Past Trips

Bali 2019
Bali 2019
Denpasar, Denpasar City, Bali, Indonesia
08 Sep, 2019
Carnival in Haiti!!!
Carnival in Haiti!!!
Cap-Haitien, Haiti
20 Feb, 2020
Brazil's African Roots Experience!
Brazil's African Roots Experience!
Rio de Janeiro, State of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
11 Mar, 2021


Everything was amazing. All the events we did were so organized and well put together. I loved that we had a tour guide the entire time. It made for a very easy and comfortable trip. We never had to try to figure anything out on our own because the tour guide was always one step ahead of us. I felt safe the entire time and never felt uncomfortable. The photographer we had with us was so wonderful and he gave me memories that I will always cherish. Shout out to Pancha and Pande!
By Konstonza P for Baddies in Bali 2.0 on Jul 12, 2023
This is my third trip experience with Stella Travel and once again, I was not disappointed. Everything I requested to do, Stella Travel made sure it happened. Communication was on point and always available, the itinerary was easy to follow, and the recommendations were worthwhile. I cannot wait to have them plan my next adventure. I am beyond satisfied
By Nulise F for Arizona Get Away on Apr 23, 2023
Visiting Peru and experiencing Machu Picchu was a top 5 travel moment for me and I thank Stella Travel for providing the opportunity. The itinerary was action packed everyday; we definitely got our money’s worth. However, a free day after Rainbow Mountain was much needed due to the high elevation. From my experience, the body needs time to adjust to Cusco, and the elevation at Rainbow Mountain was on an even higher level. Despite that, I had an amazing time and would definitely use Stella Travel again.
By Odelia P for Peru, Land of the Incas! on Jul 12, 2022