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GalaTrails director Juan Elaje and his team made sure that our time in Galapagos was meaningful and effortless. Our transportation was all pre-arranged by GalaTrails, including bus and ferry from Seymour Baltra Airport to the main island of Santa Cruz, trucks and vans to our various hotels throughout the week, and also our tours, which included land (bus) and water components (yacht with 16 total tourists). Communication was easy and consistent, and we had no issues with payment. With GalaTrails's guidance and a bit of luck, our family (adults and children) had amazing up-close with giant tortoises, sea lions, flamingos, blue-footed boobies, frigates, sea turles, lava tunnesls, and much more. We had a true Galapagos adventure, and we highly recommend Juan Elaje and his team. Thank you, Jeff, for always being available to help too.
By JOEL C for North Seymour Daily tour -Davis Cruz Joel - x4 March 11 2024 on Mar 19, 2024