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This has been my second adventure with Hinoki. What stood out for me on this trip was the privilege of experiencing Northern Thailand on a raw, intimate level in lesser-known parts of the country. Various local hosts and families welcomed us warmly into their homes, fed us like their own, and invited us to experience life in their villages. With these, I caught a glimpse of the fiercely independent and communal spirit of the hill tribe peoples, and their deep connection to nature. It remains clear to me that Hinoki deeply respects the local community, and takes into consideration what they value, and what they are willing to share with travellers, at their own pace. This trust has resulted in profound moments of generosity and spontaneity — and formed memories that will stay with me for a very long time. Looking forward to my next adventure with Hinoki!
By Karen W for Rewild Yourself: Northern Thailand on Jan 08, 2023
This was my second trip with Hinoki, and I feel really lucky to be a part of it. Any pre-conceived notions I had about Thailand were expanded much further. It's gotten me a lot more excited about exploring this part of the world. Together with a small lovely group, we had so many unique experiences packed in a short span of 10 days. It was a balanced mix of food, culture, nature and people. And throughout the trip, we were accompanied by kind and knowledgable local guides, each one striving to impact their communities positively. I will always appreciate Hinoki's pursuit to connect travelers with nature. This trip allowed me to see how self-sustaining communities can maintain an ancient sacred connection with the land, as they move towards the future. I can't wait to embark on another journey with Hinoki!
By Jean Paolo T for Rewild Yourself: Northern Thailand on Dec 25, 2022
Thank you, Pao. We are happy that you really appreciate the experiences in nature and with local communities on Hinoki trips. It is always so nice to have you with us.
By Hinoki Travels on Dec 26, 2022
Absolutely had the trip of a lifetime. There’s no way I could have orchestrated these activities and experiences on my own. I feel like I got to see and experience things and places not many travelers get the privilege to. The memories from this trip will stick with me for a lifetime!
By Michelle K for Rewild Yourself: Northern Thailand on Dec 22, 2022
Thank you, Michelle! We absolutely loved having you with us on this trip and getting to see the way that you experience the world.
By Hinoki Travels on Dec 26, 2022


The way Hinoki works with local communities to design travel experiences inspires a kind of mindful travel that is not only refreshing, it stems from a genuine sense of awe and respect for the land and its people. Experiencing Albania through Hinoki and their local partner, whose passion, knowledge and connections gave me rare access to the people, conversations and stories that would have remained undiscovered had I gone on my own. The itinerary was equal parts invigorating, challenging and contemplative. While catering to my pace and tastes, it strove to expand my limits and nudge me into contemplation. I adventured in the wilderness; stayed with local families and fell in love with their ways of life; learned about the history and culture of a country once shrouded in mystery; experienced first-hand the community-led efforts in conservation and preservation of their cultures and land — these collectively served to deepen my understanding and appreciation of the country, and allowed me to see how my travel directly impacts the local community. Here, I am no longer just a guest and visitor, but an active participant making small contributions to their lives, livelihood and land. This way of travel deepens, expands and continues to shape the way I see the world and my place in it, long after my trip has concluded — what a gift. Bethany’s thoughtfulness and care extends beyond designing the trip. Her sensitivity and empathy made me feel cared for, with regular check-ins, personalised tweaks, and an enthusiasm in listening to my personal reflections! Having developed this relationship with Bethany who understands me and my taste for travel, I’m eager to experience more countries with Hinoki — I know I’m in good hands.
By Karen W on 08 Jul, 2022