The thing I like most about this retreat is the passion, integrity, dedication and warmth of Erin and Matt Sampson. They both practice what they preach! They sincerely want you to have a memorable and beautiful experience on this yoga retreat so that you can return to your life with a full cup! Erin is a real teacher who enthusiastically wants you to learn more about yoga and meditation and knows how to share her knowledge. I went on this retreat knowing no one. I never felt lonely or left out. It was such a pleasure to meet everyone and be with like minded people who share a love for yoga and life. I would definitely do it again!
By Lynda D for Costa Rica Yoga Retreat - with Five Parks Yoga (November 2023) on Nov 26, 2023
Amazing journey, Erin and Matt did a wonderful job welcoming us yogis and making us all feel so welcomed. The yoga, scenery, yogis and food were incredible. If you’re concerned about going alone, or not having enough yoga experience, get those concerns out of your mind. I loved how our relationships molded so quickly with our new yogi friends. It truly was a wonderful journey home 🙏❤️
By Christy R for Costa Rica Yoga Retreat - with Five Parks Yoga (November 2023) on Nov 25, 2023
This retreat exceeded my expectations. Erin and Matt put together a high quality experience based on Erin's true gift for yoga teaching and community development. Matt ensured all our needs were met and his smile was ever present. They are just great people! The yoga facility was also wonderful, and dorm rooms provided the opportunity for creating wonderful relationships with like minded people.
By Taya B for Costa Rica Yoga Retreat - with Five Parks Yoga (November 2023) on Nov 22, 2023


Dear Erin, Thank you for the wonderful yoga classes. I would love to go toa yoga retreat with you. Hopefully soon!!! My warmest wishes Monica
By Monica B on 06 Sep, 2019