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The DR 2023 trip far exceeded my expectations as it was a great balance between local culture, food, baseball, and Dominican baseball culture. Shane did an incredible job of meeting everyone's baseball interest and was able to provide each person their unique experience while we all were on the group tour, that is no easy feat especially with each person coming from different areas of the US. I can honestly say Shane successfully shared his love of food and DR baseball with us and it shows because I was able to walk away with my heart full, and thankful for the experience. I would do this tour again in the future, more because of the friendships formed within the JapanBall family (oh and to eat delicious food and watch more baseball in a warmer climate).
By Gwen K for Dominican Republic Baseball Adventure 2023 on Nov 27, 2023
So kind of you, Gwen! Thanks so much!
By JapanBall on Nov 27, 2023
This was my fourth trip with JapanBall (See it All in 2019, Dominican Republic 2021, Part of West Coast Tour 2022), and - like the others - it was very interesting and extremely well run. The atmosphere was fun and relaxed, and the tour people were very friendly, engaging, and knowledgeable about the country in general and baseball in particular. Though the trip was planned around baseball, historical and cultural things were also woven into the daily agenda, so we got some idea of what the country and culture are like. It was more than simply dropping in to see some games and then going home. It's good, too, that JapanBall works to support local businesses and organizations. The trip was fun and an excellent value.
By Carter C for Dominican Republic Baseball Adventure 2023 on Nov 20, 2023
Thanks so much for traveling with us again and for the nice review, Carter!
By JapanBall on Nov 20, 2023
A truly great experience! Our trip to the DR was about more than just visiting the country, it was about experiencing the culture. Shane scheduled a great balance of baseball and activities that showed us a side of the island I never would have experienced if I had been traveling by myself. Everything was well organized, and Shane's support team were fantastic. I had a great time and would highly recommend JapanBall to friends that are considering going to the Dominican Republic.
By Doug M for Dominican Republic Baseball Adventure 2023 on Nov 20, 2023
Thanks for the review and kind words, Doug! Was a true pleasure having you along.
By JapanBall on Nov 20, 2023