the follow up after our return to Cusco our Sacred Valley & Machu Picchu tour was absolutely 1st class. The team at Haku Travel all excelled and we have no hesitation in giving them a 5 star rating and recommending them to anyone else. Muchos Gracias Amigos!
By Kevin S for Sacred Valle with Machu picchu 2. days (#356) on Oct 02, 2023
Would not recommend this travel agency. The guide was great but the planning and overall organization was not good. Wouldn't trust them again at all.
By Luz Maria L for SALKANTAY 5 DAYS (#341) Luz Maria on Aug 05, 2023