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Another excellent GTS trip! Met more amazing women who love having fun, undersea adventures. Seeing healthy reefs and all their inhabitants never gets old, and snorkeling with dolphins is something I'll always treasure. Thanks for another great trip!
By Sandra H for Egypt Liveaboard + Cairo Pyramids Add on [Co-ed Trip] on Sep 24, 2023
I had a really great time on this trip. This was my first Girls that Scuba Trip so I wasn't sure what to expect but it was nice to have such an organized itinerary planned out for me. I did the Cairo Add on and it was a nice opportunity to meet some of the people that were going to be on the dive trip too. I loved the chance to learn about Egypt's history and seeing the mind blowing sites before getting on the boat. I wasn't crazy about the hotel picked by the agency or the tour guide, to be honest, as we did have to skip a few of the schedule stops which was a bummer since we paid for a particular itinerary and missed a few things, but all in all, we saw a fair amount of amazing things and had some fun doing it. Once we hit the boat, it was smooth sailing (pun intended). The cabins on board and boat staff from Captain, to Dive Guides, to Stewards and beyond on blue o two were wonderful. The food was delicious and they were so accommodating for dietary restrictions. The dive sites were all amazing and we had a lot of fun above and below the water. I loved meeting so many other incredible divers and learning from each of them. There were definitely some great friendships made. Only two things I could recommend for potential changes are the dive groups were a little large for my personal preference and oh my gosh the pillows on the boat were terrible. Like dense couch cushions, but that was an easy fix by swiping a decorative pillow from the couches in the lounge. :) I love that everyone is still keeping touch and reliving all of it through the pictures being shared. Thank you to Sarah, all the GTS coordinators, and the Blue O Two team for a memorable trip of a lifetime.
By JODI M for Egypt Liveaboard + Cairo Pyramids Add on [Co-ed Trip] on Sep 21, 2023
Hammerheads, turtles, corals in abundance, the cutest puffer fish and even cuter people. This one was yet another GTS trip that left me buzzing more than you'd expect from a 1,5 weeks vacation. Take me back!
By Marina K for Egypt Liveaboard + Cairo Pyramids Add on [Co-ed Trip] on Sep 18, 2023