In January of 2020 I attended my first women’s retreat and it really impacted the rest of my year. So at the time I had decided that it would be a great way to start off every year; then the world shut down and that retreat is no longer. This year I attended Emilee’s women’s wellness retreat and truly, no words could properly do the experience justice. Emilee brought together a group of exceptional women and then curated the content so precisely that it felt like it was created just for us. How can a group of women from around the country, most strangers when they arrived, leave feeling like they had known each other for decades? I don’t know, but somehow Emilee pulled that off. For as long as she puts on this retreat she can count of me to attend. It was just what my soul needed to head in to 2023 refreshed and ready to conquer the new year. Thank you Emilee! I am so grateful our paths crossed and only wish that we lived closer!
By Jennifer F for Women's Wellness Retreat: All Things Women, Wellness and Nature on Feb 24, 2023